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Good hobbies for making friends Anonymous 107296

The pandemic happened to line up with me starting uni, and now I’m a grad student with no social life. It’s become so difficult to socialize without spaghetti falling out of my pocket. Do any of you guys have hobbies that allow you to make new friends? I’d prefer hobbies that are more physical, since most of my current hobbies enable my shut in behavior. I’d also appreciate any advice on opening up socially!

Anonymous 107297

group sports or bootcamp/yoga/running type of meetups maybe?

Anonymous 107299

You shoudl try to join a knitting group or a workshop with just women

Anonymous 107306

Dance class, do something like lindy-hop where you rotate partners all the time (so no need to come with a moid of your own) and there are dance parties in your area. Come to dance class and the parties regularly and the normies will accept you as one of their tribe.

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