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Why do shitty men struggle to understand I don't care? Anonymous 108206

Has anyone else been more or less plagued by the feeling of wanting to exit society ever since they can remember? Of being fully conscious of how shitty it is to have to interact with and expected to look for anything in men thry feel safe with??

After being stalked I snapped? went from 0 to 100 saying I'm done with these faggots. Btw I'm 35. This is not teenage delirium. I'm posting this on cc because thats obvious

Does anyone else just give up explaining why they do what they do?

Like I don't even acknowledge mens bs observations or concerns or opinions. I just want to live apart. How is it possible they still occasionally dig so deep for a way to nag me in the bus or at my job? Like I'm still listening to anything they say? How have they not gotten it through their heads
that they're dead to me yet??? Like what more do I have to do ?? What do you have to do to make them understand ? Why do men struggle to understand I don't give a flying fuck and daydream about gouging their eyes out ?

Anonymous 108210

>Like what more do I have to do
You'll have to talk to them, that's the only way. There's a reason why many of us became lesbians.

Anonymous 108211

I work at night most of the time and do not have to interact with them. Well do you think there's a place i can terrorize men online for the lulz? I have so much revulsion built up in my system. I secretly fantasize about terrorizing males online with my ruthless indifference and feminist opinions (since they never listen to you irl and continue filling the air and media with their bullshit.)

I really need a new healthy outlet. I need to get creative.

Anonymous 108218

Lesbians have never experienced sexual or romantic attraction to man. They don't fall in love and date women because men are bad. Lesbians are sick. And you are healthy bisexual.

Anonymous 108220

If you “became” lesbian you are probably bi @ heart

Anonymous 108230

Lesbians are some or the most priceless members of society sorry you can't handle it scrote. :o

Anonymous 108262

Nothing sick about not being biologically compulsed towards scrotes

Anonymous 108274

>Lesbians are some or the most priceless members of society

Anonymous 108278


Bc they are ascended + superior, don’t need scrotes, and are cute n loving

Anonymous 108279

Don't lesbians have the highest abuse rates of any sexual demographic?

Anonymous 108280

I'm not a lesbian but I think this is the most based take around

Anonymous 108281

Scrote psyop

Anonymous 108285

Fake news

Anonymous 108296

It's a meme that goes around that lesbians have the highest rates of domestic abuse (domestic abuse, not sexually specifically) but that's in all of their lifetime not exclusively within lesbian households: aka including when a lesbian lived with her family, roommates or male partners. Most of the abuse comes from the last category: male exes from previous straight relationships. But people have twisted the results into making women look bad because people love a good "b-b-but women are just as bad!!!111"

Anonymous 108352

Go and bully/harass some of the guys on incels.is. I love riling those crazy assholes up.

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