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Anonymous 106543

I am utterly repulsed by people who take their obsessions way too far. The kind of person who has a whole room full of figurines or people who buy a blanket with the verses of a shitty romance novel stitched into it. I knew someone who threw a themed party with balloons with the actor's faces on them to celebrate their sister watching a boring Chinese bl drama with her. I know, I know, just let people enjoy things. But I can't stop cringing when people show off this stuff to me. I get having a shirt or poster of something you like, but I can't understand all this nonsense. I feel like an alien talking to women my age who haven't matured past middle school, out here bragging about what Harry Potter house they're in.

Anonymous 106549

lmao you have grown ass manchildren and even womenchildren collecting all of these funko pops which is just sad and off putting. I guess to each their own but I always get mad when I see shit like that especially when they post it on reddit but I shouldn't be surprised since reddit is manchild central. Let people enjoy things has been a disaster for the human race.

Anonymous 106550

If I hate Mac and cheese I'm just going to avoid eating eat, not whine about how its invention was a disaster for the human race. If someone having harmless fun bothers you so much how hard is it to just walk away?

Anonymous 106552

An emotionally stunted society is a net negative for everyone

Anonymous 106554

There is nothing inherently offensive about mac and cheese. Other than it not being healthy, but it's tasty enough to compensate for it.

Funko pops are fucking disgusting. They are an affront to taste. The laziest ugliest most soulless pieces of shit ever put in plastic.
The absolute bottom of the barrel among manchild figurine collectors. If I had to choose, I'd much rather interact with a moid who has shelves of half naked anime girls of questionable age because, at the very fucking least, those are well made and nice to look at.

And, as if their looks alone weren't enough to shit on their collectors, there are tons of people who hoard Funko Pops because they think it's some kind of an investment, which makes them even more pathetic and creepy.

Fuck Funko Pops. I wish I could go Charles Kane on a room full of them.

Anonymous 106556

People have tied their entire identity to being a consooomer, it usually is just cringe, but I feel like people take it to a stupid dangerous extent. Like how many people do you know who's entire moral and political identity begin and end at fandom discourse? Some people will never be freed from the commodity fetishism chains.

Anonymous 106557


Is there really a difference between a young adult with a collection of ugly as shit funko pops or anime figures from popular media, a middle aged person with vintage a Barbie or Star Wars collection, and an old person with a large collection of china plates or Toby Mugs? Is it because the first two groups are feeding into consumerism but the last group is collecting what's considered antique? My nan had these things all over her house.
I think there's a line to draw between someone collecting stuff because they think it looks nice, and someone who revolves their whole life around being a collector of x,y,z franchise because they're terminally online and have to appear cool or better than their peers. This is where the real issue is, in my opinion.
Personally I think having your whole house decorated dedicated to a piece of media is tacky, but not any less than someone with a bunch of love, laugh, live and other stupid motivational quotes plastered on every other wall is.

Anonymous 106558

>Is it because the first two groups are feeding into consumerism but the last group is collecting what's considered antique?
Both feed into consumerism, you are literally talking about the purchase of goods.

Anonymous 106562


>The kind of person who has a whole room full of figurines or people who buy a blanket with the verses of a shitty romance novel stitched into it.
I don't understand why consoomers do this. Is it an OCD or some sort of autistic perfectionism thing?

Imagine spending money and the amount of time you need to maintain them every week while keeping them clean and dusted just to show off to people.
Imagine defining your life values and personal identity based on some shitty anime.

Anonymous 106568

I like collecting stuff (not funko pops or anime figures but its media-based). No one sees it but me. They look nice and feel like friends because I'm retarded.

Anonymous 106569

I used to collect retro games and consoles but, after a year or two, have noticed that I've only really beat, like, 3 or 4 of them. After that, I decided that it was a waste of time, money, and space and sold it all.

Anonymous 106571

I collect anime figures, but they're just in a cabinet in my office at home. No one sees them because they're out of the way. I don't have weeb shit all over my house though.

Anonymous 106572

Collections are cool if they look aesthetic and cringe if they look bad and tacky

Anonymous 106583

>I know, I know, just let people enjoy things
Wrong; people shouldn't enjoy all the tinsel and wrapping and plastic junk at Christmas. By letting them enjoy this garbage, you are allowing for innocent unfortunates to be exploited and for the planet to be polluted. By allowing me to enjoy leaving cynical comments about consumerism on the internet, you are allowing several watts of electricity, and many grams of e-waste to be produced by my screaming into the void.

Anonymous 106604

Same. Once talked to some people my age and older and they were playing Pokemon. Not just playing but talking about all the competitive builds and getting exact stats and it felt so childish and wrong.

One of the guys turned out to be abusive and routinely preys after 18-20 year olds.

Anonymous 106610

I'd call you a judgemental person if I haven't tried competitive Pokemon myself. It takes hundreds of hours of grind just to get all the proper pokemon without cheating. And after you do, it's the most unbalanced and random thing ever. I love the series, you don't have to explain the appeal to me, but there absolutely is something off about people who submit themselves to this insanity. The cards are so much better, it's crazy.

Anonymous 106614

Why do you think you find it repulsive/cringe? I imagine it's a comfort thing for them - like they derived so much joy out of whatever thing they're into that they like these little reminders of them everywhere. So basically, what about this way of comforting themselves bothers you?

Anonymous 106616

Because they've trapped themselves in a infantile state and refuse to budge. Surrounding yourself with "comfort" items and media reaches a point where it becomes unhealthy and those individuals are usually basketcases that need therapy or a kick in the ass, not more nostalgia bait and comfort. It's like a combination of consumerism and Peter Pan syndrome.

Anonymous 106631

Collecting can escalate and sometimes resemble hoarding, but like with hoarding you can't just undo it easily by telling them.
The opposite sometimes can happen too, I enjoy decluttering to even discard pricey items.

Anonymous 106636

so the thing is I also get an immediate disgust impulse at adults behaving like children in this way, but I wonder why. I can't place my finger on on why someone adopting this particular coping mechanism is distinctly disgusting/cringe as opposed to neutral. Like, there are lots of hobbies people have to pay for that don't strike me as cringe in a similar way (e.g. pottery) so what about liking childish things is so repulsive? I've always felt disdain towards adult women who are obsessed with Disney stuff for this reason, but also couldn't place why and so usually just tried to stifle my cringe.

Anonymous 106640

I think part of it is that it's completely unproductive. We all do things that waste time but taking it to the extent of being addicted to children's media and childhood nostalgia is unhinged. It's just like those people who never get past highschool being their glory daysand that's why it can be a red flag for scrotes in particular.

Anonymous 106644

A few years back, I encountered a girl with an extensive Barbie collection, some vintage ones very expensive. She ran a blog discussing her passion for collecting them. When it comes to moids I only met one who collected ancients swords.

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