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gooning and moid degeneracy Anonymous 103862

i have recently gotten into the gooning rabbithole and im so disgusted and sick. i genuinely feel like killing myself. this is real life, not just a bad dream.

i have reason to suspect my ex moid that i was in love with (a disgusting, porn addict, bisexual, twinkfucker, sexually exploitative, incel piece of shit) was a gooner. not only that, i believe he had real life sessions and chats with at least one other guy where they did this shit together.
i haven't talked to him in 3 years, i can only imagine how fucking worse he has gotten.
keep all the insults to yourselves, i have already thought them myself. i was 17 and a fucking idiot. today i wouldn't touch this "person" with a 10 foot pole. i just wish i could go back in time and have nothing to do with him.
but anyway, the problem is that he used to coerce me into sending nudes. that's my fear. that he still has them and does that disgusting shit… my god, that haunts me. those can be around forever. they can be put online. they can be photoshopped, deepfaked, and who knows what other abominations that they will come up with in the future. not even death could free me if that's the case. at least in the past, women used to have an husband. they could get mistreated, beaten, sexually abused, raped. but that's it. they eventually died, and nothing is left of them, not even bones. they were free eventually.
today, not even death could free us. men will sexualize that too. men jerk off to gore and torture and pictures of dead women. they could probably jerk off to this very post and the fact that i feel like shit about it. have i genuinely gone insane? is this a normal way of thinking? im so self aware all the time and paranoid that something im doing might be a fetish and getting off some moid watching. it's actually affecting me, i can't live like this.
i just wanna end it but then i think how selfish that is. that 20 years from now girls will be born against their will, and subjected to this and more, as it gets even worse. who in 2008 could have predicted the normalization of porn watching for all moids in 2013-ish? who in 2013 could have predicted deep fakes, ai, gooning, and all current degeneracy of 2020's? what society will girls in the next generations live in? i know im supposed to fight for them but im weak.

Anonymous 103863

i got a bf from a country where porn is illegal so he only directs his sexual energy towards me and it's pretty nice.

Anonymous 103864

what country is that?
i know france was trying to ban it for under 18s by requiring identification but i don't know what happened to that. it would at least be a start by preventing some of the permanent brain damage. from the rest of the western world there's no progress.

Anonymous 103866

I was married to a scrote from a country where porn is illegal but he was still pornsick and eventually became a gooner.

Anonymous 103868

Don’t want to say which country but he’s Asian. You can look up a list of countries that ban/restrict porn though. It’s a lot more than you might think. Obviously, ill-advised to pick a scrote from some Islamic shithole.

Anonymous 103869

>don't want to say which country but he's Asian
Must be North Korea

Anonymous 103871

probably china. but crossing the great firewall is easy.

Anonymous 103874

There are millions of hotter girls out there with professional setups, I doubt he's still jerking it to nudes you took with your iPhone 7

Anonymous 103875

and yet go on 4chan and there are threads of degenerates using ai on their fatass moms and 240p facebook photos of their former highschool crush. or exchanging nudes from their former girlfriends with saggy horrible tits with other anons.
i promise you you can never escape from male sexualization

Anonymous 103877

some women having unattractive bodies is not misogyny. do i have to pretend that all women are beautiful to be feminist? spare me the bs. and that wasn't the point of the message anyway

Anonymous 103878

You’re responding to a moid. Just report and ignore.

Anonymous 103880

I hope this might help someone worried about this, I dunno how it fares against AI stuff but basically you submit images that you don't want shared and they receive it as a hash (they don't see the image). Then if people try to share the photo, they can get it removed.
I remember years ago I was upset because I saw an ex-gf revenge thread and someone I knew told me that a lot of the images shared are just anons larping that the girl was their gf, and they're just like amateur porn pictures reposted from the internet. I dunno if he just made it up to help me feel better but he was so confident that I believe it as a cope now.

Anonymous 103883

>through a male gaze perspective.
it's almost like we're analyzing male behavior? through their lenses? listen, im not proud of what i said. i don't like shaming women either. especially if the pics were shared without their consent. but i was trying to make a point and worded it badly. now let's move on from this.

Anonymous 103884

and thank you to this nona for this resource, it's really useful.

Anonymous 103886


thank you so much nona

Anonymous 103892


>a disgusting, porn addict, bisexual, twinkfucker, sexually exploitative, incel piece of shit
Seriously why do so many of you here end up dating these type of disgusting males? It's starting to concern me, i mean you were 17 but there are actual grown women here that date these kind of guys are you all just lurking through r9k or trash and adding anyone you see?

>today, not even death could free us. men will sexualize that too

Don't care if they shlick their micro pp to that in their basement.

>they could probably jerk off to this very post and the fact that i feel like shit about it.

Why should you care?

