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Anonymous 108299

why would you even want a relationship like what is the point of it?

Anonymous 108300

To have a close friend who always prioritizes you over everyone else.

And then the daily access to fun things like sleepovers, not having to go to the grocery store alone, and oral sex.

Anonymous 108301

>To have a close friend who always prioritizes you over everyone else.
Codependencies never work out
>And then the daily access to fun things like sleepovers
>not having to go to the grocery store alone
I see no issue in going to the store alone
>and oral sex
Surely there's more than that.

Anonymous 108302

To get free money.
To have someone do favors for you all the time.
To make other women jealous.

Anonymous 108303

it feels good to have someone care for you and also care for them. also sex is nice

Anonymous 108304

It’s nice to have company. I love my bf.

Anonymous 108305

you sound bitter

Anonymous 108306

To touch her face with gentle hands, to feel her touching my face while she looks at me with loving eyes, to work for something that it's not me, to love, i want to be in a relationship to love and be loved.

Anonymous 108307

>Codependencies never work out
Having someone who cares about you more than anyone else isn't codependency
>I see no issue in going to the store alone
Your feelings aren't universal some people find it the experience of going out by themselves lonely and somewhat intimidating

Anonymous 108308

We don't live in a society where you can kiss someone repeatedly in public spaces and have them not assume it isn't some kind of relationship. I like kissing and hugging and cuddling and being told "I love you with my whole heart"

And a FWB will only maybe do some of those things but never says the last one.

I also challenge you not to undervalue yourself for scrotes that just want meaningless sex with no strings attached. Meaningless sex isn't as good as emotionally driven sex.

Anonymous 108309

because being happy reaffirms my worth

Anonymous 108310

Wait what is even bad about going to the grocery store alone again ? This is a fun activity.

Anonymous 108311

Accept you have more freedom to do absolutely anything you want when you're single.

Anonymous 108312

Yeah but most of them want a one sided relationship, a nanny and a bang maid so no matter how you look at kissing and love it sounds better if it's just fantasy.

Anonymous 108313

bc sharing my life with someone makes it feel more meaningful
im literally a better person when i'm with someone

Anonymous 108314

>why would you even want a relationship like what is the point of it?
To find love. Even if it's nice to have friends you'll never be as close to them as you'll be to your partner, only your partner will put you on the 1st place in their life.

Anonymous 108315

it's a cosmic tragedy that sigmund freud didn't see the internet

Anonymous 108316

I've heard that there are women who are able to feel good by/after doing sexual violence to men but it seems like that's not really possible for most. The physical action of interacting with any male body surface including the face through one's genitals/clitoris would just feel vulnerable and exposed.

Anonymous 108317

I've gone through femdom phase which was a cope and I agree. Female body in hetero sex is submissive and vulnerable and oh my god I hate when people deny this or biological differences between sexes and their roles in sex. I hate it so fucking much and other women get offended when I call female role or body submissive mean while it's just a fact, women can't dominate in sex and when they say they do cause they can make males scream in pleasure while stabbing their mouth with their dick then I feel like laughing hysterically cause its so bizzare, it reminds me of a person who lacks self awareness in some way. I suspect the denialism is a backlash against men weaponizing the word submissive so now we can't admit the truth about things. Meanwhile it helps me because I struggled with some internal conflicts. Female pleasure in sex is servile and we can't lie that it requires you to be some kind of a pickme, I explored my own sexuality to the core too so I have no doubts about it all. And obviously things like penetration of the bottom of your body is the most submissive vulnerable position a human being can be in, you are completely giving yourself. Woman can't dominate.. Its not conceivable, men are even physically bigger than women so physically bowing down to them to please THEM while getting nothing physically or piv (that even when it leads to orgasm than after orgasm you still just getting used as a fleshlight) is an extreme feeling of submission or masochism. I'm over explaining myself cause people nitpick, gaslight and in autistic as hell which makes sense why I have a problem with being submissive and shows why I push towards the submission being acknowledged as submission because it helps me understand my internal conflicts. It's misogynistic to say so as my alibi I will say that I experience insane stimulation from piv and clitoral stimulation, had full body orgasms, had orgasms being released in any body part I choose to release it etc. And I still think that this pleasure isn't real and that sex is women serving men and giving something to men

Anonymous 108318

I like men so I've already given up on having a "relationship". My ideal relationship would be FWB where I don't have to be his mommy and he has his own life, and we only hang out to have fun, rather than me beg him to brush his teeth or wipe his ass or not make me cry in the middle of sex or let me sleep because I have work in the morning, I can just hit him up, bang, and leave.

