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pros/cons of your bf Anonymous 105405

can we please start a pros/cons list of the bf you are dating.

i am sick of seeing bf brag threads, we need a counterbalance with the crappy things your bf does on top of the good things. can be as little as pet peeves!

Anonymous 105407

>hottest guy I’ve ever dated (but doesn’t know how hot he is)
>shared media interests
>hobbies outside of media consumption, and has picked up more girly hobbies with me
>just the right amount of edgy for me
>cares about how he dresses
>good personal hygiene
>a bit of a bad boy so seeing him behave like a softie around me is hawt
>knows he’s dumber than me so he doesn’t bother mansplaining or debating with me
>good sex

>materialistic with designer brands
>emotionally stunted. I need to go talking-to-toddler mode to get any kind of communication from him without him shutting down/arguing with me)
>sad about abstract, stupid stuff often. I don’t mind comforting him but it gets repetitive
>dumb as bricks
>doesn’t watch porn anymore but is still porn-damaged
>awful at cleaning (he does try, but is so inefficient and doesn’t have any organisation)
>drug addict

He’s still mine though

Anonymous 105408

>deeply loving and overflowing with affection
>can set himself to learning about anything I enjoy so we can talk about it
>very intelligent and deeply practical
>calm, controlled and reasonable
>filled with random knowledge and useful skills I can fall back on if I'm in trouble
>good with money and focused on making good choices for the future
>tough and stoic with others; inspires confidence and deters bullies
>is a great cook
>treats me with respect and like an actual life-partner
>the most dependable human being on Earth
>enjoys doing household chores with me
>hobbies are all low-investment (except for all the tools and equipment he accumulates)
>watched porn, but is realistic about sex
>doesn't objectify or belittle women
>literally the perfect dad for our future kids

>emotionally stunted in the extreme (processes sadness as anger at himself)
>forgets my needs often (things like physical contact) and requires reminding
>hyperfocused on one thing at a time and needs to complete it or he'll be distracted and irritable
>zero impulsivity and needs to plan things out 4+ hours ahead
>can't read conversational subtext or nuanced body language
>needs to be mentally engaged constantly and finds it in audiobooks/podcasts; locks me out for hours at a time
>is a generous lover, but has body image issues that stop me from doing things to him that I enjoy
>absolutely no sense of style
>cannot fathom enjoyment from aesthetics
>introverted and needs to expend huge amounts of emotional energy to engage with my friends and work

Anonymous 105424

How’d you meet him he sounds mature and a grown ass adult man. I’m sick of dating men mentally stuck at 16 years old and can’t cook or clean or plan anything in advance

Anonymous 105428

lol, at a game shop. I just wanted to buy a board game, but he was playing at a huge strategy table (where two groups of players simulate a historical war) and happily explained how he was about to crush the Soviet advance towards the Finnish capital.

Anonymous 105431

- not active on social media
- quite tall
- fairly attractive
- doesn’t have female friends
- smart/educated
- has his priorities straight
- too quiet/mysterious
- keeps his opinions to himself
- no social media but always seen using a device
- definitely active on secret internet forums/discord chats

Anonymous 105432

- doesn’t gawk at other women, might not watch porn but doubt it (never discussed this topic)
- isn’t condescending when it comes to me/others not knowing things
- secretly a judgmental fuck but is nice about it (but you can feel him judging you)

Anonymous 105443

>No political opinions like at all. It's like the part of your brain that cares about stuff you can't change never flipped on.
>No drug or drimk. Never even considers it.
>Loves animals. When we travel together, the local zoo is pretty much always a necessary destination.
>Super sweet. Never has a bad thing to say about anyone.
>Never angry at all.
>I was his only ever girlfriend, which still astounds me when I thin about it.
>Not materialistic at all.
>Hard working. Gets stuff done very quickly, while still being really chill.
>Is the cook between the two of us most of the time.
>Handsome and fit.
>Big, perfectly aqua colored eyes

>He has the tastes of a child when it comes to media and is pretty closed minded to things grown-ups are supposed to like. He pretty much only likes Nintendo when it comes to games, cartoons when it comes to tv/movies, and stuff like The Beach Boys and Donovan when it comes to music.
>He gets anxious very easily.
>Really doesn't like me having a firearm.
>His parents (while very nice) are 2 of the most retarded people I have ever met and some of their braindead decision making rubs off on him at times.
>Definitely needs help with things the vast majority of adults do not. Well outside the threshold of me needing to be "mommy" though.
>Has a child's vocabulary. This was gonna be in "pros" because it's refreshing being with someone who never swears, but having to stop to explain what "insipid" means mid sentence is kind of frustrating.
Couldn't believe no other girls took him while we were in high school, couldn't believe he was still single by the time we were both adults. Fine by me, I'll take him.

Anonymous 105690

>listens to me and does what I say

>listens to me and does what I say

he's 100% a whipped simp and I can make him do whatever. don't know if it's a good thing or not.

Anonymous 105691

-loves me unconditionally and views me like some kind of goddess, willing to adjust his goals to meet mine. He is so faithful
-forgiving and sweet, puts up with me and forgives even when I am terrible
-Can tell him anything, only person I am really myself aroumd

-sperg with anger issues and regularly destroys expensive shit (cellphones, monitors, punches holes in walls), cant handle stress
-poor employment history, he cant hold a job for long, goes months at a time unemployed (hes been working on his EMT license though)
-800 miles away and cant visit all the time
-lives with mom

Anonymous 105696

Pros: He's really caring towards me, cooks and bakes tasty things, shared interests, pretty, loves cuddling, passionately reciprocates during sex.

Cons: He wants kids and I don't, so we agree that we'll break up eventually. I'm worried I'm wasting my time staying with him instead of finding a different, longterm partner. Also, he said he doesn't love me, just like me. But I feel the same, so I don't know if it's worth breaking up over. I'm afraid I won't find a new guy with his pros that doesn't come with another set of cons.

Anonymous 105731

>pros: not active on social media
>cons: no social media

Anonymous 105735

>can't handle stress
>wants to be an EMT

Anonymous 105760

The problem isn't that he has no social media, but that he's always using devices despite not having a legitimate reason to do so. He's probably doing something more dubious.

Anonymous 105762

>has many positive traits, he's loving, caring, sweet, intelligent, pragmatic etc
>genuinely has a heart of gold, helped me & my family countless times - well off
>not your average moid, i.e. not a brainless coomer
>good cook, vegetarian
>mentally stable, unlike me. has the patience of a saint when it comes to dealing with my mental issues
>pampers me

>half the time we fuck his dick goes limp - lot to do with self esteem issues and overthinking
>not ugly, but not conventionally attractive either. short, going bald, etc
>has social anxiety
>not assertive at all

yeah I love my moid despite it all. the pros outweigh the cons for me. well, most of the time.

Anonymous 105763

>not a brainless coomer
>half the time we fuck his dick goes limp - lot to do with self esteem issues and overthinking
I've got bad news for you, nona.

Anonymous 105764

And the news is not that he's gay but that he's testosterone deficient.

