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Anonymous 107136

>Started going to therapy three months ago when my boyfriend broke up with me.
>I look like a middle class Stacey but I grew up in a really white trash family and didn’t have the best time growing up
>it always genuinely shocks people when I tell them stuff about my childhood
>anyways my new therapist (my other one is on maternity leave) is gonna make sure I get an actual evaluation for ADHD.
>she thinks I have borderline as well but she doesn’t wanna rush into that diagnosis since women tend be overly diagnosed
What’s your latest diagnosis?

Anonymous 107140

therapists are just wayyyy too willing to diagnose everyone with ADHD or some crazy shit just so they can push pills. I had three friends get ADHD diagnoses so they could diet with vyvanse (and they absolutely did not have ADHD. two quit the pills eventually and admitted they didn't even think they had ADHD). my ex tried quitting nicotine right around the time we were breaking up. he was really sad since we were fighting a lot and his therapist's genius solution was to prescribe him wellbutrin because he's clearly sad from quitting nicotine and not the fact that his relationship was falling apart. you've gotta exercise some critical thinking skills unless you wanna just become a slave to this above-ground drug dealer.

Anonymous 107145

Yeah I have adhd lol I also tried killing myself at 8 so yeah I’m not just depressed because my relationship ended. Your friends faked having ADHD. So like no wonder they were diagnosed… I haven’t had friends for proabbly the last 5 years because I feel so heavily detached from people. I can’t focus at jobs because my head is too cluttered. People like your friends are the reason women have trouble getting authentic diagnoses.
I was given Wellbutrin for my OCD and adhd and I find it very helpful. Along with mood stabilizer and anxiety meds. I would rather be functional than an schizo. You’re not an alive because you choose to get medicated for mental illness. Maybe give it a try for your paranoia.
Also Wellbutrin is really not that invasive of a drug.
I’m really sorry Nona it’s really hard to get an adhd diagnosis like as a women and it’s even harder with everyone faking it for certain drugs like Adderall or just the ones who think they have because they saw some relatable TikTok. I was told the same thing when my school had me tested. In her exact words “oh she doesn’t have adhd she’s just getting distracted cause she’s not being challenged enough”

Anonymous 107152

So idk about this but I know a lot of people with adhd smoke cigarettes. I wouldn’t recommend it but you can also try caffeine. Sometimes the right amount will calm you down instead of giving you energy. Wellbutrin is usually legal cause its a dopamine reuptake inhibitor. It’s used off script to treat adhd. So if you can get diagnosed with seasonal depression or just depression in general ask them for Wellbutrin cause you don’t want the brain zaps and the inability to cum that comes with taking SRIS. I assume Eastern Europe is just not great for mental health just in general.

Anonymous 107153

Don't ever get a borderline diagnosis. Even CPTSD is fine.

Anonymous 107157

my latest diagnosis is my ex whining that i have narcissism lmao

i think he also was convinced i have audhd but i'm just ditzy and quirky

Anonymous 107158

This is just my experience but 8 out of 10 people who had accused me of being a narcissist ended up being narcissistic themselves. It's all projection.

Anonymous 107159

Why? If I have it, it is what it is. Also I have already been diagnosed with CPTSD. Like by every therapist or psychologist I’ve ever seen. I was molested at 5 and rapped three times. Kind of comes with territory lol.

Anonymous 107160

Stigma + they put you in a cult that's somehow the "gold standard" for BPD because it's easy to insure. Narcissism, and it's distant sister borderline are two words that are used casually like insults these days.
>If I have it, it is what it is.
I think that you'd already know you are a borderline if you are one, and you don't need someone else to tell you that. It's something that just clicks.
>I was molested at 5 and rapped three times.
Damn, girl.

Anonymous 107163

>If I have it, it is what it is.
Diagnostics are wobbly things, there are wide margins where you can avoid stigma as >>107160 puts it. You need to know it to get better and know yourself, but it doesn't need to be on file.
Otherwise, you'll spend your life fighting every physician that will see your file and think "oh she's dramatic all right".

Anonymous 107176

Naw I definitely have it but I have quiet BPD which is different. I don’t really take risks cause well I have OCD as well. I’m not very obsessive, I’m the opposite. I have no attachment at all. My mom has borderline so she probably passed those characteristics on to me, but she has like the regular BPD. I’d rather be diagnosed and receive the help I need. Then be scared of silly stigmas.
>Damn, girl
Yeah it’s been a life. I’m pretty sure I was molested when I was much younger. My mom was dating this older man and she found like some questionable porno tapes and then one day she let him babysit me and when she came back I was naked in his doghouse. She never did anything about it just never saw him again. I honestly should be a drug addict or a single mom.
I think that’s why my therapist is tiptoeing around it. She’s really only concerned about me getting diagnosed with ADHD.

Anonymous 107186


lol yeah and he would always accuse ME of projection but I don't rly have that word in my vocabulary when it comes to communicating in relationships because it is fruitless to start a "no u" fight

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