Anonymous 108319

NTA. All this talk of the inherent submission and servility of taking dick feels so far removed from my experience with sex. It just happens that the man has the stick and I have the hole. How those two parts fit together doesn't represent or symbolize anything, it's just the way the physicality of the act is.

What makes it submission, for me, is the fact that I'm not getting anything out of penetration so mentally I'm definitely doing it to please him and for no other reason. He doesn't know this though, it'd destroy his ego, so it's not like he even knows I am submitting in such a manner.

Anonymous 108322

>had full body orgasms
that is not real, whatever you think you're experiencing isn't an orgasm

Anonymous 108323

I just want to be important to someone. I was a really smart kid so my parents raised be to be ambitious and chase success and indirectly taught me that achievement is what made me worth loving, but when I'm alone at night and listening to my heart that's really all I want, to be important to someone, to be cherished and illuminate their life, and I'm not sure anymore if any of me means anything at all if I never find that person
but the truth is that I'll never be worthy of that so here I am. if it were for me I would have had it by now. I hate knowing that all I'll ever have is myself I feel so fucking empty

Anonymous 108327


It’s a great question nona. Relationships feel like a nice distraction and it can be fun to have a partner to do things with + cuddle + have sex with if you’re into that + etc but it requires work and effort from two willing competent parties bc ultimately you do have to “give some to get some” like any other exchange of goods/services. I’m afraid relationships are no different than any other economic dynamic — notice I use the word “economic” not “financial” though an argument could be made for the latter too.

Unconditional Love is the only love I know of that is “free” and even that is becoming more and more rare sadly

Anonymous 108330

I literally ask myself the same thing!! I feel like I’ve never met a single person who can compete with my own company. Like I love my friends and all but Id still rather be doing my own thing alone at home. A relationship requires upkeep and that’s too much of a chore

Anonymous 108341

I feel this too nona, I hope we can get what we want someday.

Anonymous 108342

It happened through a clitoral orgasm so yes it was real, I'm actually very aware and in tune unlike other women who will claim they orgasm any time they take a piss or spend most of their life not knowing what an orgasm is lol I also dont believe other women when they say they have orgasm through certain things cause simply they dont seem self aware enough and women will feel a little arousal and think its an orgasm cause they are retarded. Most women have piv and suck dicks so they aren't really conscious people

Anonymous 108343

You're just not self aware enough lol sucking dick gives women zero physical pleasure and its a service to which you you psychologically have to be in a submissive state, a woman initiating it doesn't mean she's not submissive. Female body sexually is the receptive role and it means a submission, a physical relaxation is required for a woman to receive pleasure and relaxation on this context means a submission

Anonymous 108344

To have a partner in life. Things like sex, combined income and physical intimacy are secondary to having someone who'll always watch your back, help you up when you're reaching for something and stand by you when you have to suffer alone. If your bf/gf doesn't do those things, you're not just partners, just fuck buddies.

Anonymous 108345

Our mouths are an erogenous zone right?
I do have fantasies of doing that but I really won't. Oral is an important cause of throat cancer!

Anonymous 108348

Reading this entire post is surreal to me because you sound like you think people assume femdom is somehow a norm and that you're being excluded, when the majority of women are indeed submissive and people like me who do naturally trend into domme behavior and preferences are not typical. It's just funny to me reading how you seem to feel oppressed for being what is average and expected, but maybe that's also, ironically, part of sub mentality, like how lots of little girls want to be a pretty princess, but the sheer amount of them wanting to do so defeats the idea of what makes being a "princess" special aside from just being spoiled.

>men are even physically bigger than women so

I am actually larger than my bf, domming him is easy and I quite enjoy my relationship with him. I am well aware my experience is not the norm, and I hate the stigma of straight relationships that a lot of people push because I have had other women ask me why don't I date a guy that's older, bigger, and richer than me, when that's not what not what I want or what makes me happy.

