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I am tired of living in a shell I can’t help but see as disgusting Anonymous 107102

That’s it. I’m fat. Not obese, moderately overweight, but enough to come across as chubby. Every time I wake up I feel that I must do my best to hide and disguise my physical being. And I can’t even bring myself to think like normie “body positivity” activists. I come across as disgusting to myself.

I’m not encouraging ana, it’s horrifying (I’ve nearly lost a close friend to it) but I feel like tearing myself apart every time I fail at being at a calorie deficit. Why do I have so little will. Why was cursed to forever exist in a cloud of shame. Why must I scrap for every ounce of self-satisfaction every day. Do thin people not understand that the levity with which they walk through the world would be a dream come true for me. Do they not understand how it hurts.

Anonymous 107112

To me it got better once I accepted everyone and myself were just meatbags, and that putting make up on a meatbag is ridiculous, as well as dressing it up, or wanting to have a fat or a slim meatbag.
And when I say meatbag, I think shitbag.
>Why do I have so little will
You're trying to fight a few thousands years of evolution. Your body is engineered to want and keep it all, more than it is made to "be accepted". So don't beat yourself up.
>cursed to forever exist in a cloud of shame.
Work on this tho, that's just your brain inflicting you useless pain.
>Do thin people not understand
I've been both. Thin is cold and vanity and unwanted attention. Fat is hot and vanity and the absence of attention. Both are their own kind of hell if you're not right in the head.
Meatbag is the solution.

Anonymous 107118

Losing weight it really really really not that hard…

Anonymous 107119

To be honest I get you, it can be very hard to lose weight and keep it off for various reasons. What kind of things you are doing to lose weight? Are you limiting certain foods out? Or if you fail and eat something like candy do you go overboard and say "fuck it this day was already ruined" and then eat more?

If you struggle with binge eating this might help you. Only buy food for one day, I know this is more expensive but it helps me personally lot. So for example they sell 300g chicken containers, buy that and use it for lunch and dinner so you eat the whole thing during the specific day. (Instead of buying 800g of chicken and eating it multiple days). If you feel like eating chips buy the smallest bag you can find (in my country they are 50g). Only thing I would keep is spices and oil/butter (for cooking).

This is example what I would do
>protein yogurt 175g, banana, 300g chicken, 2 potatoes, rice noodles (these are packed individually), carrot, bell pepper, apple and 2dl of milk.

Buy that food in the morning if possible so you don't eat it in night.

Anonymous 107120

I attempt to calorie restrict and I’m on a deficit MOST days but I haven’t been able to for the past three weeks. Exam season is destroying my psyche and I have a whole ass paper I’m not even midway through and it’s due tomorrow. I’m so stressed I just feel like I almost black out near food. I can restrict just fine when everything else is calm. But throw in a small stressor and I just don’t feel like a person anymore.

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