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female friends Anonymous 108104

how do I make female friends?
it's so hard for me to connect with people, it feels like I'm speaking an entirely different language than everyone else. I've always had trouble making friends, especially other women.
the few friends I do have now are guys from high school or online. as we get older it seems to get less socially acceptable to be friends of opposite gender. I just want a girl friend that I can hang out with and be close to.
I don't get what I'm doing wrong.

Anonymous 108107

I want to know too, but please, please don't settle for male friends. I just had one leave because he'd apparently only been waiting for his turn to splooge in me. For 15 years. You never know what they're thinking.

Anonymous 108134

I have a woman friend I met through a moid I knew (she was dating him at the time). She's my longest lasting friend (13 years now), outlasted any relationship with a moid I've had, and has provided me with more emotional support than anyone other than my cat. One genuinely good friendship with a woman is outrageously valuable honestly.

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