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Anonymous 108413

i will probably be alone forever. im from small country (~5 million people) so the amount of lesbians and bi women is already very low itself. on top of this im short, ugly and extremely shy. there is literally no one out there for me, all the girls either mog me or im not their type.

i stalked some ppl i know from school or camps (which some of were lgbt) and they all seem to have had female x female related in the past like they have found someone from irl to date. teen romance is something i will never experience and their pure joy and whatnot.

Anonymous 108414

Have you tried (lesbian) dating apps? Or are they infested with troons in your country too?

Anonymous 108416

i tried tinder but deleted it because everyone were out of my league. i cant dowload her because it's only on google store and i dont wanna send picture of my passport to google to verify me so yeah

Anonymous 108420

everyone I know who did the teen romance thing (including myself) is no longer with their partner from back then. there's no love like your first one, so to have it wasted on someone you don't end up marrying is actually really sad. it's a lot better if you just wait until you're like almost 30 and date some professional you could actually marry. that's what i wish i did at least.

Anonymous 108421

>teen love
I thought this psyop was only on 4chan. I'm surprised to see this here as well

Anonymous 108425

I really understand. I dream of becoming a heterosexual in many ways because there is no active lesbian/bisexual femtocell community that is not given to feel mutual love. I understand that it's natural that no one likes freaks like me. But it does not cancel the pain.

Anonymous 108426

I never said it wasn't. I simply stated that the >missed on teen love, missed on life meme is overly simplistic and is spreading

Anonymous 108428

As an inexperienced almost-30-y/o you'll be vulnerable to abuse and prone to spend the rest of your life with someone shitty. You'll spot the signs later than anyone else and it'll be very hard to leave since you've finally found a basket to put all your eggs in.

Moreover your partner will still have fucked around - or in the case of an inexperienced moid, he'll have spent half his life rubbing shoulders with deranged incels and ranting about enslaving and pouring acid over women for simultaneously being whores and waiting for Prince Charming.

Anonymous 108539

>there's no love like your first one
Yes and that's a good thing. First loves are almost always awkward, when you're inexperienced and don't know and understand yourself well yet or what you need out of love/a relationship.

Putting first love on a pedestal like that is weird, like why? Do you think people aren't capable of making new genuine connections throughout their lifetime? That's a limiting believe.


This is even sadder. So YOUR first love is like nothing else because MOIDS supposedly pair bond? At least make it about yourself if you're going to put your first love above anything after.

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