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Does life get any better/easier? Anonymous 103977

I'm tired of never being able to be upwardly mobile, and I absolutely hate having to rely on the kindness of strangers to get by. Is life always going just me sitting around, waiting for the circumstances I cannot change to get better on their own with the passing of time?

Anonymous 103985

If you do nothing, nothing will get better.

Anonymous 104002

Get a job, loser.

Anonymous 104008

I do have one and it’s soul sucking I hate everyone in my office and I hate the work I do

Anonymous 104026

Things get better, if you change them for the better. It's hard to know what's good for oneself though. Takes time to find yourself.

Anonymous 104076

Wagecuck seethe kek

Anonymous 104128

What circumstances are you talking about? you say "unchangeable" in the OP but then go on to complain about your job. Not a lot of things are truly unchangeable but you have to put in some action instead of waiting around. Don't like your job? Okay, think about what you need to do to get a job or into a field you like better. What have you done so far? Have you been actively applying for a new job or are you simply asssuming you can't get anything else? Have you chanced applying for jobs you might not quite meet the qualifications for but you would like better so fuck it? Have you asked your employer to pay for courses so you can get a better/more enjoyable position? Have you looked into going back to school to change fields all together, maybe on government support?

Anonymous 105223

keep an open mind!
never stop meeting new people and learning new things!!!

there are probably opportunities available to you in this life that you haven't even considered yet :)

Anonymous 105227

I don't know if I'm being cynical but I think people will do only the bare minimum they can, maybe even nothing, as long as they can get away with it.

If you want something you have to ask for it, but wow, I surely really hate relying on others.

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