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Anonymous 108119

How do I find female friends my age? (18-24 group). I'm very anxious and also hate 99% of people

Anonymous 108127

if you're not more specific about who you are and what you'd like to find, we're just going to give you generic advice like go outside and do hobbies

Anonymous 108135

Fix your attitude first, no wonder you have no friends if you hate most people for no reason, you sound like a shitty person to be around.

Anonymous 108166

nta but i could say the same from your post. why the harsh language

Anonymous 108178

I'm very shy and have very specific interest and hobbies. The biggest issues is that most of my hobbies are either creepy moid infested or it's mostly old women doing them.


thank you

maybe but still I had very bad experiences with people and I don't like most people.

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