Anonymous 105765

My version of news was that he coomed his brains into performance anxiety, but I guess that works too.

Anonymous 105770

you sound like a scrote, tbh. but to answer your question, no, I already talked about this with him. He's just got performance anxiety or whatever it's called.

Anonymous 105772

A lot of moids only interact with women through the prism of playing the long game and potentially fucking them at some point.

Anonymous 105774

Of course, just like every view, this approach can be taken too far, but I see absolutely nothing wrong with a presumption of guilt in this case, since you're the one who might have to deal with a sociopathic freak like that.

On the other hand, now that I think about it, the examples of such moids in my life all have so many telltale signs, despite putting on a facade of niceness, that maybe being too suspicious is also not a good thing.

Anonymous 105775

What are those signs?

Anonymous 105781

Out of the top of my head?

Never being in a long-term relationship is the best sign. No matter how nice they are, the moment a woman makes it clear that she wants a proper relationship, this type of scrote will shut down and then proceed to ghost and/or gaslight her into quitting him. After all is said and done he might even try to paint himself as the victim, accuse the girl of being too clingy, etc.

Open about porn consumption. Not disgusted by open relationships. Very explicit about preferring "high value" women (bimbos and or e-hoes). "I wish I had an Onlyfans girlfriend."

Openly bragging about sex to other scrotes.

Acting very open and friendly towards all women who aren't commited/conventionally attractive, complete 180 otherwise.

Getting caught cheating, ever. Duuh.

Anonymous 105815

>Intelligent, legit genius
>Tall, good physique, dresses well
>Very good looking
>Likes children
>Great at cooking
>Hard working, good with finances
>Extremely social
>Good in bed, lots of stamina, accepts trying my kinks
>Very Able to put himself in other people's places, especially me
>90% great sense of humor
>Same interests, either in media, sports, general activities
>Good driver
>Almost no porn influence
>Very hygienic
>Good mannered
>Reads people like a book

>Perfectionist, won't stop until he reached his percieved perfection on the matter/activity
>Becomes unhinged when he is really inserted into something he likes, snaps out only when its done
>Schemer, like he's some kind of politician or nobleman
>"Hannibal Lecter mindset", not afraid to gaslight, manipulate and scheme for his own good
>Medium-low sex drive, I always have to start up intimacy
>Plans X event ahead, if what he planned doesn't happen he gets anxious, nervous, and tries to "auto-correct" his plan
>Sometimes snobs about his tastes on something
>Eats his nails

>Addicted to ASMR, like turkish barbers, rainy forests and questionnaires
>Tends to avoid conflict at all costs

Anonymous 105816

>legit genius
How so?

Anonymous 105818

He is academically very gifted, but also gifted in non-academic related things. Who ruled Egypt during the Persian invasion? He knows it, how many soldiers took action in some unknown battle in bumfuck nowhere Europe? He knows it, complex mathematics, physics, chemistry, the sympthoms of many diseases, car mechanics, which art trend this paniting belongs to, how to brew moonshine, explosives,computer stuff etc. He's a walking enciclopedia, I joke that he's always tired from having to carry his brain all day

Anonymous 105820

>he's memorized a lot of facts
Sounds more like an autist than a genius

Anonymous 105821

Well, depends on what your perception of intelligence and knowlage is, as far as I know he never showed any signs of 'tism

Anonymous 105826

>Plans X event ahead, if what he planned doesn't happen he gets anxious, nervous, and tries to "auto-correct" his plan
This is litterally a telltale sign of the 'tism. Maybe not to the point it's a problem, but he's definitely in the spectrum.
Not that's

Anonymous 105828

There is nothing wrong and narcissistic about sharing trivia. At least not inherently. Knew one moid who would genuinely brag about reading wiki and watching youtube essays.

Anonymous 105836

Nah, sharing cool facts is fun. You're overanalyzing a normal way to talk to people.

Anonymous 105837

Not if the sharer is only sharing these facts to look smart or to receive some sort of perverse pleasure from half-hearted interest over their obsession.

Anonymous 105839


Huh, well, idk, no one never pointed it out, he's been to psychiatrists and psycologists before, idk really.
>Ask him to actually make moonshine for example. He won't be able to
Well…I did, this is one of the bottles from his latest
run at it, this one is made of sugar cane, he even gifted one to my father for some reason
He's not narcissistic about his big brain, or at least he does not intend to, he won't trick you into asking him difficult things or just randomly start spewing his 4000 year old Babylonian facts. He only shows the things he knows if the conversation is about said topic or if he is genuinely asked about said topic.

Anonymous 105840

What's his IQ?

Anonymous 105842

He's on 4chan then. And maybe discord

Anonymous 105845

I wish I had a smartie pants bf who can handle finances. I’d probably end up wasting $1000s on dumb useless shit like pop sockets :(

Anonymous 105846

Forgot to add I am too low IQ for a smart bf so I will never get one but I think that would be my number one priority so he could take good care of me. Are there guys out there who don’t mind a dumb gf ? I can only dream,,, a man like that probably would rather get a girlfriend who can keep up with him mentally and intellectually stimulate him

Anonymous 105847

166 , sorry for the wait, had to check on the documents
Nona, I'm not that smart either, I'm avarage, he does not like me because of what my brain does, I'm sure you'll find a bf who will stop you from buying $2000 in funko pops or miniatures

Anonymous 105849

Dayum if I had that IQ I’d learn multiple languages. What was he like as a child? Did he skip three grades?
I once dated a doctor with an IQ of 150 and he manipulated his third grade class into holding a student strike to get out of schoolwork kek. Peak anime villainery right there

Anonymous 105851

Pro: he’s really loving and touchy
Con:he’s really loving and touchy

Anonymous 105853

I meant that he likes me for reasons not related to my academic intelligence.
He knows English, Portuguese, German, Italian and Russian. As a child he clearly showed his gifts, I remember him writing and reading at 5 while most of the rest only got the hang of it at 8. Unfortunaly our country's school system does not allow smart kids to skip grades.
>Peak anime villainery right there
He once manipulated about 20 people into having different plans/disagreements with each other just so 7 of them could go watch a football match wit him (His team got trashed)

Anonymous 105854

>I remember him writing and reading at 5
So you knew him in first grade?

Anonymous 105855

Anonymous 105857

>childhood friend bf
>who's also a super genius
If he's never had sex with anyone else, you've won at life.

Anonymous 105858


Unfortunaly his idiotic dipshit uncle and cousin thought it would be a good idea to ultra gaslight him (literally threatening to call him homo to his whole family) into having intercourse with his friend's daughter during a party when he was 16 to "Make him a man sooner then later". I assume this is the reason for his half-battery sex drive but I'll never question him about it

Anonymous 105860

Well, we can't all be winners.
Personally, I'd rather have a 100 iq virgin than a 166 iq nonvirgin, all other things being equal.

Anonymous 105861

My kindness, the fact that we share many interests, my willingness to listen to some of his more complicated interests, my looks (From what his mom said), and that we just have a strong bond, I think
Well, unfortunaly these things happen, I'm not insecure about it, he was pressured into it, and he didn't like it, he has 0 contact with the bitch and does not wish to have.

