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Anonymous 109128

I have a strong feeling I will end up:
1. homeless
2. addicted to drugs
3. in jail
4. dead
5. all 4

And it’s all my fault. I don’t even want to try anymore. I have a strong feeling I am experiencing negative karma. That, or my family is cursed. I feel like it’s all a part of my destiny. What is some people are meant to die by their own hands and that is God’s plan for them. For them to die.

Even if this is all a test, I’m not strong.

Anonymous 109131

why dont you just take a chill pill.

Anonymous 109132

karma isnt real, that's why horrible people like jeff bezos are rich and happy. you'll be fine

Anonymous 109134

your fate is in your own hands. in my experience it is easier to believe that a higher power is persecuting you than to accept reality. maybe you were also legitimately persecuted when you were young by people who had power over you. im not amateur psychoanalysing you, it is simply my own experience.

Anonymous 109136

I've have ended up like that if not for my parents and leeching on them while being a NEET. It's a depressing life.
There's definitely something cosmic out there that's ruining my life, or at least directing it. I'm hoping for something to happen in a few days and if it works then it's like… all these years of depression and loneliness would mean something, that all these events happened because I was "destined" to be at a specific location at a specific time.

Didn't his wife and 4 kids leave him?

Anonymous 109155

Ok but why

Anonymous 109162

Everything in my life has comically gone bad in these past 2 years. I’ve taken L after L. Even this year is starting off terrible with me having bad anxiety.

I feel like in 2021 I was experiencing good karma after being wronged by my childhood. I must’ve mistreated the gifts I was given because it’s been nothing but bad experiences since.

I don’t even want to hope or dream about anything anymore because there is a strong sense of doom, with a knowing that it will most likely flop. It’s not “pessimism”. It’s a matter of patterns.

Life has humbled me over and over again to the point that I don’t want to celebrate anything I have. Even expressing gratitude to my self alone feels like I’m bragging and will eventually be hit with some bad karma.

I don’t plan for anything anymore and
no longer trust my judgement.

I want to say there’a been meaning to this this whole time but I think I know the sad, truer alternative that there never was. There was no “lesson learned” or “person I met who changed my perspective”. Just hardship.

But life isn’t a movie, anyways.

Anonymous 109200

I'm in my flop era too. I think I will be entering my success era soon. It was all really a part of my character arc. It's only up from here!

Anonymous 109203

That's not called destiny, it's called fate

Destiny is the good ending, fate is the bad ending

Anonymous 109287


The thing that I >>109136 mentioned happened and I feel like I failed at it. I was supposed to present a demo class where I taught zoomers but I started to ventilate and abruptly end the class once the time ran out. Some of the students gave honest feedback that I sucked at it. I'll still get the job because of nepotism but I don't feel happy about it at all.

You're right nona.

Nothing good ever happens in my life. It's just a series of rock bottoms after rock bottoms. I thought this incident and getting a job will change my life and I'll get back up but all I feel right now is that I've sunken lower than I was as a NEET and that I've done some irreparable damage to my life.

I really wish I could adopt a I don't care mindset about life from now but I've been thinking about everything for so long that my head is hurting and I can't sleep anymore. Everyone around me are asking me to relax but nobody is telling me how to do that.

Nothing is going to get better on it's own.

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