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stupid moid bf won’t stop looking at girls online Anonymous 109246

I found out my bf had been searching up girls on IG and saving photos of egirls on twitter after I’ve told him a million times that it makes me feel like shit. I’ve also found memes that he saved basically fetishizing girls like me and making fun of one of my past suicide attempts.
I feel so stupid for staying but I legitimately feel like nobody else would want me. I have no other friends and no money and I’d be completely alone if I didn’t have him even though I can’t fucking stand him. Im mentally ill as fuck and super mid and nobody really shows any interest in me.
It disgusts me that he’s saving pictures of what he wishes I looked like and doesn’t understand why it makes me upset. I fucking hate moids so much but I don't want to be completely alone.

Anonymous 109247

You will change and heal after you leave him, and then you will never have to deal with this again. You think now that no one else will want you, but that is just an illusion caused by your warped sense of self.

Anonymous 109248

He obviously doesn’t love you. Consider sucking up to him completely and taking him out for a nice romantic day. Do cringe romantic shit for a bit. You’ve probably learned a bit of what makes him happy till now. Act like the perfect girlfriend for him. Make him feel amazing and let him know how much you appreciate him and love him. Then ghost.

Anonymous 109258

So you’re both settling?

Anonymous 109318

>found memes that he saved basically fetishizing girls like me
Are you asian?

Anonymous 109328

Leave him and start glowing up. The glow up journey is actually a lot of fun. Start taking care of yourself and spoiling yourself

Anonymous 109671

I feel your pain nona. My bf looks at mainly pics of pretty women, usually face included, sometimes fully clothed. He googled tiny naked teen with big tits once and i literally puked. (im 5'0, 18, healthy weight, small tits)

I ended up drinking 1l vodka a day and left detox last week. Its hell.
He got me away from being trafficked at 17 (told him i was 20 at first), he took me in when mum kicked me out, funded my cocaine and alcohol addiction so i wouldnt go back into sex work. made me feel valued and loved and at that point i understood how horrific people had treated me. then he shat on it.

My heads too clouded to explain it better. I cant even think about other options i feel like a zombie.

Anonymous 109957

damn truth

Anonymous 110015

How the fuck you guys settle for the lowest of the low?
I might be autistic too (extremely insecure even tho people called me cute all my life, lost my virginity at the age of 20 after dating this guy for 6 months to make sure I loved him.) But holy shit I would never settle for these subhuman males that can't even have the minimal respect when in a relationship.
And yes, my bf is a college dropout bum as well who at best gets a part time job once in a while, but at least he gives me quality time, cuddles, snuggles, pillowtalk and doesn't look at other girls/cheat on me with porn, and I have enough money to sustain both us so NEET'ing aint a problem.

Anonymous 110022

So look at hot bish moids online and read tons of yaoi.

Anonymous 110027

Not to be rude but this is literally the "first world problems" equivalent to relationships.
Even in the best relationships you will be facing much much worse challenges together, if this is enough to derail thing now, you aren't ready for a serious relationship.

I remember how when my mom and dad were unwinding in the evening in their room, my mom reading and my dad watching a film, they would casually comment on the women when there were naked/sexy scenes. The boobs on this one, are the real/not etc. My mom did it in the most casual way possible, couldn't care less if my dad was enjoying a nice pair or a steamy sex scene.

Anonymous 110044

Nah its weird to be constantly looking at pics of girls online when you have a gf, you literally have a real life girl you could look at and do stuff with and are ogling photoshopped onlyfans chicks online instead, wack

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