I'd love to know what lead you to think femdom is a "cope" when it's definitely not for everyone, and obviously not for you if it doesn't feel good and natural to you. Your post seems kind of hostile towards dommes but I'm just here to say it's okay to not be a domme. Do what makes you happy and works for you, and I'll do the same.

Anonymous 108354

>lol sucking dick gives women zero physical pleasure and its a service to which you you psychologically have to be in a submissive state, a woman initiating it doesn't mean she's not submissive
Huh??? His dick is in YOUR mouth, literally his most vulnerable of body parts, and you think he's still somehow fully in control in this situation?? It would be so easy to injure him, he literally has to trust you not to bite his dick off if you were so inclined to. You have more control over a man in your mouth than you do in any other hole.

>Female body sexually is the receptive role and it means a submission

No it actually does not always mean submission, and your view on blowjobs reflects your error. Power dynamics and sexual positions don't always cleanly align like you think they do.


Depends on the cleanliness of the guy involved but also everyone should enjoy cunnilingus more. Cunnilingus is underrated and amazing, and honestly, men aren't fully straight if the idea of it at all icks them out.

Anonymous 108358

>literally his most vulnerable of body parts
Urine comes out of it.

Anonymous 108807

But seriously, besides sex, in which case you can just touch yourself, what other point is there?

Anonymous 108810

sounds hot tbh

Anonymous 108878

How is your brain destroyed by a male gaze. The only thing you are right about is that a man and a woman are not physically equal. Consent is required for a bdsm session, otherwise it is a crime that is punishable by law as well as rape. A woman can dominate by cunnilingus, with a strap-on without a belt, if it's about physical pleasure.Women can experience arousal and orgasm from gaming dominance, which can be expressed in a variety of things. Femdom is the satisfaction of female kinks and as a woman you have to agree with this.You're obsessed with the male gaze. It is especially funny from the posts of some dominatrix who were and are fierce misogynists who feminized partners and served him, i.e. they were undisclosed submissives and then whined that they were being used. The problem is in your head.

Anonymous 108879

A man's gaze again. It was the men who caused the penetration. This has no effect on what a woman's body is sexually. Healthy sex that takes into account a woman's erogenous zones would involve clitoral masturbation and cunnilingus. They have already written about blowjob, it disappears as well as penetration.

Anonymous 108880

Women get an orgasm from pegging, because it is domination over a person, control. Or they can bring themselves to a state of intense arousal. I wrote about strap-ons without a belt, where a woman can simultaneously stimulate the head of the clitoris. Why do you, as men, need this primitive "cum-liked". Practice is determined by the pleasure of the dominatrix.

Anonymous 108889

Never works. Moids always get attached.

Anonymous 108924

When I write that a woman can satisfy herself in a femdom, am I sex-positive when all the sex-positive comes down to promoting submissiveness? You speak in slogans. And as always, women are to blame for your thinking, of course

Anonymous 108944

If you ever end up loving someone enough, you'll see the point.
I feel like there is no objective answer to this question. It's extremely subjective because everyone will have their own reasons to start a relationship with someone they love. In the end, for everyone, I do believe it boils down to: "because I love them".

Anonymous 108991

Free backrubs sound nice.

Anonymous 108994

I am just so tired of being alone at night. I don't know why it's so hard for me to find someone good…

Anonymous 109014

Isint that the whole point

Anonymous 109016

If it were, wouldn't she say 'man' instead of 'moid'.

Anonymous 109668

Are you trying to larp as some cool unemotional girl who pretends to not care that she doesn't have a bf? Because that's what you sound like. Relationships are not that fucking grim or challenging.

Anonymous 109682

amatonormativity is a social norm that is pushed so hard that even people who are happier single try to squeeze themselves into romantic relationships

Anonymous 109694

Only if you enjoy kissing someone's ass out of loneliness. Or desperately need someones approval to tell you your better and worthwhile.

Which let me guess he probably spoonfed you that idea of being better for it, didnt he ?

We know you secretly just grovel out of loneliness and desperation. We women who question all of it have seen it a million times in our friends. Its just fucking gross. We know you just don't share here.

