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Anonymous 103827

>That moment when I make a new friend and she's really touchy so she'll hold my hand and cling onto me and stare into my eyes a little too long but I don't know if she's straight and this is normal girl friendship stuff or if she's gay and flirting with me but I can't ask or I'll make it to obvious so all I can do is continue acting like always as everytime I make a joke she laughs and shifts herself a little closer to me.
>This has happened with multiple girls already and I'm always scared shitless to do anything, I just return the same level of touchiness with 0 fucking clue of what's going on.
>I never ask or make a move because the last thing I want is to make a straight girl uncomfortable, but I'm also a lesbian so I can't help getting flustered.
>I fucking hate this, I feel like a pervert, how can I tell what are the intentions of girls like these?

Anonymous 103833

Just casually say you're gay. Like "lmao this girl reminds me of my ex". Then chances are if she's straight she'll be less touchy to avoid leading you on and if she's gay and into you, it'll intensify.

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