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eating disorders in women/girls Anonymous 104309

it makes me so upset seeing so many women and young girls developing eating disorders and the number of females developing them just keeps growing. I wish strict beauty standards weren’t pushed on us at such a young age, there’s a reason why the majority of people with eating disorders are female. I’ve been suffering with bulimia nervosa for a while, when my bulimia was at its worst I was binging and purging 3/4 times a day. I was constantly feeling weak and tired from either restricting or purging, sometimes even thinking I was going to faint. I hate that we as women have to go through so much just to feel beautiful. I wish we weren’t so heavily fixated on being beautiful, no woman should ever feel like they have to permanently damage their body in order to fit unrealistic beauty standards. no matter if a woman is conventionally attractive or not, that shouldn’t define who she is. women are so much more than their physical appearance and I wish more of us realised this.

Anonymous 104312

i understand what you mean op.. everyday i see more women trying to give themselves eds and romanticizing it. if you go on the health and beauty board there are multiple women trying to lose weight in unhealthy ways. if they understood the pain of an eating disorder i dont think they would be so eager to give themselves one. women should cultivate internal and outward strength and give their bodies the proper nutrients. we shouldn't hate ourselves so much that only fitting into the smallest size or having such and such bmi makes us feel tolerable. but regardless, i often feel overcome by my desire to be smaller physically. i dont want to be anymore, i should probably stop letting myself think it's impossible to stop feeling that way.
eating disorders are trendy now. the social contagion aspect of the disease makes this compound on itself. modern social media makes them spread faster than ever.

Anonymous 104396

It's not just upsetting, it's quite literally terrifying. A month(ish) ago my blog for some reason attracted a lot of pro-ana accounts. I don't know why or how because I don't post any content that would appeal to women with EDs, but whatever. I checked a couple of them out and the images they share/post were, I'm not gonna lie, gut-wrenching. It was genuinely off-putting. The term uncanny valley does not do it enough justice.

I don't even think those women themselves consider those beauty "standards" as actually something beautiful. I've got no experience with eating disorders, but from I've read it can reach a point where it becomes not about beauty or fitting a conventional look, but about asserting and maintaining control.

I also fear that even if this particular standard dies down, it will be replaced by something else just as (if not more) harmful and damaging. Women deserve so much better, but how do you drill it into their heads?

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