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No spaces for young people anymore Anonymous 108179

I have been realizing recently that in my midsize city there are very few third spaces available. It's not that there are not places you cannot go to spend your time - there are - but since there are so few young people, those spaces have to targer really broad demographics, so they either end up being very basic so everyone can enjoy them or target multiple age groups. What this results in is that wherever you go, you will spend your time either with old(er) people or do an activity you are not particularly into. People nowadays more so than in the past just spend their time at home so this makes the problem even worse. There are few young people to begin with, many opt out by default cause they would rather sit at home, another large group also opts out cause nothing interesting happens. This creates a feedback loop and leads to cities where you will never see a person <25 thats is not located close to a school, university or a bus station.

Anonymous 108180

It was bad already but covid bullshit made it much worse. Older generations spent years mocking us for not being social enough and then did a 180 and banned us from going outside just because they were scared of a flu.

Anonymous 108184

third spaces blah blah blah cringe get a hobby or go to a park, your local music venue, pub or gym or whatever. I bet you've never even looked up what stuff your local library or community centre offers because you're just parroting a viral youtube video. if you live in a mid-size city or larger and you're complaining about this, you're not trying.

Anonymous 108194

I literally spend my free time looking up third spaces for over a year now and I did find some but there are so few and all of them are either half-empty or full of 35+ people. I mean, have you ever been to a library? There are not many young people there, and they are not there to socialise, you are supposed to stay silent. You are just accusing me of stuff without even reading my post. There are events that happen, but third spaces are more regular, something that happens every week or every month and not a one-off event you do.

Anonymous 108199

I agree. I don't know what to say. I guess, my advice is to join a club. I notice a lot more younger teen to 20 yrs olds are willing to actually a join a nerdy interest/club. Like a lot of younger people join a dungeons and dragons club compared to >30 year olds. I know you probably aren't into that, but yeah. I'm 21 now, and I realized it's so fucking hard to make real life friends with my age group, unless you're in a uni, and are FORCED to be with younger people. It's like if you're a kid who's homeschooled while everyone else is in a high school. It's the same sort of dynamic.

If you're in you're in your 20s, live in the US, and still live under your parent's roof, you're going to have a hard time socializing or go out much, finding friends or trying to find a partner. :/

Oh fuck off. 80s-90s kids had shit like the AIDS epidemic and fucking swine flu. I hate that most of my formative years were wasted due to the fucking pandemic, but earlier generations had the same lockdown bullshit, it just wasn't as extreme. People back then didn't have smartphones. Young people today are choosing to just use their phones, browse YouTube, any social media, and watch porn rather than play outside, socialize, make friends and date. Part of this problem is made by us. We have ourselves to blame as well, not just "muh boomers muh old people did this".

Anonymous 108221

Older generations absolutely did not have the same lockdown bullshit and I'm kind of flabbergasted that someone would try to imply otherwise. Swine flu was a tiny meme for a few months and it just amounted to people washing their hands more, I lived through it and I barely have any memory of it at all. Aids is obviously a completely different thing altogether and you are well aware of this, it was about avoiding sex and drugs, not hanging out at the coffee shop.

I don't get why people still have these weird kneejerk denial about covid lockdowns being a historically significant event. It's over now, there is no reason to pretend it's not a big deal like so many people were doing at the time for weird political reasons. It fucked up the average person's everyday life more than almost any event in living memory.

And obviously I'm not saying younger generations are blameless, I started with:
>It was bad already
Obviously young people have heavily fucked themselves up with social media and electronic escapism. It's just infuriating that older generations aggressively virtue signal so much about how social they used to be (and if questioned, boomers will admit that they watched 5 hours of shitty TV every day, fyi), and then turn around and ban us from socializing for two years at the first flimsy excuse. It shows that many of them don't really want young people to do better in these ways they talk about, they just like mocking us to feel better about their own shortcomings.

Anonymous 108351

OP's point is that these spaces are actively degrading, not that they don't exist. Irl community interaction isn't as easy now as it was for previous generations.

Anonymous 108369

It's probably not what you're really looking for and really depends on where you're based, but do you have any mental health groups near you? In the UK we have a charity called Mind and my local one has weekly meet ups for various groups like a sewing group, art group, writing group and young adults group.
It's pretty easy to find local groups/events for games like Magic, Pokemon (both the video games and cards) and D&D, but those are the kinds of things you need to actually have an interest in for them to be worthwhile.

Anonymous 108390

>Older generations spent years mocking us for not being social enough and then did a 180 and banned us from going outside just because they were scared of a flu.

Beautifully put.

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