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Anonymous 106655

I don't think I can have a relationship again. I have two exes (one was a closet faggot who took advantage of my innocence because i was 13 years old and he 16) and made fun of me with his friends. Now he became a disgusting tranny. My second ex abandoned me to go with a girl from the internet that he doesn't know in real life when we were almost planning to live together, now he probably lives locked in his room in front of a computer talking to a minor girl that he doesn't know in real life. Little by little my confidence and desire to talk to men decreased too much, recently I wanted to have a relationship with a friend (he was very sweet and kind) but i break with him when he told me that he is addicted to cnc porn, I really felt too disgusted by that and I walked away. I don't know what to do, I really want to trust them again but i can't handle my bad luck.

Anonymous 106674

elizabeth watson q…

All our relations are a mirror, which we can use to see what hides beneath the surface.

It sounds like the pattern is loving people who do not truly love themselves, and thus are not capable of loving others, which is the case for someone who wishes to become a (mockery of a) woman, someone who would leave a relationship over a stranger's online solicitation, and someone that's into viewing depictions of forced sex.
While all explicit porn is a drain on the soul, if you truly thought he was compatible besides that unfortunate habit, you could tell them why you feel that way to see if they care about you enough to stop.

We can only reflect on the circumstances that led to these revelations.
Is it bad luck or is it good luck that you now know what you know about these people?
Up to you, sistar~

Anonymous 107067

>cnc porn
cnc, the industrial machines?

Anonymous 107075

consensual non-consent, people roleplaying rape basically

Anonymous 107095

There isn't any guarantee that they will listen or keep their word, though letting them know how you feel about a vice like that one is usually the righteous path, rather than ghosting; because they chose to share something that most wouldn't, or would lie about if asked, which at least means they can be honest.
Right, no one will change until they have to, and are ready. We can only cast our perspective like a vote.

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