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Was he actually unlovable? Anonymous 108245

Idk I thought he wasn't too bad until getting addicted to the online game and then somewhat recovered.

How would you have fixed him?

Anonymous 108246

Why would you even love someone who had bad things that you want to fix in the first place?

Anonymous 108249

He was kind and was good at heart, but his indifference to things and lack of ambition slowly lead to sloth which put him in that situation at 22

Anonymous 108250

>How would you have fixed him?
I don't know how to find a clinic but I have heard that out of the three methods the complete removal of the testes during childhood yields a milder personality though worse health consequences and lower vitality, energy and labor potential longterm.

Anonymous 108258

He's a pedo.

Anonymous 108264

Because Misaki is 18? Or because he tried to take photos of underage girls because that's what someone 'in his position' would do with their life

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