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terminally alone Anonymous 109061

recently a girl quit at work who had only met me twice bc i had "off vibes" and its not the first time something like this has happened. i try hard to make friends but they always fuck me over or stop liking me or never even like me in the first place. i dont mean to be off putting. i dont know whats wrong with me. i see other autistic ppl like on tiktok have loads of friends but i am just offputting to everyone and i dont know how to change that. i was always the girl getting bullied in highschool and now that ive left, its the same things, pretty popular girls treat me like a freak once i open my mouth. how do i be popular. how do i be normal

Anonymous 109064

im not boring but all my interests are weird or niche ig, im not fat and i am conventionally attractive but its the talking to people thats hard, i try to do the normal nice friend things and ask people about themselves and it usually works for a few interactions but then they end up thinking im weird and have weird opinions (radfem)

Anonymous 109065

Quitting a job because one felt "off vibes" with ONE coworker they have only met TWICE…
Idk about this, seems so extreme that I wonder if there not more to it. She prolly already wanted to quit and needed justification.

How do I be normal?
I imitate ppl, with limited success.
I am somewhat functional.

Anonymous 109066

there were some other work related reasons i was just explicitly mentioning by name but i really didnt even talk to her other than when i told her i didnt want to go to therapy and she went on a rant abt therapy saving her life

Anonymous 109067

Maybe, just maybe, very controversial topics are to be avoided during first encounters.
What about the weather, shows and whatnot?

Anonymous 109069

What did the original post say?

Anonymous 111007

Eta inker

Anonymous 111008


Anonymous 111009

Almost there

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