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Screenshot 2023-12…

Am I boned? Anonymous 107224

Anonymous 107236


Anonymous 107241


>An empty void
Guilty as charged!

Anonymous 107242


I’m normal so this test is wrong and also personality disorders aren’t real.

Anonymous 107257


Tbh call me a bigot or what have you but I wouldn't date someone with BPD, NPD or OCD. OCD to a lesser degree but yes, my mom has OCD, my father has NPD, both were abusive towards one another as well as their children and caused me a lifetime of fucked up views on marriage, parenthood, love, etc… i think it's simply good decision making but more and more young women are indoctrinated thru disgusting YA "dark romance" books and media glorifying low-key abuse into adopting an attitude of "I can fix him" lol. No you can't. He'll break your arm and black your eye and blackmail you back into an abusive marriage after turning you against all your family and friends

Anonymous 107260


Remember nonas, things can ALWAYS be worse.

Anonymous 107263


Same. I can't even tolerate BPD friendships. That shit lowers the quality of your life and always leaves you with some kind of emotional damage.

Anonymous 107272

lol you're not a woman, you're a robot

Anonymous 107280

Fair enough, I am a woman but I do have szpd.
OP, or anyone else in this thread, you can treat your borderline symptoms. This video could help you.
If you don't want to watch all of it, skip to the "Does this mean I'm screwed?" section.

Anonymous 107284


Anonymous 107285

I appreciate you trying to help. You're a good person for that. It just sucks that I can't be a good partner in a relationship without it being so energy consuming

Anonymous 107287


I don't know why but I don't like that guy, especially anyone who calls himself "healthy gamer" and "gg".

Borderline symptoms are not treatable, nona. You just get better at masking it. I think that the gold standard for treating BPD is something similar to that of a Scientology Cult. I've taken this from a book:

>Below is a snapshot of the symptoms that are most likely to improve over time:

>Impulsive, risky behaviors, including self-harm and suicide attempts
>Severe paranoid thinking Unstable, stormy
>relationships and the tendency to place extreme demands on other people

>And here is a snapshot of the symptoms that are least likely to improve over time:

>Some emotional symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, anger, sadness, guilt, and emptiness
>Dissociative episodes and negative beliefs about oneself or the world
>Fears of abandonment and difficulties tolerating being alone

>In summary, the different symptoms of BPD don’t change at the same time, or at the same pace. Some symptoms change pretty quickly and seem to improve pretty easily with treatment. Other symptoms can be thought of as personality traits, and these might stick around for a lot longer—possibly even throughout your life. The good news, though, is that the symptoms that are the most severe and that seem to wreak the most havoc in people’s lives (like self-harm and suicidal behaviors, stormy relationships, and extreme paranoid beliefs) are the very same symptoms that appear to change the most quickly and may be reduced the most by treatment.

>I am a woman but I do have szpd.

Nona, but aren't schizoids supposed to feel that chronic emptiness in them all the time?
You got nothing in there on your spectrum graph.

Anonymous 107288

I forgot to say this.
Eg. What they mean by reducing self-harm is they don't exactly make you become someone who never self-harms, but they teach you how to use a red marker and red paint to draw lines all over your body that makes your mind think that you've self-harmed yourself.

Anonymous 107289

You shouldn't give up hope. That could change.
>You just get better at masking it.
Learning how to cope with the more destructive symptoms isn't a bad idea. If there are testimonies out there from patients whose symptoms have improved in any or all aspects, then its worth it for someone to see this and try to find a way to get better.
>Nona, but aren't schizoids supposed to feel that chronic emptiness in them all the time?
You don't have to meet all the symptoms to get diagnosed. I don't feel pleasure in a lot of things but I wouldn't describe it as emptiness, hopeless, or void-like.

Anonymous 107292


I wanted to say something pessimistic about how it's tiresome having to cope every day and all the help I see online is about dunking my head in an ice bowl or how to recognize what an angry face looks like so I don't imagine that someone is angry at me but… you're right, nona. I don't think it's enough but all these coping techniques are surely better than nothing, sometimes even death.

Anonymous 109745

Screenshot 2024-02…

I dont know. ive done this twice, different results

Anonymous 111002

Tomnaya noch

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