>im so self aware all the time and paranoid that something im doing might be a fetish and getting off some moid watching

Why do you care about what a moid thinks or does they don't matter (inb4 you say it, no i am not a lesbian)also, i have heard about the gooning stuff before and they are retards that no one likes who lead miserable lifes, even other men hate them, why should you waste your time worrying about this kind of people? I understand how you feel and you didn't deserve this and you shouldn't kill yourself because of stuff like this, if you sent him nudes as long as your face is not in it i don't think you need to worry much, but if you did you should do what >>103880 told you.

Anonymous 103916

>Seriously why do so many of you here end up dating these type of disgusting males?
well, because they show their disgustingness after they've got you in their trap. at first they seem nice and all…

anyway. i was having a difficult day yesterday when i made this thread. i was in my feels. hard day and a visit to /r/gooncaves and other disgusting subreddits was the cherry on top for me. and you're right i should stop caring about what men do, but im such an hopeless romantic and all i want is someone nice to spend my life with, and im scared that even if i do find the perfect person secretly he could be like this… i wish i wasn't such a sorry ass disney princess bitch, but that's who i am. i want a man and a family and babies. that seems impossible nowadays considering how gross the average man is. also i hate being perceived in ways i don't like. the thought of someone thinking about me or doing that sort of stuff really gets to me. and i feel really bad for the women too. some of them are just normal screenshots from girls on tiktok doing their own thing…

Anonymous 103920

Nona…statistically it’s just not going to happen. There are no dateable men left in the western world who haven’t ever viewed pornography and likely few men that don’t view it every day, and even fewer men that will stop viewing it once you begin dating. You could try to find anti-porn men to date on anti-porn websites and social media by looking through profiles and talking to them I guess, but a good majority of those men were former addicts. A lot of them seem to want families though

Anonymous 103934

Wait how can someone fuck twinks and be a incel at the same time?

Anonymous 103935

cause he wasn't really gay, more like settling for deranged faggots since women didn't want him. he himself considered himself straight

Anonymous 104492


i hate moids so much it's unreal. i hate that i have to share a planet with them

Anonymous 104495

me too anon

Anonymous 104613

I discovered that there was a feminine version of gooning/gooners called goonettes. I go down the rabbit hole and find out it’s mostly just trannies.

Anonymous 105977


No one is surprised

Anonymous 105978

>my ex

Um-m-m, what?

Anonymous 105979

i guess you could be dating someone and still be incel (no sex)

Anonymous 105981

Why do men pretend to be women and take synthetic estrogen? What did their parents do to them to make modern men so dysfunctional and violent?

Anonymous 105989

I hate pornography so much it's unreal

Anonymous 105994


What even is this bizarre sissy hypno rabbit hole? This doesn't even sound like porn anymore. It's sound like actual cult brainwashing. I was expecting some funny lolcow cringe but instead I found something actually nefarious.

Anonymous 106001

This is so gross. How does this gooning thing even work in the first place?
Aren't moids supposed to have uh… shorter orgasm time that has a clearly defined endpoint to it?

>today, not even death could free us. men will sexualize that too. men jerk off to gore and torture and pictures of dead women. they could probably jerk off to this very post and the fact that i feel like shit about it. have i genuinely gone insane?

No, you're not insane. How do you cope with the fact that moids literally eyerape anything?
Like, you could be talking to a scrote and you'd never know what kind of dirty thoughts he's having in his mind. 🤮

>IQ Reduction Full session
What the fuck lmao.

Anonymous 106028

probably not their parents causing that, more likely they got addicted to porn at a young age.

Anonymous 106031

Can you please stop using emojis on an imageboard? This isn't facebook i can tell which replies are yours all the time kek

Anonymous 106035

Sorry, I'll stop using them.

Anonymous 106048

Yes that is a real thing. I too was so weirded out when I found out about them a while ago. Like, 5-6 months ago.
What really got to me though is their collective hypnosis fetish. They have these videos or sounds or what have you that tend to openly contain subliminal messages, along with a heavy overstimulating load of images and sounds pertaining to their ultimate goal. They're not even sneaky about it, it's pretty much in your face. The objective is the dumb the user down using porn to the level where they resort to using really heavy kinks and borderline illegal ones to get off. Unlike most sex positive communities this one admits porn is bad for the brain.
And it isn't like they're some underground small group either, these hypnosis videos in particular are very popular, they get thousands of retweets, tens of thousands of likes. I mass reported what I could find and stayed the fuck away from that community.
Ironically, it convinced me to quit porn. It isn't like I was a coomer before either, but watching a few seconds of one of their hypno vids spooked me so much it gave me nightmares lol. I'm serious, that kind of environment absolutely turned me into a fully blown transphobe. Nothing could unconvince me of the "early exposure to porn" into "MtF" pipeline after that. The prevalence of trans porn, really hardcore stuff too, isn't even on a 1:1 scale with cis porn, content creators and users alike.

Anonymous 106054

I'm a homo then

Anonymous 106387

Whenever I hear the word "gooner" my first association is the fanclub of Arsenal and it makes whatever context it was brought up in even funnier

Anonymous 107154

This thread made me want to objectify scrotoids even more!

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