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Reasons I should or shouldn't leave my bf... Anonymous 106688

>my boyfriend is in the military, conservative, and christian
>I sell acid and grow weed, am a Marxist, and atheist

so, lets begin at the… beginning shall we?

First of all, I'm dedicated to seeing the capitalist system fall apart. I encourage everyone I know to make income in a way that isnt taxable, and help them find ways to survive without being a slave to the system. I am dedicated to seeing all military become obsolete, solving world hunger, legalizing all drug use, doing something about the climate crisis, etc.

When as a conservative, he does not care about any of this. Usually when he speaks his opinions I am just fucking infuriated, and I hate the military so ofc I hate knowing he's in the military. The only good thing about it is that I find the thickheadedness that comes with being stupid enough to be a conservative to be cute.

Earlier I clarified for him that I don't support the military, I don't support capitalism, and I don't support Christianity, and just made sure he knows I AM completely dedicated to my beliefs and will never get a "real" job where I pay taxes because I feel its inherently wrong, because he suggested I find a mcjob instead of selling weed and acid. He kinda squirmed at me saying that but accepted it I think.

I just feel like its going to cause lots of problems down the road though. I love him. I just don't know if this is sustainable or I am setting myself up for lots of trouble down the road. He is really sweet though and it really shows how much he loves me that he's able to see past all our differences and but I wonder, if this could really continue working out forever…

Anonymous 106690

I know this may seem like a LARP but I promise it isn't

Anonymous 106691

Well, I've been reading some other experiences with men in other threads and tbh, this guy doesn't seem so bad. I want everything to be perfect, but I'll never have that.

there are disagreements but really the fact he's ok with me doing what I do is still more than most can say, especially considering how deeply polarizing the things we disagree on could be. I think unless something unreconcilable happens then I should prob keep him around

on the phone earlier he told me he loves me like 15 times before hanging up and I know he really cares. So despite the possible issues I think I should probly value him a lot. I was also SA'ed before and he is very understanding and doesn't force me to do anything I don't like. Other guys are noticeably pissed if you deny them any of their favorite fetishes

Anonymous 106692


This is just my opinion but I think that opposites don't attract, but explode, at least in relationships. You should seek a partner… part… ner… get it? Part? They need to be a part of your life, and be part of the things you do.

This doesn't mean that opposites won't be able to have healthy relationships… but I just don't see the point.

Anonymous 106697

Attraction between people with diametrically opposing beliefs are more common than you'd think.
As the old saying goes:
>Make love to your enemies

Anonymous 106699

If you view the person you want to spend the rest of your life with as your enemy you are setting yourself up for resentment and failure.

Anonymous 106725

>my boyfriend is in the military, conservative, and christian
>I find the thickheadedness that comes with being stupid enough to be a conservative to be cute
>I AM completely dedicated to my beliefs and will never get a "real" job where I pay taxes because I feel its inherently wrong
>he suggested I find a mcjob instead of selling weed and acid
>He is really sweet though and it really shows how much he loves me that he's able to see past all our differences

Well fuck me, God truly does give his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers

Anonymous 106967

would you want a bf who sells acid and grows weed, is a Marxist, and an atheist instead?

Anonymous 106975

People are more than their political opinions. Politics are just inane little thought experiments by which we assert our sense of selves - they're trivial, at least compared to our personal relations and our personal virtues (empathy, discernment, love, selflessness, and objectivity). When you die, you won't be thinking about that time you longposted about marxism on the internet when you were 20 - you'll think about the people you loved and who loved you back.

Anonymous 106980

Wish I heard this when I was younger :>(

Anonymous 106981

But anyway, >>106975 is right. A relationship with no "trouble down the road" is sterile and boring. Solving problems together is the grist that human connections mill.
The choice you must each make is whether those problems (for example, selling drugs + military) can be overcome, and you must both keep making it as long as you stay together.

Anonymous 106985

You two are gonna have so much fight/makeup sex, nona.

Anonymous 106998

Noona, you sound like a red flag while your boyfriend is a green flag who's just trying to support and help you

Anonymous 107001

Yes you should break up. Its true people are more than their political beliefs but when you cant support something as simple as your boyfriends profession its a problem. Your life seems entrenched in politics and I don't think you could reconcile your beliefs simply bc of how serious you take shit.

