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Cutting off my best friend Anonymous 107699

I’ve decided to cut off my best friend of 8 years as it’s just a one sided friendship.
>She owes me £400, always puts off paying me when her student loan comes in
>Never wants to do anything, the scarce plans we make she always flakes out last minute
>Always with her new bf
>Lies about being ill when I want to make plans but then see on her story she’s out with her bf
>Doesn’t bother to make plans
>Didn’t wish me happy birthday
>Lives in her uni town but never bothers to invite me up
>Complains she doesn’t have any more but quits any job she gets (I’ve landed her a few jobs and she doesn’t even turn up for the interview)

It feels like a proper break up :(( I also don’t have any other friends so I feel like that’s why I kept her so long. Just looking for advice if anyone else has had a friendship break up or tips on making new friends in your 20s

Anonymous 107700

Friendships and finding a loyal nice community of people is hard

Anonymous 107701

I feel you so hard, nona… The average human changes their friend group every 7 years. For you a cycle has ended and a new one begins. It can be exciting!

Here are some tips I'm trying to follow:
>Befriend people who make you a better version of yourself
>Curate your friends. You become like the 5 closest people you have in your life. Pick people that inspire you AND that treat you well
>Meet people along the path you take to self-discovery and actualising your goals. If you're an artist, meet friends at drawing classes, art shows, book stores etc and they'll be more likely to share your goals and interests

Anonymous 107710

I never knew about the 7 year rule thingy.

Do you have any experience making friends in group like that? I’m not sure if there are many groups like that in my area which is the only problem

Anonymous 107756

This situation doesn't sound like it requires any formal announcement about breakup. You can just gradually reduce what little contact you have with her. Same as she's already done with you from the sounds of it.

I'm sorry that this was your only friend. I don't have any tips for making new ones other than the usual shit you can just google

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