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I am fucking done with life Anonymous 105433

there has been massive IT layoffs in the US and Canada so now i have no job or any of making my life work

Anonymous 105434

Plenty of work at Starbucks and Denny's

Anonymous 105435

I refuse to work in fast food because i have degree in computer science

Anonymous 105441


Making coffee is easy. Plus nobody works at Starbucks forever. It's mostly a temporary job until you find something better.

Anonymous 105460

How come this shit still going on?

I thought the mass IT layoffs were a result of silicon valley companies hiring reserve employees and excesses to keep up with the work from home and office work shifting virtual during COVID lockdowns. The lockdowns aren't there anymore.

Honestly, a temporary job is better than having holes in your profile, unless you plan to learn something while you jobhunt.

Anonymous 105507


>applied to starbucks
>didn't get hired
nice I'm not even qualified to brew coffee

Anonymous 105554

Because companies have realized that they can just keep trimming themselves down more and more and make the remaining employees do the work.

I survived a layoff last year that cut more than 70% of my department. Nine months later, they did a second round that cut another 30% of us, and I was let go then. A couple of coworkers that I still speak with say they're swamped, but the company doesn't care because they're still technically getting everything done. I can imagine other workplaces are doing similar shit.

Anonymous 105555

Yeah for sure that’s what’s going on in my Corp but I don’t work in IT

Anonymous 105556


When looking for my first job, I had probably interviewed at almost every fast food and retail store in my city. And I still couldn't find a single person to hire me, until a friend helped me out. I had one hiring manager during an interview practically explain to me during an interview why she doesn't think I would be a fit to work at her store, that it would be difficult for me because I don't know how to use a cash register (lol), etc. I was baffled by her honesty but I suppose it was a breath of fresh air after only hearing nothing but "We'll be in touch" and "I'll circle back with you"s..and it really showed that no one wants to bother with anyone inexperienced anywhere anymore.

Anonymous 105560

Is it really that bad for the IT people? I've always assumed that once you can handle the basics, you can just study for a relatively short period of time and join some related field. You deserve more than to work in some fastfood shittery. Actually, even without an education, working as a drone for major companies is a scam. Try looking for less obvious and less corporate places, like mom-and-pop stores and cafes. I used to work as a courier for a law firm and it was super nice and comfy, paid a fair bit above the minimum wage, and gave me lots of downtime to read while waiting in endless bureaucratic lines. Just remember: the obvious choices are almost always the worst ones when it comes to job seeking.

Anonymous 105565

Interest rate hikes have caused an end to era of cheap money, so now bunch of nonprofitable software companies have to become profitable, so they're cutting as much as possible.

Anonymous 105572

If you recognize the company name, they've spent the past three decades paying off congress to replace their american tech workers with cheap h1b indians.

Anonymous 105635

anons, I graduated in 2020 with an IT type of degree and have been unemployed since, and now i'm seeing this thread. am i fucked?

Anonymous 105645

I don't know what's going on in IT right now but I'm pretty sure I read a lot of hysteria about how AI is going to replace a lot of those jobs in the coming years.

Anonymous 105653

hey anon maybe look into government or public type jobs if its offered for job security

Anonymous 106072

I have a computer science degree but hate programming and got a job teaching at a community college. You could do that - it's not super competitive

Anonymous 106114

What joy! Spoiled IT brats finally getting their comeuppance.

Anonymous 106119

The only circumstance where this ends without the robots eating your job too is the extremely unlikely scenario that you are production labor who works with variable materials. Which you aren't.

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