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Anonymous 108105

>be me
>last year of highschool
>tend to make jokes that go ‘too far’ in the eyes of my friends
>get ignored by them because of that

>in gym

>my friends are laughing with each other on the other side of the court
>clearly ignoring me for god knows what
>I’m upset because I do literally everything to make them happy

Am I unloveable?

Anonymous 108106

Let’s here some of those jokes before we cast judgment.

Anonymous 108110

“You wouldn’t be a good mother”
In reference to how we are too young to be parents and how abusive she is with her boyfriend.

I apologized profusely, and she accepted it. I was still alone that day.

Anonymous 108115

That's no joke but a factual statement

Anonymous 108144


Hello, young me. (I still have a mouth so can't judge too much)
Being abrasive is not a personality. People don't have to put up with it. Most people go about their days without those gross thoughts polluting them.
I doubt you're unlovable but I also doubt you're very fun to be around from the perspective of normies.

Maybe work on turning the edgy off before you start college, you'll be more happy for it.
Consider why you enjoy being shocking and eliciting reactions for people, maybe you'll learn something new about yourself.

Anonymous 108174

Damn I felt that. I havent had any friends from my highschool (I have had efriends and LDR relationships) except a brief boyfriend and I made a lot of offputting statements ("jokes") that I think probably turned him off to me. I was also extremely socially unaware in middle school and would routinely say the most retarded and abrasive shit on the planet.

Anonymous 108185

oh so you're the kind of person to judge others and play it off as a joke, i see
even if you were right you can't expect people to enjoy your company if you do that

Anonymous 108193

why are you in high school

Anonymous 108203

>is generally an unpleasant person to be around
>good god I have no idea why people don't like me

People don't like mean comments played off as a joke, especially if it happens frequently. It doesn't matter if there's truth to it or not, there's other ways to address something like that if you feel it needs be. If you do that kind of stuff regularly or are just generally abrasive, yeah no wonder people don't like being around you.

On the upside, you'll have a fresh start when you go to college/uni. If you notice other people aren't making the same type of jokes or using the same strong language you are, that's a good clue you probably shouldn't eithe.

Anonymous 108208


that's not a joke. It would work in an imageboard where one and done posts are common but in real life you'll have to adapt to context. Even then "you wouldn't be a good mother" just sounds spiteful and making fun of them, not with them. >>108144 is right, you can turn off edgy easily and not spill spaghetti. Maybe you'll find close people who like these jokes.

Anonymous 108216

This really helps, thanks.

Anonymous 108217

Thanks. I’m a bit unaware when it comes to social situations, as I was introverted and never talked to anyone during my middle school years. Even at the beginning of highschool.

I appreciate you not being too judgmental, and understanding where I am coming from. I’m trying to change the way I make jokes at others’ expense.

Anonymous 108259

>I’m upset because I do literally everything to make them happy

Being a suck up after acting like a bitch isn't going to help much.
You should probably wait for things to blow over a bit and try again while considering what other nonas already posted.

Don't expect too much out of college either if you do go. College is like a pen for horny retarded 20-somethings to dig themselves into debt and fuck up their lives up with drugs, alcohol, and sleeping around.
That itself isn't going to change much until your late-20's when everybody settles down a little.

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