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ghosting Anonymous 104662

>what stages does the ghosted go through mentally?

>what results can I expect after 2 weeks, a month, 3 months, etc?
>best time to end ghosting?
>and others

>inb4 "you're a monster!!!"

I'm against ghosting but unfortunately desperate times call for desperate measures. I've had a friend for many years but overtime hes become a huge asshole and ingores communication to chill out. So, I do this as a very last attempt to make him get a grip. I have spent weeks telling him what's hurt me so once I do ghost him, he will know exactly why.
>t. I've been ghosted up to 2 years by friends and thats the reason I stopped being a dick myself. This guy is identicle to old me in every way. What my friends should of done different was tell me what pissed them off before ghosting me, so I applied lessons learned in this case.

By the way ghosting him for 1 week didn't do anything. So might go 3 months. Sincerely hope he is like me and will view it as a lesson.

He did get worried half way in though and texted my roomates if I was OK.

Anonymous 104758

Dude, why are you even trying? Just never respond again. His behavior is never going to change, if he can't respect basic communication then he's long gone.

Ghosting is fine. Anyone who freaks out about it needs a life outside of the internet. I ghost people for 2-6 weeks on the regular, with no notice. Why? because my life gets busy, and too many people message me for me to keep up with it.

You're an adult. Your friends are adults. You dont have to give someone all your time especially when they just need therapy or some bs instead.

Honestly youre being retarded trapping yourself into this mindset
"This guy is identical to old me in every way"

great, so the universe is showing you your same situation, but flipped, so you can act out how you should have been treated. But guess what? This guy isnt you, and he didnt respect any of what you said. He's not your responsibility, he needs to get it together. He will figure shit out on his own time, since I'm sure youre not the only person who has left. YOU CAN'T FIX HIS MINDSET. DON'T TORTURE YOURSELF WITH THIS. JUST BLOCK AND BE DONE WITH IT

The most likely scenario, is that his behaviors WILL NOT change, he will replace you with a new friend who enables his behaviors, and his cycle will continue. Just leave and be happy you didnt turn into him when you went through this yourself.

Anonymous 104759

You can't "ghost" for one week, you're just ignoring. Ghosting is cutting communication with an indefinite period of time.

That being said, as someone who gets ghosted often for no apparent reason, if someone is actually being an asshole to you? Ghosting is 100% valid. But I can't bring myself to do it even if someone is being mean to me. I am programmed to engage lmao.

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