Anonymous 105910

>very intelligent, with really good knowledge in his field
>very good looking and hot, even without working out muscles are showing
>a lot of interests and hobbies, always has something to talk about
>great sense of humor matching mine
>worldview and most of the opinions matching mine as well
>compliments me quite a lot
>very broad tastes in music, showed me a lot of stuff I listen to daily
>masters everything quite quickly

>overwhelmingly egoistic
>close to autistic in his hobbies, prone to bouts of depression and hyperactivity
>can be socially rude sometimes. I get that pleasing everyone shouldn't be a thing, but sometimes some politeness is great
>doesn't really love me/respect me. I mean he loves me to an extent, but after 5 years together I'm starting to think that he won't be able to love anyone deeply. Or he might find some unhinged genius girl who will ruin his life, but he knows that, so he won't

Anonymous 105915


I'll remember the deleted replies even if it's gone now.
It was damn funny.

Anonymous 105916

yeah too many nonas replied to the salty scrote kek

Anonymous 105919

What was deleted?

Anonymous 105920

Some scrote replying to the thread as if "her' supposed bf was this unreal super mega hot dilf who had no cons, and some nonas took time off replying to it

Anonymous 106157

>the ones with average-looking bfs don't post
>anons exaggerate the handsomeness of their bfs because they're super in love
>board is full of Stacies

Anonymous 106167


humans gotta gush and wear rose-tinted glasses to fall in love. i made the thread and included cons list because i'd like to see the struggles of dating and relationships. it helps me to see if i can get into a relationship with realities and objectivity, not blind gushiness.

i suppose this is a bf brag and bf complaint thread, it's cozy and one of my favorite types of threads to lurk as someone who is single and wants to observe and learn from others!

Anonymous 106204


>Very physically affectionate (cuddles, kisses, handholding, etc)
>Responsible and caring
>Not active on social media
>Physically fit and inspires me to eat well/work out
>First person to not sexually repulse me (this sounds like a low bar but it's actually very rare)
>Similar music taste to me
>Always on time
>Gets nerdy about stuff like Pokemon which is really cute to me

>Had a FWB before me (which makes me feel weird to think about, but it doesn't bother me a whole lot)
>Sometimes doesn't pick up on my jokes/sarcasm (we've only been dating for a month so this will probably improve over time)
>Weeaboo (jk but not really)
>Plays league
>He has a decently high libido and mine is pretty low

Can't tell if it's a pro or a con
>Calls me cutesy nicknames that are embarrassing but also really sweet??

Anonymous 106213

>Plays league
Euthanasia is the only option.

Anonymous 106228


>Plays league

>Always on time
>Likes Pokemon
>Not active on social media

He sounds perfect nona.
Except these cons could be pretty bad, so be careful.

>Had a FWB

>He has a decently high libido and mine is pretty low

Anonymous 106229

Seconding the FWB as a con. That would be a dealbreaker for me.

Anonymous 106253

Yeah, the fwb thing was like 3 years ago and he hasn't been with anyone since. (iirc I'm his first actual relationship.) It does feel strange because he told me they were doing some kinky shit that I'm not really used to or have ever seen/experienced (I've only ever been with one person before and he was vanilla incarnate).

Anyways, like I said, it was a long time ago, so I'm not going to let it bother me too much… crossing my fingers.

Anonymous 106258

Hey league is fun the upcoming season is gonna be so fun for farming junglers

Anonymous 106260

Tbh people change so quickly in three years assuming you’re both young (early 20s)
People are hornier and have no strings attached sex when they’re younger but gradually get into more loving deeper relationships with others
Just my observations and personal experience
Good luck nona he seems nice

Anonymous 106272

>Eh? He would fuck this girl with no feelings or emotions for her? With perverted and abnormal kinks?
>But it's okay! That was years ago! People change!
>He was young! It's just his nature! Boys will be boys!
There are plenty of moids who have not erred in this manner. He had every ability to do the same, and yet did not. Why, then, should he be judged as no less than they?
I don't deny people change. But, even so, the past still defines the present person. The criminal, years in prison, is still to be punished, even if he has changed. He is punished for his crime in the past.
I'll not forgive the most repentant moid. I will revile, condemn, and scorn, and hate even a moid who presently is perfect, if in his past were one abhorrent thing. Though he repents and weeps, seas of his tears will never cleanse him of the stain I see.

Anonymous 106277

Yeah age doesn't matter at all, if a male is capable of using women for sex that shows his character and that's not something that changes

Anonymous 106290

This just seems mutualistic, probably more parasitical. Clearly your life goals diverge too much to stay functional for long.

Anonymous 106339

break up with him now. danger to your vaginal hygiene (ref to eats his nails)

Anonymous 106345

>most affectionate guy i have ever been with
>makes me feel so loved
>i love him so much i cry sometimes

>im his first gf = he's not sexually experienced and sex is difficult sometimes
>long distance

Anonymous 106347

Its better to have a unexperienced bf then one whose had many sexual partners in the past, just ask yourself, would you like to drink a coke that everyone took a sip from?

Anonymous 106479

YouTube, articles, writing. Any plethora of the thousands of things you can do outside of social media

Anonymous 106480


Anonymous 106482

>presumably late teens or early 20s stumbling block which is already in the process of being rectified with a loving and long-term relationship

Repentance is an incredibly personal, coveted and case-by-case issue for people of both genders. Hold yourself to the same standards or be prepared to forever hold your tongue. This post reeks of conceitedness

Anonymous 106485

>late teens or early 20s stumbling block
I don't give a damn how young he was. He was perfectly capable of avoiding this "stumbling block". It's his fault and no one else's, not even his youth's, and therefore I will blame no one but him.
>already in the process of being rectified
Why should I waste my time with someone who's in the process of being rectified, when I can have someone who needs no rectification at all? I never did anything so vile. I deserve to be with the same. And can he be rectified? Even if he changes his heart, he will never change his memories, and therefore is he permanently defiled.
>Repentance is an incredibly case-by-case issue
Some things are simply unforgivable. Would you forgive a rapist? Would you forgive a mass murderer?
>Hold yourself to the same standards
Don't think I'm as disgusting as a moid.
>This post reeks of conceitedness.
You're goddamn right. I am superior to a moid by so much, I am so much better than he. My most vile act is less than ten thousandths that of the moid's.

Anonymous 106488

I hate moid sluts too but I don't think its comparable to rape and murder nona.

Anonymous 106489

Obviously rape and murder are way worse. I was only proving that some things are unforgivable by pointing out the extreme examples.

Anonymous 106490


>handsome face
>very funny and has similar humor to mine
>is super sweet to animals, is a cat person
>is super sweet and affectionate with me
>does little things i appreciate a lot (holds my heavy textbooks when we go to the library to study, holds my bags when shopping)
>doesnt let me pay for anything bc he wants to spoil me

>whenever i vent, he immediately tries solving the problem (even though sometimes i only just wanna complain to get it out my chest and move on)
>i think he spends a little too much time arguing on twitter
>he eats fast food almost daily
>he gained a lot of weight as a result and idk how to tell him he should look after himself better

i feel esp bad about the last one bc i use to be very fat myself until i started working out and eating healthier and lost 65 lbs. i feel like these are very easy fixes but it can only happen if he makes healthy decisions for himself.

