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I ruined my ex boyfriend Anonymous 104549

>I started dating this nerdy nice boy when I was 17. He had some temper issues and was a little selfish but most men are like that.
>we fought a lot but like I really loved him at the end of the day. He ignored me for his friends which hurt because I always just wanted his attention.
>I was childish and cheated on him… I thought love was suppose to be exciting and filled with butterflies so I was searching for that while not wanting to let him go. He forgave me every time.
>I hadn’t cheated on him in over a year but he joined this metal band and started ignoring me and I felt him slipping away. So I found a backup plan and he found out and broke up with me and moved out.
>I miss him a bunch but I understand and I don’t blame him at all. He started kind of talking to me again just pleasantries.
>he’s so hurt he’s changing himself in the worst ways. He says he’s working out and eating less and he’s trying to find other hobbies than videos games and just becoming this serious boring person. He’s even gonna go hunting. That’s not him.
How do I tell him or show him that he doesn’t need to change himself, the way he was before was fine and that he could find someone who loved him for those things? The thing I miss most about him is the dumb little puns he would make of getting excited over his video games and just showing me the monsters in monster hunter.

Anonymous 104550

low quality bait. if this is real, you're awful. let him move onto better things, you suck.

Anonymous 104562

while his new interests may seem kind of normie or whatever, he’s just growing up..he’s not always going to be the same guy he was while you knew him…but don’t fixate on him when in reality you were looking for others while u had him

Anonymous 104625

I’m trying.. I had my reasons and some of them are valid but it doesn’t matter because what I did was incredibly fucked up. I just miss him a lot and I know that doesn’t matter. He’s seeing this other girl and it’s only been a month so I know a fraction of what he feels.
Idk about that.. I didn’t cheat in the beginning but idk I felt unseen and the only time he gave me attention is when other guys wanted me..then he’d be really nice.
He offered some of the meat if he goes hunting. It made me wanna puke. I just want him to be him. He’s in this band and he started spending all of his time with them. Like he said he’d be home when I got off and he wouldn’t be. He never invited me out with them like ever. One night he just went over there and forgot to tell me. He stopped listening to music he liked and dressed differently and it felt really bad
Yeah I know

Anonymous 104677

Idk cause I don’t really have family and he was my only sense of stability. He’s also like my first and only boyfriend and I’ve never been through a break up

Anonymous 104737

idk he wasn’t like awful all the time. He did like pick me up by my hair one time when I was crying into a pillow. But nothing more serious than that. I’ve been talking to this incel off of 4chan and he’s so nice and I don’t trust him at all because of my ex. I have no reason not to trust him because he hasn’t given me a reason to. He pays for my therapy and let’s me call him whenever even if he’s asleep and doesn’t get mad at all. Like my ex use to scream at me for waking up if I got up to pee in the night.

Anonymous 104738

And it’s weird because after I started talking to the incel. I don’t post myself on social media or even talk to other guys even though he lives so far away because I’m not like longing for attention and affection all the time

Anonymous 104805

It could have been worse

Anonymous 104807

I'm sorry but that's a massive cope nona

Anonymous 104877

Yeah I know. I just idk… I had valid reasons for cheating on him but also I shouldn’t have but I just wanted him to be better and he never was and I just waited and waited.

Anonymous 104878

His idea of like doing so much for me was when he got up from the couch or whatever he would always give me a kiss. Which was sweet but he never even got my flowers or planned out a date or planned anything for my birthdays. What if he’s better to some other girl? Idk that thought hurts a lot

Anonymous 104920

meh just because your gf cheated on you doesn't mean you have to take it out on a bunch of random animals - that's psychopath tier. hunters are basically little jeffrey dahmers waiting to happen.

go NC for both of your sakes.

Anonymous 104958

Holy shit imagine getting cheated on multiple times, and brushing it off repeatedly. Now he's talking to you again, seemingly back for more infidelity. Truly a match made in hell.

Anonymous 105349

You sound like you love a sheltered life if you believe that.
Hunting is also about respecting the animals and conservation efforts.
There deer population has gotten to large and deer die of station when they get old from grinding down their teeth.
It's get hit by a car, shot by a hunter, or starve to death.
Hunting license revenue also go to the natural resources bureau who help protect endangered species.

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