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i have no friends Anonymous 106523

im in my last year of sixth form and i genuinely have no friends at all. i feel like i missed the chance to actually socialise and make friends because my attendance last year was really crappy and i was never like super upset about my lack of friends until yesterday lol. like it’s just the fact that everyone around me has people they can talk to and confide in but i don’t have anyone and it sucks so bad. i tried making friends a bit last year and i think i was pretty good friends with this one guy and he even followed me on instagram and we talked for a while (like to the point where i could confidently call him my friend) but whenever i saw him irl at school he’d just ignore me unless i said hi to him first. now he won’t even make eye contact with me which is insane because i don’t get how you can be friends with someone and then turn around and ignore them the next day but oh well. also i have to go outside every time i have a free period because im really paranoid about what people think about me being alone all the time. i feel like im content with having no friends most of the time but there’s just times when i get so lonely i feel ill. also it doesn’t help that im terrible at making small talk with people because like there have been times when people at school have approached me but they never talk to me for like more than a day because i always end up saying the wrong things… is it over for me?

Anonymous 106541

It's oki, nona.
I didn't have any friends back when I was in middle school, it was a really lonely time for me. I coped by secretly talking to myself (lol) and playing Don't Touch the Spikes on my phone to pretend I definitely did not mind being alone and not become a target loser.

I've found a group of wholesome friends when I switched schools, though. So, have a bit of patience! You won't fit in everywhere you go, and that's more-so a testament of authenticity than it is of any sort of defectiveness. At least in most cases.

Careful not to squeeze yourself into groups that don't even appeal to you just to not "be alone", sometimes solitude is preferable to certain company.

Anonymous 106546

thank you <3 don’t worry i’ve already had experience hanging out with people i have nothing in common with and it’s terrible so i don’t think i’ll try that again. i think im just going to wait for when i get to university and hopefully i’ll be able to start over and make new friends

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