Anonymous 107002

Anonymous 107006

Lol. I imagine her boyfriend like a big saint bernard dog unbothered by the world around him. Meanwhile nona gives cute but rabid street chihuahua vibes.

Anonymous 107018

Yeah, this, he's not the problem

Anonymous 107029

break up with him and give his deets to local antifa

Anonymous 107033

if your political shitposting is more important to you than your interpersonal relationships, you should not have a boyfriend at all. Just be angry at the news or whatever, while your boyfriend has a family with someone who has a personality beyond their politics.

Anonymous 107039

>Politics are just inane little thought experiments by which we assert our sense of selves
this is the most liberal nonsense I've read all day

Anonymous 107049

did any of your political actions ever result in a change that directly improved your life? No. You just like to be angry and feel like you're doing something important.

Anonymous 107066

you've latched onto vague feel-good ideas like marxism, world peace, "solving world hunger" and of course the climate crisis. you've taken the package deal of standard beliefs every opinionated humanities major college girl holds since the 90s, yet you probably think you formed your own unique world view.
interestingly your boyfriend has done the same thing, just in the context of being male, maybe less educated, raised more christian and somewhat military-adjacent. you're way more alike than you think. you've both just taken on the ideologies you were exposed to repeatedly. the root of your differences is how you've been spending your time. if your boyfriend spent some time around crazy bluehaired people and you spent some time learning to shoot guns you might end up believing all the same things. this is serious advice. don't give up on something real like sexual attraction and companionship in favor of silly ideologies.

Anonymous 107069


>vague feel-good ideas

Anonymous 107071

Don't wanna derail but the very last sentence makes me think male hands wrote this.

Anonymous 107073


>you're way more alike than you think

Anonymous 107082

Normally I'd defend the trads, but if he were a real trad he'd be telling you to get pregnant instead of telling you to get a job.

Tradition is incompatible with capitalism anyway.

Anonymous 107123

If he were a real trad man, he'd be going to battle and getting speared to death for his nation.

Anonymous 107131

If he was a real man he would form an underground militia with other guys and ambush redcoats.

Anonymous 108827

Op here, I've stopped selling drugs and have kinda sorta converted to christianity. You may say I gave up, but tbh when I found someone that made me happy I realized I don't care about any of this shit. I used to get so angry when I would complain about the existential problems of the world, and he would tell me to just trust god has it under control. But whatever. It makes me feel better. I don't hate the military either, I just thought I did. I was brainwashed I'm realizing, same as him, he's willing to work with me so I'm willing to work with him. Thanks for the replies

Anonymous 108828

>I was brainwashed I'm realizing, same as him
>he's willing to work with me so I'm willing to work with him
The most reasonable person on this website.

Anonymous 108857

You just sound like a follower.

Anonymous 108866

Blow your brains out Danda, you'll never be a woman.

Anonymous 108899

Why are you seething so hard? Are you OP?

Anonymous 108972

Cool, but wrong: politics are about personal virtues - empathy, selflessness and all this - because political views are literally based on person's values, nothing else, those personal virtues (or lack of)

Anonymous 108973

You are not the op lol

Anonymous 109231

I am op, but I lied. It was all short lived, I can't change myself so quickly and idk if I would want to anyways. We will just stay friends though and I'm glad we know each other

Anonymous 109311

Positive change is too hard so I gave up t. OP

Anonymous 109319

Whatever good ideas Marxism may have had in the beginning were certainly lost when it made the transition into the rabid retardation that is Marxism-Leninism

Anonymous 109322

Marxism never had any good ideas. Or rather, its "good" ideas were always downstream of dialectic materialism which is about as good at describing and predicting real-life phenomena as reading the Bible is. It's antithetical to the very idea of science and its "bad" applications are still perfectly in line with its internal logic.

Anonymous 109330

Obviously not everything within the realm of politics falls into that category, but teenage "political compass" absolutely does. You're kidding yourself if you think all of these people truly believe in the random words they spout, and you will fail to see what is actually going on.

Anonymous 109375

good for you!

Anonymous 109634


breaking up with some1 just bcuz of their beliefs is silly , nona! Love is love , your silly politics shouldn't get in the way of it. c:

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