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i hate being an autist i wish i was a normal woman Anonymous 106622

i don't fit in with normal women with conventionally feminine hobbies. most people with my hobbies are gross moids who either don't want a girl around or treat me like a sex object. i wish there were more women like me or that i was just like normal women. i wish i wasn't a neet loner with no meaningful social life.

why do autist scrotes get a loneliness epidemic that everyone cares about but we don't??

Anonymous 106624

what are your hobbies?

Anonymous 106625

going to reply to this to ask if there is anyone who wants to play wow?

Anonymous 106626

mostly nintendo games. some anime.

whenever i google female characters from my favorite mario RPGs from when i was a kid i always immediately get porn of them and i'm like holy god i want to exterminate moids

Anonymous 106628

yea its always nasty, but its the loneliest of them that like that and the ones that are halfway decent pretty much are already taken (or at least have lives so arent on the internet). idk, finding decent people on the internet isnt easy

Anonymous 106629

very true nona :(

i wish i wasn't a neet cause most very online ppl are very gross males, like even among moids internet moids are the worst of the worst, the absolute dregs of society

Anonymous 106633

If you hate being an internet demographic then Stop using the internet

Anonymous 106634

is wow still fun? I used to be obsessed with it from 2009-2012 but I quit because my server died and the mods started really cracking down on shitposting in /2. Some of my happiest memories were from that game and now I have the ideal situation to really get absorbed in someting (high paying low hour job, no parents to stop me, living alone, no friends or bf) but nothing to get absorbed in

Anonymous 106637

i wish it was that easy nona but i'm a neet and have almost no offline friends and have autism

Anonymous 106649

Autists are superior to normals. The world would be a better place if we were all autistic.

Anonymous 106653

thanks nona, i hope i feel that good about it eventually

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