I'm so sick to death of hearing this tripe from lonely women pretending it's a blessing while their lives have gone to absolute shit living with or around a moid

There is no such thing as relationshit with a guy that isn't tinged with suffocating or outrageously spiteful, cruel bs.

Even if there are 2 men on this earth that don't suck they're outnumbered by the 98% intolerable ones.

Who is stupid enough to hang their hopes and precious time on 98% apes ? And this generation is just more selfish than all the ones that came
before it. And yet still all the generations that came before this one were actually WORSE.

All the women I know who need relationships always end up with men who end up being a
psychological drain, controlling or sleazebags

There's nothing you could say to convince me it's not all built on lies and screaming horseshit.

Pretty much every woman I've ever known who professed to "love" some guy always put up with some horrifying measure of abuse.

Anonymous 109695

What happens when normal changes, male loneliness is an epidemic and women refuse to have children or get married?? Its so bad in China the government tries to intervene and still fails miserably

Anonymous 109697


I agree with you that humans are social animals.
The point I wanted to focus on is the concept of amatonormativity.

Perhaps OP could be polyamorous or an aromantic like me.

Anonymous 109701

It is really a joke that humans are social. 99% of my time spent away from people is a relief and I can stand about 3% of the population. What does that tell you? I'm more likely to just enjoy my own company and skip all the socializing I don't have to. I really don't struggle with socializing though, working a front desk made me realize even more, It doesn't matter how well ypu socialize, people are freaking exhausting and tedious. They usually just want something from you. It's totally unnecessary to tell people important things too. Usually in life you don't get a chance to anyway.

Anonymous 109702

Why not scream to the world you're a moid with that picrel

And first sell me on masculinity because I find all of it disgusting. Are you happier with a friend ? Yes. With a moid? Just set your life on fire. Fantasy is infinitely better than dealing with everything that comes from the 10k year scam that is masculinity. Human males evolved to manipulate sex through masculinity by imposing femininity while taking advantage of all emotional labor brainwashing weaknesses performed by said femininity. All of that evolution transpired during times when women had no rights which was 98% of human history.

Enjoying 90% of my time alone is better than the enormous mental tax of living with a moid. Sex is so interchangeable with masterbation, especially if you're just ambivalent about all of that. Moids steeply underestimate how low value and replaceable real sex is to a lof of women. The price tag is too steep. Dating is appalling. Getting hung up on whats usually life draining and unpleasant is a waste of energy.

Anonymous 109709

I am disgusted, gee why do ypu think ????? They're ugly as sin. Revoltingly ugly. Just steeply steeply disgusting.

No amount of sugar coating your need for love changes how a) desperate you sound for crumbs b) how ugly they are.

No amount of promises changes most of human history. How they treated women for thousands of years and continue to now. With porn, doxxing, stalking, fascism. Cut their dicks off and throw them in acid. It's like getting into relations with a flesh-eating disease. Curb stomp them on the street for all I care. Nothing you've said makes them sound attractive. You just sound like someone who lives for human attention in some measure of desperation. I'm sorry but secretly we all know the vile things you'd do for attention and love in the real world though. You won't say it here but you'll turn around and do desperate stupid things for love and approval. I know from life experience ill probably have zero respect for you at all. I've heard it all a million times before and it's only becoming more clear to me everyday.

And while were on it people themselves are usually just as draining suffocating and selfish. I will never buy the lie that people aren't pigs either. They ware all wretched backwards creeps in some aspect of their lives. They are such liars just like you are being right now. Two faced. Tedious. Suffocating. Stupid beyond belief. You underestimate how much people make my skin crawl honestly. Behind closes doors they're waiting to tear something new apart, it doesn't matter what. They're wastes of space 9 times out of 10.

Anonymous 109712

You sound bitter i think op is just a social retard like most people who would say these things

Anonymous 109713

The peak of human existence is enjoying life free of moid related hells which you've obviously experienced none of, otherwise you
wouldn't be fawning over crumbs from ugly ass apes. They literally look like testicles. They don't even bother to look attractive. It's like hooking up with an entire zombie apocalypse. Which goes right
out of its way to intentionally male itself as obscene and skin crawly as is humanly possible. Literally every moid Ive ever seen in most days in my life look like harry cancerous puss infested assholes.

