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Med school breakdown Anonymous 106971

>always been a /hum/ person, especially interested in languages and movies
>get convinced to go into med school cause humanities have an awful job market
>absolutely disinterested in the field, all the subjects are boring to me and I do the bare minimum. I do scrape by but cannot ever help any classmate with school stuff cause frankly I have no idea I just luck my way through the exams
>have nothing in common with the people, i'm actually fairly extroverted but everyone here is a shut-in whose interests revolve around natural sciences or sports.
>the only other person I me that I really clicked with on a deeper level got kicked out because they didn't pass a subject that I pulled through luck
>all my HS friends left to different cities with a bigger social life and have since found new circles

>slowly go from a funny and extroverted person to being constantly irritated and aloof

>keep stirring up pointless drama with my few friends there over trivial stuff because I am so irritated that anything sets me off
>spend the majority of my free time complaining, either to others or just to myself in my head. It's reached such a low that I even attend church to complain to the pastor there occasionally.
>start struggling to come up with reasons to go to school, am constantly late, sometimes even almost an hour despite living within walking distance
>start vaping and smoking to cope
>start drinking before classes to make my time there less unpleasant
>recently started doing xanax in my spare time to help me cope
>know that even if I were to drop out/if I were booted, I would just come back in a year or two max

I can't say when I will reach the bottom but I can already tell it is gonna be a deep place.

Anonymous 106973

I started off in computer science, which I didn't give a fuck about, and was super antisocial and had chronic insomnia. Then I went to philosophy for grad school (which I loved), became way more sociable and happier and fulfilled and less misanthropic, and then hit the job market where people end up doing back to back postdocs without ever getting a tenure track position and where I've seen some other graduates working at starbucks. Thank god for that cs degree - I'm the only one out of the 28-35 year olds from my cohort who actually owns their own house because of it.

Anonymous 106974


I studied something that I was completely uninterested in and I broke down after I graduated and got a job.

I'm a shut-in now.

I absolutely hate the boomers who push the idea you should work hard and do things you don't like to live a better life. It's actually the opposite. Maybe it's better to fail doing something you love than to succeed doing something you hate.

Anonymous 106977

Same here, I studied something because it paid well and I didn't know what else to do. Slogged through it even though I was uninterested. Graduated and worked in it for 1.5 years. Got good money but was still so unhappy. I thought I needed a change of scenery so I moved to the USA. Got here and now I can't find a job in it, had a breakup because of moving so now I'm alone here heartbroken and my options are go home and be alone and broke there or try find a job I have no interest in here and be alone and heartbroken here.

Anonymous 106983

Public universities in my country are considered to be the best ones, kind of difficult to get into one depending which course you choose, but are even worse to graduate.
>would need to be in campus at 7am until 6pm
I don't think I will last, have always been lazy, private universities have way better time, but my family doesn't have enough money for it.

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