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Anonymous 104898

i've always considered myself a bisexual woman, but since last year, after several abusive relationships I've been through, I decided to focus on myself. I noticed how much I always avoided being with women romantically, and by sleeping with my best friend I discovered a new world, basically… I was with my ex-boyfriend (boyfriend at the time) and I felt guilty, I didn't know what to do, i wallowed in guilt, and after a lot of talking with my therapist I decided to talk with the boy, and I told him that I was confused about my sexuality, thinking that maybe I am a lesbian.
Time passed and I increasingly felt comfortable with women and distanced myself from men, I wanted to know if there were any anons who are lesbians or at least sapphic here, it has been a period of great discovery, and I can finally consider myself a lesbian woman who went through a long period of compulsory heterosexuality.

Anonymous 104899

it sounds like you'll just go back to men once you've healed from whatever abusive relationships you were in. definitely still bisexual just changed fixation. ignore the dyke telling you to kys though, what a piece of shit

Anonymous 104900

This must be bait.

Anonymous 104901

>compulsory heterosexuality
This term was invented by a bi woman

Anonymous 104902

Horrible post

Anonymous 104903

bi women cosplaying as lesbians are disgusting

Anonymous 104904


Straight anon who's been watching this get bumped. Just curious from an outsider perspective if there is a reason bi women aren't accepted as having lesbian feelings.
Is it because you don't find their feelings as valid or is there a fear of fickleness?
Just curious, as a straight person I'm completely indifferent but I'd never be in a position of having a relationship with a woman so I can't mentally place myself there.

Anonymous 104905

I'm a bi woman myself, but it gives the same feeling as a straight woman dating a straight man, but identifying as something else (non-binary etc) and calling themselves "soOo QuEeR!11!" when they're your typical straight couple but they want to feel special.
Plus, it's dishonest. There's no reason to lie to people you want to date about your sexual orientation. If you lie to get into relationship with them you're no better than a moid.
Bisexual and lesbian women have vastly different experiences when it comes to dating. Lesbians aren't attracted to men, not under any circumstance, unlike bi women. The only way a lesbian woman would get into a relationship with a man is by force, and she'd never agree to have sex with a man or be attracted to one.

Anonymous 104934

bi woman like op makes me want to kill myself. i hate bi women so fucking much it's unreal

Anonymous 104936

you're definitely still bi. men have treated you poorly because they're all scumbags but that doesn't mean you're not still bi. you would know if you were a lesbian.

Anonymous 104946

i dont think i ever liked boys actually, i think i just needed their validation. my relationship with this boy was perfect, but i was still not satisfied, because i didnt feel like me

Anonymous 104947

im not bi and dont be rude, bissexual women exist and thats ok either. but yes im a lesbian, i just dealed with having to seek male validation my whole life, and my therapist helped me with that, so if you are also an therapist i will listen to you, but as i know you are just an anon here

Anonymous 104948

oh i know im a lesbian! but its difficult to accept myself after all i been through, i dont feel any sexual atraction for men and i just really aprecciated the friendship i had with men, i dont wanted to actually date they

Anonymous 104949

yes and yet still she likes women, but where did you read that?

Anonymous 104950

im not cosplaying, why would i want to lose the friendships i had?

Anonymous 104951

oh and my first love was a girl i liked back at school, my first kiss was with her and my whole life i dealed with duality feelings about girl x, y and z and feeling i NEEDED to like men to not feel different and isolated, but that changed and i really considerate myself lesbian!:)

Anonymous 104952

idk if you think that im bissexual but uhh i was never atracted to the boy, i just loved the idea of him and the friendship i had with him, actually dealing sexually with him felt disgusting for me.

Anonymous 104953

Adrianne Rich and Monique Wittig?

Anonymous 104954

Gold stars often treat women who ever slept with a man the same way that 4chan racists treat a white woman who slept with black men. For some reason it is much harder for them to imagine a naive teenaged lesbian terrified of total isolation sleeping with a man despite feeling no attraction to men than to imagine a straight woman sleeping with a man whom she personally feels no sexual attraction. Don't let it get you down.

Anonymous 104959

thank you very much anon, youre a kind person<3

Anonymous 104968

>anons who are lesbians or at least sapphic
>at least sapphic

wtf does this even mean? i hate you all retarded zoomers so fucking much. and i bet this op is not even a lesbian fuck you all spicy queer straights. and what even is the point of this post? what a horrible time to be a lesbian due to the influx of people like OP and trannies. i would rather live in the past where lesbians didn't have rights. at least it's easier to find actual lesbian

Anonymous 104993

>>104968 lmao im lesbian, sapphic if you dont know means a girl that likes girls, but isnt lesbian. dumb fuck.

Anonymous 105017

Damn surprised at the meanness here, op was being vulnerable and this is the feels board cmon

Anonymous 105030

>stop making up words
>makes up a word
So you can do it but others can,t? You fucking schmickledookie

Anonymous 105031


>sapphic if you dont know means a girl that likes girls, but isnt lesbian
those anons are seething bc theyre bitchless virgins

Anonymous 105040

that's not what it means, it means lesbian or bi. basically it's like "wlw".

Anonymous 105074




These are both bullshit terms only used by TRAs and troons. Just use "lesbian" or "bisexual". Not terms used by TIMs to force their way in LGB spaces.

Anonymous 105080

not true in my experience, the point is just to have a term that's inclusive of both lesbians and bisexual women. maybe trannies like to call themselves "sapphic" because almost all of them are bi and they like being able to use a female-specific label for it, but they didn't invent the term.

so a normal person wouldn't refer to herself as "sapphic" rather than lesbian or bi, but you would use the term to refer to lesbians and bi women collectively.

Anonymous 105106


What makes sapphic different from lesbian? Sappho was from Lesbos, which the word lesbian already originates from.

wlw I for sure never heard of before gendie crap and screams as being in the same camp as latinx pronouns and POC (Which I also think is idiotic because white is a color too. Literally combination of all colors, actually.) . If you're attracted to women but not lesbian, just say bi or that you like women, and be done with it. Not everything needs a label.

Anonymous 105217

this is why lesbians hate bisexuals. they get tired of men and then go "oh em gee I was secretly a lesbian the whole time!!1". i'd lay down my life that op ends up with a man

Anonymous 105268

I say don’t worry about the labels too much and just date whoever you’re attracted to.

Anonymous 105270

Seeing this is as the most recently bumped thread funny because I just came to the feels board for the first time in months to blog about the exact opposite (will take that post to the vent thread)

Women are beautiful, omit the most wonderful scents, it's well known that girls know how to please each other better than guys because we know firsthand what feels good on ourselves, and although I've never been in a relationship with a moid to say for sure, same sex relationships feel like a closer bond because we don't have to wrap our heads around how the opposite sex thinks and acts.

I think you are blessed. Just don't tell girls you hit up too much about past boyfriends right off the bat. It's normal for lesbians to experiment with guys while deciding their sexuality, the gold star shit you read online is more of a joke irl that no one actually takes seriously, but unfortunately there is a reason why bisexual girls are a big red flag to lesbians: all the confused/curious straight girls who adopt the label for 6 months before realizing they have no attraction to womenand ghost the girlfriend who had feelings for her.

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