Anonymous 106491

>whenever i vent, he immediately tries solving the problem (even though sometimes i only just wanna complain to get it out my chest and move on)
Why do moids always do this

Anonymous 106501

Trying to prove how smart they are + lower emotional intelligence than women

Anonymous 106539

Maybe it's because I have been growing up surrounded by men almost exclusively in my family, but I can't understand this complaint either. It comes up relatively often among my female peers and on the internet too and I've lost some friends over it.

If something causes you enough distress to constantly complain about it, then why won't you try and fix it? Or don't fix it but, at least, don't get freaking mad at people for trying to help you and accept it for what it is, an attempt to help.
Yeah, venting is perfectly fine and not every issue can be solved period. Yes, sometimes you can be emotionally unstable while venting and approaching it rationally might not be the best idea at that very moment.
But some people are clearly addicted to the empty emotional headpats and hugs. If you complain about something regularly, expect nothing but attention for it, and then proceed to cling to those issues and refuse to do the right but difficult part of actually trying to solve then, then you're an emotional parasite.

Anonymous 106561

Anonymous 106570

Moids have cave man brain logic, they can't process uniqueness or deeper meaning of a feeling, they treat it as a physical thing you can throw away, hide, or slap duct tape on it. Grug need to fix da thinga

Anonymous 106578

Except moids don't actually solve the problem, they just tell you to try something you already tried and then get pissy when their "advice" was useless

Anonymous 106584

I can only speak from personal experience, which is that the men in my life only ever complain about things to bond over. Complaining about something because it hurts you emotionally, without being comedic about it, is not accepted in male circles. When they hear you complain about something like an abusive boss or financial troubles without making light of it or bonding over a shared experience, their natural assumption is that you're seeking their advice or help in resolving it.

When I complain to a friend, just to get that emotional weight off my chest, he says it makes him anxious because he feels he should be of use if I'm in pain; refusing his help makes him feel useless.

Anonymous 106590

Very good input. I think that a lot of men begin failing emotionally at a middle to senior age because they realize that they can't deal with emotional/family problems with impulsive camaraderie

Anonymous 106611


Yeah… I feel like emotional dumping is normalized, I understand venting of course, but I’ve lost friends too nona when I’ve had to have boundaries about this as I personally find it very draining to be around emotional dumping constantly.

Anonymous 106613

wait so basically if you were actually a victim and recognize it then it's emotional dumping and if you were a perpetrator or a victim who blames themselves then it's "healthy"? make it make sense

Anonymous 106642

Yeah, it does come off as weird in the list. I'd say it's more about the dumper ALWAYS being the victim in their own stories, which is definitely not uncommon in the examples of these kinds of people I was unfortunate enough to experience.

Anonymous 106668

its more like unhealthily seeking other's sympathy, trying to gain pity over everyday mundane stuff. And repeating the same sad stories over and over to multiple people. These people always try to make it about themselves, saying how a small unrelated thing triggered their trauma, saying they're target by our boss (even when I'm getting more work), and making you feel guilty when you no longer wanna hear their sob stories. God I hate these kinds of coworkers

Anonymous 106669

After a point it gets addictive and becomes the a strong coping mechanism, like a baby crying to mommy and asking her to pet her and calm her down. I'd say that it's some form of age regression.

I used to do that so speaking from experience.

Anonymous 110202



> older than me and semi socially adjusted

> most of the time i find interacting with him enjoyable
> made the first move on me and actually asked me to be bf/gf
> LIKES HOW I LOOK AND THINKS IM PRETTY ?? HE ALSO CALLED MY BODY ELEGANT and doesn't mind that i don't have tits or ass
> infinitely more experience than me in sex stuff so i could gain some practice dating him


> views me mostly as a sex object, gets somewhat pissed off when i reject sending pics, making out, etc

> porn addicted to the next infinity. into a lot of gnarly shit that he thinks is completely normal. im expected to go along with those preferences even if i feel uncomfortable and to eventually conform to them
> although he's older than me works (almost the same) crappy job, lives in communal living and doesn't have leftover money by the end of his paycheck
> holds little regard to my views and wants to "debate" them, already disrespected my mother once, thankfully not to her face. i shut it down real fast and told him if it happens again i won't stand for it (nerd emoji)
> we got official wayy too fast and my brain didn't built up that much attraction to him. although im gaining practice in kissing, blowing and sex, im not really enjoying it.

Anonymous 110203

>cons outweighing pros by this much
Great scott

Anonymous 110209

Good lord what on earth could you possibly see in him?
After typing all that out you really sat back and said "This is fine"

Anonymous 110210

> Although im gaining practice in kissing, blowing and sex, im not really enjoying it.


Anonymous 110212


Christ, please leave him, anon. You seem young and insecure, you deserve better.
Coming from me who won't even post the guy I'm seeing ITT because he's a going concern.

Anonymous 110240

>virgin until i met him
>small town boy
>owns house at 22 by inheritance
>loves me

>dependent on family
>will die before 40 due to terminal illness

i love him so much but i can already see him fading. i want to make every moment count with him

Anonymous 110269

Research Ray Peat. You can save his life.

Anonymous 110271

>old and poor
That con would outweigh all the pros for me.

Anonymous 110293

Welcome back, dicksucker-pig-kun!

Anonymous 110300

Anonymous 110402

Are you me?
Mine also is,
>kind to everyone and everything
>receptive to my political ramblings
>would give me the shirt off his back (and has)
>getting really fit and is disciplined

>has no real friends
>isn't into music?
>can be way too quiet
>hard to get him to have meaningful conversation

Despite it all, I want to marry him and have kids with him.

Anonymous 110422

I think you deserve better, beautiful. If he can't deal with you having a firearm, needs mommied, basically retarded, wtf are you with him for? You need a man not a little man.

Anonymous 110458

>physically attractive. takes good care of himself.
>family oriented, cares for his siblings' and mother's needs. loves kids (we would like our own someday).
>wealthy man, but not stingy. he is generous towards me. an excellent provider as a man should be.
>treats me like a goddess. he is proud to have me as his gf.
>intimacy mostly on my terms. does not coerce me into doing things i don't want to. respectful, and eager to please me.
>if other women flirt with him, he turns them down politely and lets them know he is happily taken
>we have similar interests and values. never argues.
>he's fictional

Anonymous 110476

Damn the plot twist really got me, thought my dream man could exist and be obtainable if one of us nonas got with a guy like that

Anonymous 110685

Moids will never understand empathy, will they?

