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academic failure Anonymous 103728

we had a mock exam at school today, I used to be the first person in my class but i couldnt stop itching my hands bc of my allergies, i literally couldnt fill out more than half of my answers to the form that we have to have machines read it. I feel utterly useless

Anonymous 103731

Eczema? I get it too, that sucks anon

Anonymous 103733

is your institution decent about health related accommodations?

Anonymous 103752

Have you ever tried hydrocortisone cream anon? I'm not a doctor and dunno where your problem stems from obviously but I used to get really bad itchy rough patches on my hands and chest, it was so bad that the skin would split and bleed on its own without me scratching it. The cream made it largely go away, on occasion I still use a little. Where I live you can get low concentrations over the counter and more potent formulae from a doctor.
And like the other anon said, maybe try telling your instructor about it bc that's something that's legitimately not your fault

Anonymous 103755

Mock exam?? Don't worry about that.

Anonymous 103839

thanks for the advice, ill see a doctor tomorrow! i used a few differant hydrocortisone creams but they thinned out my skin too much as a side affect so i decided to stop using them

Anonymous 103840

ikr :/

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