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Anonymous 106234

Anyone else with very low libido? It surprises me how many months I can go without having any sexual desire, not even a single thought. I'm always drawing, playing the guitar or reading. I don't think it's a bad thing but I still feel a little unwanted or maybe abnormal.

Anonymous 106236

When I'm off birth control I'm moid crazy and super horny but when I'm on it I'm actually sane and have no libido at all. I also sleep better (which is the main reason I take it - otherwise I have chronic insomnia). I love the stuff.

I could probably go the rest of my life never masturbating and I've always faked every orgasm with a man I've ever had. It's funny because I can make myself cum in like 30 seconds to a minute just rubbing one out with my laptop but when a moid's involved it's just impossible.

Anonymous 106238

I don't take any meds or drugs, but still have zero libido. I don't get horny and don't masturbate either. Always felt like an alien because of this.

Anonymous 106242


I have low libido but sometimes I feel so bored and I masturbate, sometimes even when I'm not horny or having sexual thoughts.

I honestly like having low libido because sex is disgusting.

Anonymous 106244

I go through cycles of wanting to fuck everything to uninterested, hard relate.

Anonymous 106250

I have sometimes read that low libido can lead to low self-esteem or feelings of inferiority and its something that happens to me. Even so, people with high libido tend to be less deep and a little disgusting

Anonymous 106252


>low libido can lead to low self-esteem or feelings of inferiority
Yeah, that's possible. I do know that depression and mental health issues can lead to decrease in sex drive, so the opposite is definitely true.

Not gonna lie, I sometimes feel jealous and insecure when people are talking about intimacy, sensuality or having earth shattering orgasms, like in the boyfriend pros and cons thread, and I'm like uh, okay…

Anonymous 106254

I can relate to that feeling Nona,sometimes i really want to feel touched or wanted but it never happens even if i can take care of my looks and i try to act a little bit normal

Anonymous 106255

My libido is low as well. I don't think it's ever been high, to be honest. I'm thinking of talking to a doctor about hypoactive sexual desire disorder and if there's anything I can do to raise it. Does anyone have experience with this? Is it even worth it? To be honest, I mainly want a higher libido for more fulfilling relationships.

Anonymous 106256

Yes i can relate sadly, i feel less like a young woman and more like a granny because of my low libido. It's really strange because i can't ignore that relationships need sexual experiences even if its feel deep in the romantic way

Anonymous 106274

Maybe try a more active lifestyle, gym and cardio? It's surprising how much of mental health is actually physical health.

Anonymous 106275


I sometimes feel bad about having low libido but I think that I have to come to terms with the fact that low libido is what I am and what my body is capable of. It's one thing to want high libido, but another to want high libido to just to please others. It's like… you have a fractured leg, but you want to run a marathon. Sure, you can run a marathon with a fractured leg, but you're going to have a lot of problems along the way.

Heck, on the flipside though, you don't have to waste time worrying about sexual needs.


The thing about a disorder is that it's a hidden disability, just like blindness, autoimmune disorders, handicaps and so on. You can cure a syndrome like depression, but you can not cure a disability. I don't think low libido is a disability though, just a um… "feature" maybe. It is what it is.

Anonymous 106282

I do go to the gym regularly, and do a lot of cardio. It can't hurt to do more though.

>It's one thing to want high libido, but another to want high libido to just to please others.
This is very true. It's hard to distinguish whether I truly want it, or if it's for other people. I suppose it's some mix of both.

Anonymous 106338

I used to think I'm not very into sex until I met moid that actually cared about me in bed.

Anonymous 106406

>essentially chemically castrates herself
>At LeAsT I doNt HaVe to DeAL wItH MoIds

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