The worst thing of all though is femininity, performance femininity, emotional labor. It's like ripping off all your skin and saying yes ill hand feed you my precious things because I'm unforgivable stupid and desperate.

The concept of love needs to be deleted from this earth so people can learn to enjoy themselves without the manipulation and lies and filth. Femininity needs to be buried 6000 feet under the Marianne trench where it can never be use like a broken Neon condom ever again.

Anonymous 109715

I have to leave because this is triggering bloodlust in me and giving me heart palpitations and chest pain. Rip their fucking eyes out with razor wire, that is all I have left to say here.

Anonymous 109717

>I still think a life without romantic love is a miserable existence

Replace ‘romantic love’ with ‘psychedelic drugs’ and you might be onto something .

Anonymous 109719

I hardly ever experience romantic love. I don't understand this. Men make me feel like my glass and my mind are being drained and always have been so I've gotta steer clear. Most especially for the sake of your mind because they will wittle away your mind from sun up to sub down until you are a shell of yourself. It's like yeah sure right uhuh I'm REALLY looking forward to real life love experiences with what are usually conditioned to be selfish opportunistic apes /s

No bitch im looking forward to fantasy or masterbation as far away from real as humanily possible.

They shit on us for fantasy after the fact we experience things like this routinely… , then look at miles and miles of empty emotionless porn? Even more proof I think their eyes should be ripped out of their sockets and sacrificed to the goddess

Anonymous 109739

Is it possible to be aromantic without being mentally ill?

Anonymous 109743

That person is describing someone who manipulates and destroys your mind for years. God you sound out of touch. Teasing????????

I totally understand there is no end with forgivenes in that case that's not hard to wrap your head around. Just fantasizing about the day some fuck breaks into your home so you can inflict your own version of massive head trauma.

For some i totally get it, there is no "wanting to go live around a moid." Because of what they've done in history. It's just that simple. Trying to describe it as asexuality or aromatic is just hilarious. It's a sunk cost fallacy plain and simple.

Most women in relationships I know
of don't get anything out if them. They lose more than they ever put in. Some people simply don't want the burden of being around that dynamic because they see that
repeatedly. Love is so secondary to money creativity fun travel adventure.

Love and loneliness are such low priorities compared to things that bring lasting joy that STAYS without becoming controlling, suffocating, nauseating. Enjoying your own space free of human bs is just priority no. 1 for some people. Time to grow up and get over it.

The only reason you're still here posting is because this makes you mad apparently ?

Anonymous 109751

>If this was true you would be doing that instead of seething at love.

To me love is just usually obscenity, it's degrading, highway robbery and to a lot of us convincing women to skip it altogether for true happiness is why we post about it.

We've obviously seen success, esp seeing how many women determine to stay single after their first relationship and opt out of marriage altogether.

You most definitely dont need a shitty moid to have connections with human beings. Some people really couldn't give a damn about that very much either.

Anonymous 109763

Nayrt, but I'm still not convinced. Perhaps this worldview makes sense in a male's mind because the chance of a man being loved for who he is is greater in a relationship with a woman, than a woman in a relationship with a man where she is likely only going to be loved for her body and service. You see this in how men leave their terminally ill wives because they are no longer useful to him. You see this in how men become slobbish a few months into the relationship because he has no reason to care for her when he has her locked in. You see this in how once a women gets pregnant or injured and can't provide sex the man is more likely to cheat or leave her, because her only worth is what she can do for him. I go on… You see this in how men lose "love" for his woman when she she has grown older and her looks have faded, because his love for her is only based in shallow attraction. Compared to women, it's like men's pairbonding is inherently broken. You don't release more oxycotin when in love. You don't develop the neurons that cause one to be emotionally obsessed with another. Men don't love women to the extent women love men.
Trying to find a man who does is like finding a needle in a haystack. It's reasonable why there are women who prefer to be alone than deal with this and the trauma that comes with dating men.

Anonymous 109775

Middle aged couples don't look like they are in love and these men jerk to teenagers online.

Anonymous 109777

Lmao 9 times out of 10 the woman raises kids and household by herself. It isn't even remotely the same they are NOT equally shitty.

