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drunk on nye and trying to feel better about myself Anonymous 107449

I need to get into grad school because if i have a masters degree people will take me semi-seriously. Right now no one takes me seriously. The only people who ever take me seriously are people in academia. I want to be a mother, and have children, and educate my children, but who knows if they will take me seriously. If i have a masters degree at least i can say hey i have a masters degree. I feel like im inquisitive. But more so im ambitious, i take control of the things i want in life. Fuck im employed. Which is more than these people can say. Im angry and upset. But its new years. Ome day i will write a book about how sad i feel. I will not kill myself. I will channel my energy into something great. But i need a masters degree. I have never had anyone in my family obtain higer education. None of my friends have obtained higher education. In fact, im genuinely the first person in my circle to appeal to higher education. But no one cares. Men will sit and sit and discuss the philosophy theyve read and think theyre the smartest person in the room simply because they can interrupt text that interests them. Guess what? So can everyone. You find anyone with a slight interest in something and they read up on it they can interpret textual evidence on it. Your not special because you can comprehend german philosophers. The same reason im not special for interupttong genesis. I am not stupid. Everyone wants to percieve me as stupid but im fucking not, im at least accomplishing things, im gonna graduate on time, i make connetions with people, i am trying to get proof that i am smart. And i am younger than them. Fuck you for not valueing my opinon. Fuck you for not listeninf when i have things to say.

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