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Anonymous 105750

I don't like cursing but all the men in my life think it's a masculine trait to include curses as an adjective to everything. After going through an entire childhood of my father verbally abusing others and myself, I really can't stand it.

Anonymous 105755


I don't either, it's the equivalent of using "very" all the time because one can't be arsed to find the proper words. It works as some sort of verbal jump scare I think; as such, it's a form of (light) violence.
Also it is a marker for insecurity. People using curses are like a cat trying to look bigger; they're trying to be more interesting/colourful than they are (or than they think they are).

Anonymous 105756


I don't use cuss words but that won't stop me from being very passive aggressive or angry at someone or something. I'd just use words like witch, idiot, psycho, fat, ugly, that's just bodyshaming or ableist, although nobody cares much if I do. I feel very bad about expressing anger this way though. Online, I just casually use f, s, a, b and all kinds of potty words, especially at imageboards, but I really wish I didn't.

>like a cat trying to look bigger; they're trying to be more interesting/colourful than they are
I sometimes think swearing is cool, although I don't usually do it, but I mostly feel like a tiny frilled lizard trying to scare and deal with anger, lol.

In any case, I surely think cussing, or even being passive aggressive, is a sign of weakness.

Anonymous 105812

It kinda seems like this is a matter of accepting a social convention of femininity that is genuinely unhelpful or even unhealthy for women tbh.

Anonymous 105819

Or maybe it's a matter of refusing a masculine social convention that promotes violence?

Anonymous 105824

Cursing is gross tbh.Whether it's men or women doing it. They use it to look tough or scare others, but it just shows their true colors and how much they want to intimidate people.

Anonymous 105838

The video linked describes how it literally prevents violence, in both human and nonhuman animals.

Anonymous 105841

verbal violence is still violence…

Anonymous 105887

Verbal violence is when you tell a scrote to kill himself. I support verbal violence, and you should too. The difference between verbal violence and verbal nonviolence is not the addition of "fucking" when telling the scrote to fucking kill himself.

Anonymous 105894


I wonder if it's an age thing (I mean it seriously).
My younger self didn't mind violence within relationships (no beatings though), nor gore and horror movies, I used to curse etc.
At some point, I just realised things didn't need to be painful, and I dropped it all. Now I see it everywhere, and I tolerate it less (yes, even the light violence of the word "fucking" used as punctuation - especially if you consider the implications).
But I didn't have an issue with it 15 years ago. Some friends had a similar evolution, so I wonder if it has to do with age.

Anonymous 105923

Looks like she doesn't say swearing reduces violence. She says that swearing only "minimizes" the "potential" for violence by offering an "outlet" for aggression. Phew.

It's still aggression, and you'll never know when verbal violence will get physical.

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