Men fucking invented shitty.

And I mean my god look at how ugly masculinity is. That by itself turns me off. It's great to have female friends and relatives, you can confide in but men are insanely easily replaceable in that department.

Anonymous 109778

Couldn't have said it better.

Anonymous 109784

You can't really pull this card when most households are supported by two incomes, anon. Esepcially when women outearn men and the men stay at home nowadays.

Anonymous 109785

You realize more women own and purchase more property than men now?

If you think that's what it takes to make a relationship worthwhile LMAO

Anonymous 109786

You're the ones that beg for scraps of sex not us. It's a wakeup call when women talk about escaping to singlehood en masse. The male loneliness epidemic wasn't made up by Newsweek my friend.

Anonymous 109806

Don't reply to moids. Report and move on.

Anonymous 109809

Normies ITT are insufferable, accept that straight relationships are shitty and gross, stop talking about "love" and "healthy loving relationships uwu" it's just so cringe. Sex is gross and degrading, I feel dizzy and repulsed at the thought of my parents for example having it knowing how shitty their relationship is just as any other middle aged couple.

Anonymous 109811

i understand but what normie women? these two chains of anons are men.

Anonymous 109835

I want a relationship because I feel I missed out in something everyone at least has experienced once in their lives.
I want someone to love me and put me first for once in my life
I don’t want to be lonely anymore

Anonymous 109854

You need to learn to take care of yourself by yourself before you rely on somebody else. If you aren't already doing this and sparsely rely on people emotionally, its a sign you actually weren't neglected as much as you think. Imagine just being so used to doing it alone you don't even care to find love. It's all the same, it's just a different kind of peace alone as it is being chained to someone. Being in a relationship doesn't bring the peace solitude does imo.

Anonymous 109856

Loving someone doesn't make the world better, that's up to your own experience in your own head. If that's what you need to feel real lasting peace you are using relationships as a cope.

It's the exact same with people. If you rely on them for happiness you're setting yourself up to be let down. If anything relying on people to be happy can be one of the stupidest things you can do. Sure you should enjoy relations if you want them but relying on them for happiness is insanity.

Anonymous 109857

If you think this kind of board is an isolated phenomena you need to visit other women's spaces online. It's the tip of the iceberg. Sure it's slightly dead but I know places that sound the same with millions of members.

>One of the best exercises a person can do is trying to see the life through the perspective of someone else, having actual empathy, not seeing others as enemies or inferior, but as victims of their environment, people that have their own opinions and beliefs due to circumstances most outside their control, people who could very well be you if you lived through their side of the things.

I can have empathy from a distance moid but I won't get sucked into your loneliness sobstory, trying to school me why bliss in solitude is bad. You just want to stick your dick in at the end of the day. I'm not interested in that or love. The tradeoff isn't valuable to me. Ypu just have to learn to accept it that some people aren't motivated by relationships much, shrug.

Anonymous 109858

I want a relationship because I want to have sex with woman I trust, I guess.
Imo, romantic relationship doesn't differ much from close friendship, besides first one involving sex in it. You get same trust, same closeness, both physical(cuddles, hugs, handholding and other nonsexual physical activities) and spiritual, same likeliness of minds, same love (actual love, not just desire to shag someone).
Kek at moids ITT trying to convince women that having sex with them on constant basis is true love. That's bullshit, if you want true love, seek close female friendship.

Anonymous 109865

>Crab advice from bitter anon. Everything else is a cope from lack of love.

>Like being a workaholic or treating pets like your child.

Could you scream any louder how much you need to get your dick wet :l

Men are stupid af if they think it's not burdensome to be with a massive amount of them. It is absolutely burdensome and hellish and it's as simple as not wanting to endure most of them. No amount of love replaces peace in living free.

Anonymous 109870


>Crab advice from bitter anon. Everything else is a cope from lack of love.
>Like being a workaholic or treating pets like your child.

Rofl.. are you here to make yourself extra depressed? Cause I'm pretty sure moidposting this way incessantly on cc is how you make yourself depressed.

Anonymous 109896

They're all horrified by the plummeting birth rates that don't seem to be going anywhere. They know they're a ball and chain.

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