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Ekran görüntüsü 20…

im so insecure its insane Anonymous 108361

nonas.. i need help
im so insecure that literally hearing a moid say "i think we all can agree that boobs are great"
like idk why im like this… i couldnt finish the fucking video i literally fucking cried over it what do i do

Anonymous 108362

Body dysmorphia?

Anonymous 108363


Anonymous 108364

I don't get it, boobs are indeed great

Anonymous 108365

>couldnt finish the fucking video


Anonymous 108371

Are you old enough to post here? Your body is your body, just accept it, take care of yourself no medicinal intervention necessary, and you'll feel better.

Anonymous 108381

i know its a very juvenile insecurity to have but i never got over it

Anonymous 108382


Flat is justice.

Anonymous 108384


Body Dysmorphia is a disorder, and at least 1 in 50 suffer from it. That's a high number actually. Social media and these exaggerated super-models that you see in videogames also makes things worse. You also can't really get over it.

You can only cope.

Some ways to cope with small breasts are: humor [making fun of big breasts], rationalization [reading about big boobs problems], sublimation [adopting small breasts into an idiosyncratic fashion statement], radical acceptance [it is what it is] or reality testing [observing average looking human bodies that don't really have big, firm and round breasts].

I'm sure there are lot of videos on this topic out there that you can watch instead of triggering 40 minute videos about videogame boobies.

Anonymous 108385

>im so insecure that literally hearing a moid say "i think we all can agree that boobs are great"
That hearing that will what?

Anonymous 108388

i just realised i didnt finish my sentence it was supposed to read "im so insecure that literally hearing a moid say "i think we all can agree that boobs are great" makes me break down"
thabk you for your advice nona, appreciate it

Anonymous 108492

Here's a tip on insecurity about your body: literally everyone feels it. You can either let the negativity sit in your head or you can force yourself to get over it by being positive.

There are few naturally positive people, most are forcing it because they need to to make it through. This has been true since the dawn of humanity. Find a positive hobby to help you through the day to day, it makes it easier.

Anonymous 109035

Avoid social media like the plague, I recently saw a girl on Twitter posting a pic of another girl with confirmed eating disorders, with the title "I will never have this body" and some dipshit went ahead and agreed with her saying the girl with the head the same diameter as her waist was just naturally gifted lmao

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