Anonymous 110698

>sexually vanilla

Anonymous 110700

He is submissive in that he does what I tell him but if I try to lead him to do anything sexually like dirty talk or even initiate sex he just recoils. Our sex life has never been a thing

Anonymous 110701

>bad communicator
>has a tough time opening up
>if I try to lead him to do anything sexually like dirty talk or even initiate sex he just recoils
he may have some unresolved mental hang-ups about sex he needs to take care of. i know therapy is a meme but i think it might actually do him some good

Anonymous 110702

I highly doubt he will seek therapy because he won’t even articulate feelings on a basic level. I also don’t see what his hang up would be with sex because he won’t talk about it and just says he’s “embarrassed”
I try to be patient and give him the space to process things but sometimes I snap when I get no response/ completely insensitive ones.
I do love him though and would rather not be with another but I do see most men as 100% emotionally stunted kids on the inside

Anonymous 110858

Possibly a sign of imminent trooning. Take caution Nona

Anonymous 110867

>the most attractive guy I've ever seen
>the most interesting person I've ever gotten the pleasure to talk to, he has a lot of things to talk about and a lot of stories to share
>hard worker and he's willing to do anything as long as he puts his minds to it, along that has many ambitions and is actively looking for new things to do
>best sex ever and we have a lot of mutual kinks, and he's willing to try new kinks that we don't exactly share
>great fashion sense
>very good in making good future decisions, always thinks about how this will affect our future when he does anything really
>best cook ever honestly
>he's very dependable and he's always there for anybody if they need anything
>absolute softie and very emotional
>extroverted and can make friends very easily, honestly everyone can get along with him
>the only man I've met that I can say could be a great father
>considers me and him a team and he always cares about my input
>always tries his very best to make me loved and appreciated, remembers the little things I love and tries to implement them in our daily lives
>into the same things as I am for the most part and always patiently listens to me ramble about things he has no clue about/maybe doesn't really care about
>I think he's one of the most intelligent people I've gotten to meet honestly
>same sense of humor as me for the most part
>tries his best to spoil me
>older than me so he has more life experience and much more mature which I really love
>kindof same level of autism as me and has very fun and interesting interests that he fixates on

>has a lot of issues expressing his emotions because he has suppressed them for so long
>a bit too realistic so he's not very good at comforting..
>doesn't really like confrontation and avoids it on occasions
>I feel like he's a bit too strict on himself when it comes to health, diet and gym but that's a very minor "issue"
>long distance and we meet eachother only for around two weeks every 3/4 months
>he doesn't have much time for me on week days usually and sometimes during weekends aswell
>I feel like he cannot handle me and my retarded mental breakdowns and it makes me feel pretty alone sometimes
>actually is very shy when it comes to physical affection and took him a while to realize that I really love it when he cuddles and kisses me, but that's because of his previous relationship

sometimes I just feel like I'm a bit too much for him to handle which blows, and I also need to be very patient with him when it comes to him opening up which gets a bit difficult sometimes but I'm willing to be as patient as needed. but other than that I think that I pretty much won the 100million lottery when it comes to a life partner

Anonymous 110870

>man isn't a disgusting horndog
>"Possible sign of imminent trooning. Watch out nona"
You are part of the problem.

Anonymous 110903

>Good relationship with family
>Sweetest parents
>Genuinely thinks I'm the most beautiful woman on earth
>Physically and personality wise he's exactly my type, shy, nerdy and strong
>No female friends, avoids women since he started seeing me (his idea and choice, I'm serious)
>Positive happy go lucky personality
>Extremely driven and hard working
>Generous, he'll help his family or friends out whenever, no questions
>Nostalgia based music taste, the absolute best
>Hates troons and enjoys my terf talk

>High libido, I'm only horny on my period and not that affectionate
>Workaholic so he doesn't have much time, I rarely see him anymore and when I do he's usually tired
>No interests in common. Literally zero.
>Whenever I want to watch or talk about something that doesn't fall into his one interest he ignores it or complains

I love him and I don't know if it's just the male condition but I'm getting seriously fed up with not being able to talk about even a book I liked or something. I keep wondering if we're just too different, at first we complimented each others' personalities but now it just feel like a rift between us. I doubt I'll ever find a sweeter guy but I just can't have a substantive conversation with him. On the other hand if I did meet someone with the same interests he'd probably be some autistic redditor. I just wish he was more curious, not even necessarily about the things I like but that he would expand his own interests.

Anonymous 110998

i will do this for a potential bf, because it will help me evaluate. thank you.

>extremely intelligent and likes to think about politics etc, also a walking search engine
>not condescending, doesnt need to take a position with me because he's the male - in general doesnt have a huge ego and takes me seriously
>emotionally intense the way i am, wants the same thing out of a relationship that i do
>driven more by emotional connection than sexual. i would trust him
>will probably make a lot of money in the future
>easy to communicate with and doesnt try to manipulate in order to get out of a difficult issue
>willing to change negative traits, would stop watching porn for me etc
>not cagey, lets me look through his phone and all that
>autistic and weird
>i think he genuinely cares about me
>actively tries to get me to drink and such just because he does it (immediate contradiction of last pro ke__k)
>into some weird submissive sexual shit which i dont like, although at least he doesnt want to degrade women sexually like the average moid
>has psychological problems. takes meds
>pretty fucking lazy and wastes time
>my closest friend - if we dated and then broke up i would have almost no one

Anonymous 111023

so are all of us here basically therapists for our boyfriends because yeah the emotional labor i have to put in for him on the daily is insane. i love him but he's like a full time job.

Anonymous 111029

>loves me
>wants to get married and have lots of cute babies
>cute face
>cute voice
>cute hands
>clingy, always wants to talk to me or spend time with me
>supportive despite my many issues
>fit body
>high libido, i’m allowed to use him whenever i want
>good career prospects
>defended me to his parents when they tried to convince him to break up with me
>prioritizes me over everything
>respects my boundaries
>lives in another country, willing to move to mine soon but eventually wants us to move back to his
>insecure, broke up with me once at like 3 am because he thought i didn’t love him
>uses reddit
>used to watch porn
>plays a lot of videogames
>watches anime
>drew a bad picture of me for Valentine’s day

Anonymous 111031

>drew a bad picture of me for Valentine’s day
Is it the one with traced chains?

Anonymous 111033

kek is this a reference to that one lcf post

Anonymous 111036

this made me laugh, thank u

Anonymous 111039

>all of us here basically therapists for our boyfriends
Therapists? You all sound more like pets to me. You sit around doing nothing while your boyfriends work full time and exist to serve you.

Anonymous 111041

I'm not a therapist, therapists are emotional prostitutes. I actually care about him.

Anonymous 111050

It’s not a reference, that was my post.

