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life is so pointless Anonymous 105052

im 22 and started a full time adult job and i feel so lonely and devoid of any purpose that I genuinely don’t know how people continue to live every day. i have a couple of friends but i feel so lonely. i literally went to a female friend making event today and felt useless because I feel like can’t connect with other women or anyone for that matter because what the fuck do people even talk about!! last year I lived in Japan and had a group of friends who were kinda autistic too which was nice and even being alone there felt fine and I could do fun stuff and I regret moving back here but now there’s nothing I can do and I’m stuck renting my stupid flat for the next year. I can’t even go on walks at night anymore since it’s not safe here

Anonymous 105053

Life after school is pretty lonely if you are not a super sociable person. In school even if you actively try not to make friends you are surrounded by peers your own age. Just working on schoolwork is enough to meet some people even if you never party or join a club. In the workforce you are around many people who are not your age. Also no one will be as genuine becuase it is not an intellectual space like school is an also people are a bit afraid of hr generally. The only thing to do is to do hobby activities.

Anonymous 105056

Unless you are highly extroverted, life after school sucks, because for most people, its starting your social life from 0, not considering new responsabilities, you either move to some other place to study or your friends move out, either way you end up alone. I suggest picking up a hobby, and meeting people around that, multiple hobbies, if you can. As for your question, "what do people even talk about", its about everything and nothing, unless its a particular topic, most conversations are basically filler noise

Anonymous 105108


Yeah it's ass

Anonymous 105126

>unless its a particular topic, most conversations are basically filler noise
reading this made me sick to my stomach. I feel like this all the time. I want to talk about something meaningful but I have no idea what that even looks like

Anonymous 105146

The sad reality is that in order to get to that point where people are open enough to talk about their opinions and feelings an thus have meaningful and deep conversations, you need first do the boring weather talk.

Anonymous 106686

visit your local orthodox church

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