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I hate being lonely Anonymous 104963

Im in my last year of high school (i'm 18) and I cant stand being at this school for any longer. I don't have any friends, I dread lunch because I eat all alone and people pick on me. I'm jealous of all my peers who have friends. I've tried making friends but im so bad at holding any conversation and it just sucks. Its so pathetic but I sit on the verge of tears whenever i think about eating alone. I just feel so isolated all the time.

Anonymous 104981

Wow I wanted to kill myself and was also posting on image boards at 18. I’m 24 now and I still want to kill myself and I still post on image boards.

It doesn’t get that much better, but once you are freed from a place that requires all your time (whether it be school or full time work) you will feel somewhat a sense of relief. I made a lot of friends through communities outside of education, you will have opportunities to connect with more individuals once your graduate.

In high school during lunch I would just fuck off to my microbiology teachers classroom or a bathroom stall so I could be left alone. Hopefully your school allows you to eat in places other than the cafeteria? I would just hide out in the bathroom if that’s your only option. It’s better to be alone that with others you’re forced to be around.

Don’t sweat the social stuff so much rn. I know it’s agonizing and isolating, but once you can broaden your horizons and graduate it will be easier to find others you connect with. You just have to make an effort to find those communities.

Good luck, and maybe stop going on image boards if you want to save yourself now.

Anonymous 105004

Unfortunately it can be challenging to find those who truly empathize with your situation and are also kind-hearted (many people turn bitter) I hope you can find someone who genuinely comprehends and supports you

Anonymous 105005

How do your conversations usually develop? Give me a scenario

Anonymous 105006

I was alone my whole life before I went to college. My only friends were my plushies and my mom lol.
I researched how to be the best version of myself, how to socialize with others etc. during the summer break before college started and it helped a lot. Now I have a huge circle of friends and I got engaged. Honestly loneliness helped me, I was used to it so I didn't feel the pressure to keep hanging around with shitty people. I knew I would do just fine alone, even though I had suicidal ideations at the time.
Honestly the best thing I can say is just to hang in there and do some research before going to college (or a job). High school sucks, and not having friends during that time doesn't determine your value as a person. Being alone is ass, but it's also the best time to discover who you truly are since peer pressure doesn't affect you. Go out, discover your style, try out as many hobbies as humanly possible. You don't have any retarded social points to lose.
Honestly I wouldn't be as self-confident as I am now if I didn't have that period of not having friends. It was a really difficult time for me, I had the same thoughts as you had. Just hang in there anon. I honestly believe that you'll find great friends, you're just in a shitty area right now. If it's possible, move to somewhere else for upper studies or your job. It helped me a lot, since you don't see old faces anymore.

Anonymous 105007

I am also 18 in my last year of highschool. Don't have friends either. I would be yours. Hang in there?

Anonymous 105009

> Get courage to talk to lab partner "So are you going to see the fnaf movie that's coming out?"
> 'sure I guess'
> Conversation ends there in awkward silence.
This is most if not all my convos, short and awkward.

Anonymous 105010

Im sorry to hear that, I hope you find a friend soon as well. Wishing you the best of luck nona .

Anonymous 105013

Has it never occurred to you that they might also not be the best at holding a conversation? After the 'sure, I guess' ask them
>'ok, cool. when are you doing X?'
>'oh. I'm doing X on Saturday. Wanna join me?
Anyway, you scenario makes me think you think of short answers or ambivalent ones as a rejection of your attempts at socializing, which are probably not, unless accompanied by a visible albeit subtle, physical, pulling away.
But you at least have some courage, so you can surely take the next step.

Anonymous 105028

This. The sad truth is the handful of decent moids still out there are also basically socially crippled and need a bit of coaxing and effort to push into doing anything.

It sucks, but dems da berries.

Anonymous 105032

thank you for the advice ! ^v^

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