Anonymous 111066

>Plays league

I'm so so so so sorry

Anonymous 111269

Anon break up with him NOW

Anonymous 112052

pros: big pretty dick
cons: long distance (he is also sooo fucking bad at esexing he is really fucking pathetic)

Anonymous 112079

wait, he full on avoids women? doesn't that imply he doesn't trust himself to be loyal or not have sexual thoughts if he hung around other women? also having no female friends implies he's only capable of seeing women as love interests or sexual outlets
>enjoys my terf talk
if you actually spoke real radfem beliefs to this man i can guarantee he'd bail

Anonymous 112080

I tried to break up with him last week after he admitted he saw an escort a few years ago, had unprotected sex, and never got tested for STDs, and that he was planning on visiting me without telling me about this a few months ago. We didn't end up meeting then because his parents thought I was a scammer and told him not to visit me. I blew up at him over a few other issues (he used to call me things like "white whore" during sex talk, that horrid drawing, but the thing that really set me off was that when he sent me a photo of the STD test he got, he censored out his family name.) I was really angry at him, sent a breakup message, and he freaked out and told me to wait. He sent me an uncensored pic immediately and went into damage control mode. He tried to call me a few times so I turned my phone off because I was busy and just ignored him all day. He didn't really accept it and asked me to call later. We talked for 3 hours. He explained that he used to read a lot of literotica, and that's why he used to say a bunch of messed up stuff to me during sex talk. He said that he'll never say things like that again, and that he doesn't see me that way. Regarding the drawing he explained that he is terrible at drawing. He said it was a mistake to send me that, and he didn't realize how bad it was until I told him. He said he never really spent time around girls and is an idiot about things like that. He said how he was being stupid and not seeing things from my perspective and that he censored his last name because he didn't know how I would react if it turned out he had an STD and was afraid I would defame him or his family. He admitted that all of those things were wrong, and that he doesn't want to make those mistakes again and that he is willing to work through it. I questioned him a lot about the escort thing. He denied looking at escort sites since that time, and he was a bit offended when I asked if he's seen one while we were together. He's been adamant that he would never cheat on me. He also said that he went to an escort in the first place because he was insecure, felt like he couldn't do online dating or get a girlfriend the traditional way, and because he was struggling with porn use and erectile dysfunction. He said he felt really ashamed and depressed after he saw that escort and decided he would never see one again, and that he didn't bring it up before because he regretted it a lot and wanted to forget about it. He sent me his test results a few days ago, and he's clean at least. I know that HPV can't really be tested for in men though unless they show symptoms, but I have the HPV vaccine that covers the main ones that cause cervical cancer, and there's another vaccine series I can get that will cover the other common strains.
I was a bit relieved when he told me I'm his first girlfriend though. I had assumed he'd had one before and was afraid to ask because I'm jealous. He had assumed the same thing about me, also never asked, and said he was surprised when I told him he's my first boyfriend. I'm still disgusted by the escort thing but it was one time before he met me and he hasn't been with any other women at least.
He's also decided that I don't need to move to his country, and he's okay with moving to the US permanently since it makes more sense for my career, so that's one less issue. He also told me he deleted Reddit about a month ago because he didn't like all the negative content on there (I never mentioned my dislike of it to him, so I think he is being honest about this.) He admitted that he gets depressed and doesn't take care of himself sometimes and said he was worried about bringing me down. I know that isn't a good sign, but honestly I feel like I'm in the same boat. We're both pretty busy right now, but I'm encouraging him to go to therapy once he has a bit more free time and he said he wanted to do it before but didn't have the money/time. He'll probably end up going in a few months. He's looking into visas to work in the US in the meantime and says he wants to work on himself so he can be a better boyfriend to me. I know he's made a lot of mistakes, but he's been very apologetic about everything and has been willing to answer any questions I have without shifting blame. I'm going to try to work things out with him. I know I'm going to get called stupid for taking him back, but I love him. I do still feel hurt that he was willing to potentially expose me to an STD out of fear/laziness, and that he felt he had to censor his family name, but he's doing everything to try to correct these issues now. He's trying to regain my trust and be better, and I'd like for things to work out. I'm going to give him another chance.

Anonymous 112130

- we’ve been good friends for 3 years prior to dating
- into a ton of the same media as me
- really understanding with my disability
- literally treats me nicer than anyone ever has before, it’s kind of startling honestly.
- probably the most attractive man i know, maybe there is bias but appearance wise he is exactly what i like in men i see in media.
- actually shows interest in me and my interests.
- shows me a lot of affection especially physical affection (something i can have a hard time with, sensory stuff etc) and makes me feel loved
- just perfect idk if i kept listing things id be here all day. but he is just perfect to me.

- lives insanely far away

Anonymous 112131


Anon he was willing to pass on an sti to you wtf, also seeing an escort is really disgusting since coerced sex is rape and that woman would not have let your slimy bf fuck her without the need for financial aid

Anonymous 112139

He told me that he had been a bit careless and pushed the whole thing out of his mind. He said he realized he should tell me after he saw a report about STD rates among escorts. But he did come forward with the information a out this on his own.
Also when I called him, he said he had written a list of baby names.. I couldn’t do it. He was saying so many sweet things and it made me want to take him back. I know the escort thing is disgusting, I don’t like it either. It’s not on the same level of actual rape though. Anyways, I trust that he won’t go to one again, I really don’t think he would cheat on me. He’s a bit careless about things but I don’t think he would do that.

Anonymous 112165

I'm pretty sure the list of baby names was just written to manipulate you, also the issue isn't potential cheating is the fact he knew that woman would not want to fuck him without financial aid and he did it anyway, she would not have consented if she wasn't in a dire situation and from the sound of it your bf is from a third world country as well meaning that this woman was likely in a really desperate situation as well
Your bf didn't think about any of that over than getting his dick wet, his biggest concern after the fact was him "feeling dirty" coerced sex is rape and he's a rapist

Anonymous 112166

>It's not on the same level of actual rape
So you're saying the vulnerable woman your boyfriend fucked doesn't count as real victim because she's a """sex worker"""?

Anonymous 112168

No, that is not what I am saying. There’s a difference between having sex with someone against their will and someone choosing to prostitute themselves. They are not equally bad. Sex workers can be raped, but he did not rape her. He paid for sex, which is a separate offense.
No, he’s from a first world country with good social protections for women and legal prostitution. I’m not going to speculate about the woman’s position because obviously I don’t know her, but in his country there is a much lower chance she would be forced into it from a desperate situation.

Anonymous 112172

How do you know there was a choice? Just because you believe it to be unlikely doesn't mean it wasn't rape. Onlyfans girls are one things but actual women who sell their bodies for money are usually in extremely desperate situations by nature, also you didn't witness the sex act between your boyfriend and the woman he raped, he could have chosen her or abused her further and virgin men are notorious at being terrible at sex, he likely just wanted to act out his violent fantasies on a woman who could not financially say no
>A much lower chance
So you acknowledge that there is indeed a chance? Even in Amsterdam all the women there are in desperate situations and are usually immigrants who can't do anything about their situation, even in your legal brothels women are regularly abused and there's always horror stories about it and I bet your virgin discord boyfriend is now part of another woman's nightmare
The fact you care more about the prospect of him cheating on you than the actual pain and violence he inflicted on this woman and how he's inclined to abuse women and thought nothing of what a prostituted woman's situation might be tells me everything about what kind of woman you are, I pray you never have daughters

Anonymous 112177

I already said I have no way of knowing her situation, but it’s also besides the point. It doesn’t change his actions and he would have no way of knowing either. But I’m not gonna pretend prostitution is the same thing as rape. This fanfic of my bf suddenly being a violent rapist because he was an insecure virgin who paid for sex once is ridiculous. And neither of us use discord, you’re creating a story based off your own pre-conceived notions. My bf isn’t a violent person.
And obviously I don’t want him to cheat on me. That’s just normal. I would care if he had violently raped a woman, but there is zero reason for me to believe that. It’s even more likely than he inflicted no pain and violence on her and this is just your fanfic. And yea, obviously I don’t like prostitution, but I don’t know what you expect for me to do about a prostitute he encountered once years ago? I don’t know her, and speculating random things about her isn’t helpful. Frankly her life isn’t my responsibility, and I have no connection to her. Besides that, even if she were in a dire situation, my boyfriend would be the least of her problems.
I don’t see how that has anything to do with my future kids. I’m a relatively functional person outside my relationship troubles, and I would have no problem raising daughters.

