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Jobs for avoiding the xys? Anonymous 104820

Is there any specific place of employment that only hires women that isn't medical or sex related? Thanks in advance.

Anonymous 104834

You should become a nanny for a rich family. Or be a sports coach for girls volleyball or something.

Receptionist or trainer at a womans only gym that doesnt allow trannys???

IDK I hate socializing with people and esp having a "real" job. If you like kids, care enough, and can manage yourself there is great money in childcare. Only downside is the retarded dads you deal with. Only like half of them are bums tho at least, in my experience.

Anonymous 104835

work for a women's shelter?

Anonymous 104836

this is a good idea, or maybe just an outreach program that is for and by women

Anonymous 104897

Makeup/skincare or clothing stores?

Anonymous 104913

might have to deal with troons though

Anonymous 104973

Why? i'm so tired of working with women, most working women are a bunch of judgemental snakes and create issues. i want a male work environment without witchy bitch bosses and i just never get it. i even changed my job and got unlucky again. it seems like i just can't escape the witches.

Anonymous 104974

I'd reconsider nonita

Anonymous 104975

I'd rather work with "snakes" and "witches" than moids who will also gossip about you behind your back and on top of that make sexual remarks towards you, either in front of you or again, behind your back.

Anonymous 104977

>who will also gossip about you behind your back and on top of that make sexual remarks towards you
do you work in construction or something? that is nothing compared to how workplace witches do it. ime men usually keep to themselves and don't make a fuss, but when they do its typically work parties. that is not a big deal.
reconsider what? i'm tired of my girl bosses and their often absurd behavior in the office, they go outside of their comfort zone to bother me. screw that. could i just be unlucky? yes but i have the years of experience working with both male and female dominated. men especially the bosses don't do that shit. actually i've had them help my career for no gain, women have not and if they do they feel the need to use it against you.

Anonymous 104984

I have the opposite experience + witches are awesome

Anonymous 104987


I worked for a Viceroy hotel after going months searching for a job with my expertise (which is predominantly male centric so a female name on a resume puts you towards the bottom no matter how shiny your past experience is). The female head chef who interviewed me said they were happy to find a female cook with the experience I had, as the company (Viceroy) "empowers women". The hotel I worked at has a focal point sculpture in the lobby an artist made out of tampons dipped in paint as a thank you gift to Viceroy for donating to a charity that delivers feminine products to women and girls to impoverished countries.

I'm sad to have had to leave there from a move, because the company had the most insanely good benefits I've ever heard of. Your family members and non-blood related friends even get some of the benefits, such as 25% off their whole stay.

It's an international hotel company and it has tons of different kinds of jobs you could probably get no matter yoir experience.

The best part is the pay though. I went from a $10/hr cook job to making $23/hr at the Viceroy restaurant doing the same work. Servers made $15/hr + tips. We were loaded. They also let you have pink hair and face tattoos because they view it as "creative expression" rather than unprofessional.

It's not a female-only company, but it's one that prioritizes women as new hires and most people of the male employees were gay because straight moids probably feel put off by the pink painted interiors and feminist decor lol. The strict zero harassment policy is great as well, obviously the harasser is immediately fired and the victim is offered counseling from social workers who work at the headquarters.

I recommend for any job seeking nonas if you live close to one of their locations:


Anonymous 105001

Work in a library, 99% of the workers there are women and the men are gay. They make a point of hiring oppressed people , which unfortunately also encompasses troons

Anonymous 105002


Anonymous 105003

unfortunately, I've met many gay moids at starbucks. They can make a mean pumpkin spice though. That's the only good thing about them.

Anonymous 105008

it isn't just you anon. i'm in a similar situation with an internship i'm in rn and even though we don't meet everyday, i always leave feeling demoralized. i legit thought about sneaking out yesterday during lunch break as i felt so uncomfortable and sad.

i really wish working with women was a much more pleasant experience than it actually is, but women are often so cruel and so mean and i really have no idea why we do this to each other. it gets even worse if there's at least one straight, somewhat attractive, man under the age of 55 within the vicinity - then they all start lashing out at each other even more and trying to manipulate him to gang up on whoever they're targeting.

the only moids i've ever met who gossip about women behind their backs are jealous, misogynist fags. straight men do not typically have the time nor the patience to obsess and nitpick over what women do and they're usually the ones who call that crap out when others do it. if they gossip, they gossip about other men.

> could i just be unlucky?

you're not unlucky. it happens more often than i think most people would like to admit but for some reason people want to dismiss bullying in the workplace, especially when it's women doing it to other women. if you do speak up about it you're labeled as being a "not like other girls" type, even if you're totally basic. or that you're really the drama queen because you're calling it out for what it is and not taking the abuse or trying to conform to tyrannical behavior.

>i'm tired of my girl bosses and their often absurd behavior in the office

same. with the group i'm dealing with, you would think i took a hot shit on all their desks, individually, with chocolate sprinkles on top. apparently they're mad at me because i'm quiet and don't really bother them all that much. i just do my work, read what they want/need me to do for the day, and leave, and they're all butthurt over it.

>actually i've had them help my career for no gain

again same. i will concede i've had a few bad experiences with men obviously looking for sexual favors, but thankfully i've learned how to detect sex pest losers with time so i know how to stop that shit in its tracks. but i've had so many surprisingly positive experiences with male bosses and professors who genuinely respect my work and are willing to go the extra mile for me where so often many of my female bosses and profs have let me down in some way. it's very sad.

Anonymous 105121

Slightly offtopic but mostly on-topic:
there's a lot of articles appearing in my newsfeeds trying to be super alarmist about Gen Z workers being completely different from every previous generation and how Millennials can't relate to them at all. I've worked in a male dominated field (petroleum engineering) for several years and from my point of view there's no such generation behavioral gap. These articles seem to be fixated on office jobs and female-majority administrative fields.
Millennial women went through the "man-cession" of 2008 when male-majority careers were practically exclusively affected by the crash. The "girlbosses" others in this thread complain about seem to have sprung up from that environment. Brainwashed into thinking the capitalist grind was a positive experience instead of a machine designed to kill you, that the reason millennial men were bums was because they just plain suck compared with previous generations and that's it, personal problems not systems.
Zoomer women had the opposite experience with the 2020s economic catastrophe. Male jobs unaffected, administrative work is deemed socially unnecessary and increasingly automated, your career will be an empty tomb with no flowers laid upon the stone blah blah blah. "Lazy girl jobs" because fuck trusting the grind, look at where that got those millennial go getter girls.
I think getting a job in a female-majority field needs to consider the culture both of the field and of the generational cohort of your coworkers. Girlbosses and lazy girls don't seem to get along at all and have spent the past 3 years sniping at each other through journals of record which keep appearing in my Microsoft Windows notification center.

Anonymous 105133

Bookstores are like this as well, also most of the customers are old ladies, except for the occasional moid who comes in asking for Marcus Aurelius' Meditations or Leaving Las Vegas

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