Anonymous 112185

so you're saying your bf is so infantile he doesn't realise that coerced sex is rape? you have admitted he watched porn previously and you know how cumbrained men think, true maybe he's a complete retard with no empathy for women outside of the ones stupid enough to get into a ""relationship"" with him is the case instead of him being a malicious freak but how is that outcome any better? The point is that neither of us know the full story and if he hid the fact he may have had an sti he's definitely hiding more from you especially about how he fucked that woman
>he would have no way of knowing
he knew she would not let him fuck her and god knows what else without a financial incentive, especially a loser virgin who only has an understanding of women from the porn he watches
>violently raped a woman
so coerced sex is fine? do you think fucking girls who are too drunk to consent is fine?
>frankly her life is not my responsibility
no its not but not allowing rapists into your life is a strong personal responsibility

Anonymous 112188

A lot of your response does not make sense to me.
1. He's not a rapist.
If you're going to be this outlandish, why not not just go ahead and call every man who has ever had sex a violent rapist abuser? After all, there are a lot of violent men and you don't know what they do behind closed doors, so they could be. Do you agree that this would be an insane leap to take?
This lingo-babble of paid sex = coercion = drunk sex = rape is just as illogical. These are all different situations. Applying common labels to them as if they are the same thing does not make them so. You are intentionally obfuscating the situation. I will call it what it is: paid sex/prostitution. I will not judge it by any other measure than that explicit act. Whinging about how he totally could have acted out violent fantasies on her doesn't make it true. He's not a rapist and I'm not going to entertain that line of thought further.
>especially a loser virgin
Men being virgins is literally ideal. I would have much preferred if he were still a virgin. Anyways, "loser" surrounding sexuality is such a normie concept. I would have disliked him a lot more if he had prior girlfriends than if he had just paid for sex. The real issue is that he was an idiot and didn't use a condom.
Regarding porn, that is a societal issue. Pretty every male with internet access has watched and been affected by porn. That is simply the world we live in. He at least doesn't watch it anymore and I'm content with that.
There are degrees to everything and I simply don't agree that the mistakes he's made make him equivalent to a no-empathy rapist. He's considerate in a lot of other ways, and yeah obviously he should be the most considerate to me as I'm his girlfriend.
I am a responsible person toward the things under my care. I'm not responsible for the plight of every downtrodden woman on Earth, that's simply unreasonable. Anyways, it's better for him to be in a good relationship with me than to go be retarded and fuck more escorts.

Anonymous 112190

men who pay for sex know that the woman would not consent if they were not a financial incentives are rapists just because your bf is a pornsick retard does not absolve him of that
how do you know he didnt act out the acts he saw in porn? did you specifically ask him how he fucked her and are you aware of what porn he likes?
hes not a loser because he was a virgin, hes a loser because he had coercive sex with a woman or "paid sex" as you prefer to think of it
>i would have disliked him a lot more if he had prior girlfriends
you would have disliked him more if he lost his v card consensually with a woman he actually cared about and didn't have "paid sex" with? i understand you're insecure but that is literally very retarded
>obviously he should be the most considerate to me as im his girlfriend
he hid his surname from you because he was worried you'd be public with his sti results
>im not responsible for the plight of every downtrodden woman on earth
never said you were, interesting you flop from saying that it's unlikely that the prostituted woman was doing it involuntarily to then referring to her as downtrodden…
>anyways, its better for him to be in a good relationship with me than be retarded and fuck more escorts
if you want to be rehabilitation centre for this loser by all means, doesn't sound like a happy relationship regardless but you seem willing to subject yourself to that, nice to know your "relationship" is the only thing stopping him from running off to do more "paid sex"

Anonymous 112205

You are speaking as if prostitutes have no will of their own. I don't buy the "all prostitutes are helpless victims and all men who have sex with them are rapists" narrative. Prostitution is bad on its own, but rape is much worse and these acts are not comparable.
>how do you know he didnt act out the acts he saw in porn? did you specifically ask him how he fucked her and are you aware of what porn he likes?
I don't know and I honestly don't want to know more details about it than I do, as I am a jealous person, but this is the account he gave me of what happened: he said he was struggling with porn use and erectile dysfunction, and that he felt like a loser because he was in his 20s already and had no experience with girls. He didn't have any interaction with them after secondary school due to studying a male-dominated course and he wanted to experience sex. He said that he didn't think he would succeed at online dating and that there were no girls around him, so he felt escorts were his only option and he had the money. He said he went to her once, couldn't get hard and left. He arranged to meet her a second time, started to have sex, realized he was stupid for not wearing a condom and put one on partway through. He said it was unfulfilling and meaningless and he felt horribly ashamed and disgusted with himself afterwards and decided he would never do it again. The biggest issue with escorts versus natural girlfriends, is the STD risk, but you get that with other past experience at lower rates too. I now have confirmation that he is clean though, so I'm satisfied with that, as I know he's not the type of person to cheat on me.
I didn't ask specifics on sexual acts and frankly I don't care that much. It matters much more to me how he will be with me. I've given him the talk already on the dangers of anorectal violence, and he has agreed that we should not do anal. That's the main thing that I would have taken issue with because of all the health issues it causes. I don't find blowjobs degrading like some people do and I actually have a positive view of sex. I told him that we can basically have sex whenever he wants except when I am post-partum for minimum 6 weeks but most likely longer, and he is fine with refraining as well. I already know he doesn't have an issue with that though, as we are currently in an ldr.
>you would have disliked him more if he lost his v card consensually with a woman he actually cared about and didn't have "paid sex" with?
Yes, that's how I feel about it. Why would I want my bf to have fallen for other women before me? I want him to only care about me. It would have been better if he were a virgin, but considering he's not, this is the lesser of two evils. At least he doesn't love her, and now he is completely turned off from the idea of visiting escorts again. He is deeply ashamed of it, as he should be. Me forgiving him for this has made him bond to me even more.
I don't think it's retarded, these are my personal feelings on the situation, i'm more comfortable with things like this than with him pining over some ex-girlfriend who got away. that would be a disaster. This is still way better than having a manwhore for a boyfriend who sees casual sex as acceptable. That would be truly unforgivable. I can forgive him because it was one time, his whorish act caused him shame, he has a better attitude toward sex now, he doesn't have feelings for any other woman, and he wants to be loyal to me.
>he hid his surname from you because he was worried you'd be public with his sti results
Yes, I found that very insulting, and that on top of everything else pushed me to break up with him. Not even a minute later he sent it to me and admitted that he was wrong to hide that from me and not seeing it from my perspective. He has since assured me that he does trust me and been forthcoming in answering any questions I have. It was kind of funny but he started sending me his old grade reports and his birth records and a bunch of other random identifying information to prove he trusts me. It was over the top, but I think he is just a cautious/paranoid person who had a kind of "rule" about not giving out information online, and it took me breaking up with him to push past that barrier. Now that it's been broken though, I'm less worried. If he has more barriers, I will continue to break them and that is my right as his girlfriend.
>never said you were, interesting you flop from saying that it's unlikely that the prostituted woman was doing it involuntarily to then referring to her as downtrodden…
I'm not saying she specifically is downtrodden. That's the made-up scenario you keep parroting. I'm saying even if that were true, her life is not my responsibility.
>doesn't sound like a happy relationship regardless but you seem willing to subject yourself to that, nice to know your "relationship" is the only thing stopping him from running off to do more "paid sex"
It's not the only thing preventing him from paying for sex again, I think he'd be averse to doing it again anyways, but you never know, life is long. And despite these issues, I am happy in this relationship, a lot more than I was single, otherwise I wouldn't keep him around. I think I have made some progress with him though and things will continue to get better. And it's not like I'm a rehabilitation center, that's a bit of a crude way to view it. I'm not perfect either. I think people are able to be better when they have better support, and yes, I have also improved and am happier as a person in this relationship than I was before it.

Anonymous 112209

i just think you're really asking the wrong questions here, also the idea of him "forgetting" to put on a condom is probably a lie since usually with johns they're given the option to pay more if they want to have unprotected sex
if this brothel was professional and as legal as you claim he would have paid extra to not use a condom, he is either lying to you or he chose to hide the fact he was unprotected to this woman, therefore putting her at more risk
also the mentality of going "wow i sure know nothing about the opposite sex and have no opportunities to interact with them due to being in a male dominated field but im too munted and retarded to chat to women who might have a genuine connection with me so i guess ill pay to have sex with a woman who likely has no choice otherwise and then pay extra to not use a condom" is either retarded or a lie, surely he has friends who are friends with women or a society to join if he's in uni? why resort to the most extreme option? do women just notice the pornrot he exudes and avoid him?
if he had a connection with another woman and lost his virginity consensually thats a million times better than paying a woman who probably hated every minute he spent with her, johns are all scum and it implies hes only with you due to lack of options
>If he has more barriers, I will continue to break them and that is my right as his girlfriend
girl, men will hate you for doing that, not that this cumbrain is worth it but barriers should be brought down naturally in a relationship
>her life is noy my responsibility
nope but as dating a moid who paid for sex you should be aware of this, did he not think about how this woman would feel being subjected to this? about how he put HER at rick by not using a condom especially if she didn't know about it, he definitely paid extra to not use a condom or lied about it to her. if the women around him didn't want to fuck him why would she
>its not the only thing preventing him from paying for sex
he didn't take an sti test until recently, there are so many undetectable stis as well
>i'm not perfect either
true but there's being imperfect and then there's "paid sex"

Anonymous 112538

>Walking Wikipedia, knows quite a bit about..everything, always open to learning new things
>Speaks 6 languages
>Comes from a good well established family, descends from French nobility if I'm not mistaken
>Takes very good care of himself physically, skincare and all
>Dresses really well
>Most emotionally stable person I know, nothing really bothers him too much
>Godsent genetics
>Knows how to play the Piano
>Most delicate someone's ever been with my feelings, preferences and desires
>Well endowed in his lower parts, lets say
>Very polite, but never lets anyone takes advantage of him
>Was a virgin when I met him
>I love his family and they apparently like me too
>Great cook

>Sometimes I feel like I have a girl best friend instead of a boyfriend
>Despite the big dick, does not like having sex, never initiates intimacy (Its always me and he goes along, but I don't think he enjoys it in of itself), ok with doing oral stuff
>Really attatched to his grandma
>Sometimes I dont understand his sense of humor and he doesn't understand how I dont
>Can disappear for some periods of time and finds completely ok to do that
>Very hard to trust people, thinks they want to take advantage of him

Anonymous 112559

nona… youre a beard…

Anonymous 112561

all i ever get is video and porn addicts.
how the hell do you find someone like this if you use imageboards?
either larp or CC tourist

Anonymous 112565

>he's tall AND he's rich AND he's handsome AND he's a genius AND he's got a huge dick AND he's literally a prince AND he's a great cook AND his family loves me AND I'm the only woman he's ever loved before!

Bait used to be believable.

Anonymous 112585


Anonymous 112606

Sometimes people just get lucky. But this is surely a LARP.

Anonymous 112792

>Insanely hot without trying, women check him out constantly which is a major plus for me.
>So smart I can't believe it. Learns stuff insanely fast.
>Long conversations about interesting/weird topics.
>Amazing dry humor.
>Wants and gives constant non-stop hugging, kissing, fondling. (huge plus for me)
>Decent career
>Very creative, artistically talented

>Turbo sperg
>Lazy, messy
>Chronically online
>Doesn't make efforts to socialize IRL
>Avoids people, doesn't confront them. Seems like a pushover.
>Trust issues with everyone (including me)
>Weird skin issues on his dick
>Coomer, spends all of his art talent on drawing anime girls with stupid huge boobs.

Anonymous 112795

Post one of his anime boobs drawings pls :3

Anonymous 112796

No, he's semi internet famous and I love him

Anonymous 112797

Classic larp.. take ur meds he isn't real

Anonymous 112852


>>112792 here, getting a comment like this is the best. he's my titty sperg. miiiiine.

Anonymous 112892

>I love when my LARPs gets attention!
That is generally why people larp, yes.

Anonymous 112904


Fine, I'll blogpost about my scrote then. And by blogpost I mean brag, and I admit that it's an ugly thing to do, but wooo anonymity.

There is this site called Spacebattles.com, it's the most autistic site on the internet, and it's got a very big creative writing area. Within that, there's a thing called "Quests", it's basically improv visual novels, with people voting on what option to take and then author writes how to continue it. Quests are largely literature but they sometimes have art.

There are a few hundred Quests active at any time, and apparently there is a user-run "top 10" chart for them, based on metrics like likes, follows, etc. Most of the chart is filled by the same fanfic slop focusing on the same garbage with minimal variation.

Anyways, all of this is to explain that my moid hit that chart (without even knowing that it existed in the first place) with his own kind of Quest, filled with his own wacko original ideas, and without a previous following to give him a starting advantage. It's so different from everything else, and there are posts in his Quest thread saying how the quality is insane and the concept is so refreshing. He's just that good.

He should get into game dev or something, but he's just not motivated or disciplined enough to do it, and he'd just rather waste his time busking for attention from strangers. But my moid is very talented.

Anonymous 112916

Nona, you just tried to prove you're not writing a fan-fiction LARP, by admitting that you're completely obsessed with a fanfiction writing LARP website.

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