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Anonymous 109487

I've never been catcalled. I'm pretty. Why?

Anonymous 109489

Catcalling isn't really a thing in civilized countries anymore. I've literally only been catcalled once, and it was by a couple middle schoolers when I was in high school. Don't sweat it OP.

Anonymous 109491

Quit lying to yourself, you are a femcel like the rest of us.

Anonymous 109495

do you do outside at all?

Anonymous 109498

it tends to happen more in metropolises and in sketchier areas at that

Anonymous 109501

im quite pretty as well and never been catcalled, but i would attribute that to living in a rural, all white, middle-class area. catcalling rly only occurs where there are a lot of immigrants and day laborers outside etc. dw!

Anonymous 109553

You dummy..

Anonymous 109579

Yeah, you probably just live in a nice area. It happens to me in sketchy places full of homeless or very poor people. Or you exude confidence, they pick on girls who won't retaliate or call them out too.

Anonymous 109580

i mean do u dress in tight pants/shirts/revealing clothing? usually that’s what it takes + being pretty

Anonymous 109581

good news, you're not pretty

Anonymous 109613

not pretty enough obviously

Anonymous 109615

I’m ugly asf and I’ve been catcalled maybe it’s just you

Anonymous 109643

you are either delusional women that think cat calling is a compliment or moids pretending to be women that wish to be catcalled

Anonymous 109670

You could be pretty. Maybe you look more cute to people. How do you dress?

Ime its usually average women who get catcalled the most.

Anonymous 109707

>wanting bottom of the barrel moids hollering at you


Anonymous 110003

I think it's a compliment. Means I am not ugly as fuck.
(Never been catcalled)

Anonymous 110107


On the internet it's a different story but I've noticed men IRL are intimidated by me. I'm not especially imposing, and though pretty mediocre looking, I've seen uglier girls harassed. it's my vibe. I have an aura that's scary to men. This is one of the few things I actually like about myself, and when men do harass me I have nary a problem telling them to fuck off.

Anonymous 110123

Your morphology is just excessive technology. You have been stripped of sociological stress. Your unconscious mind is likely OOP. You're just autistic as your biological fields. Do you even have a soul, universal cadaver? I hail you to service.

Anonymous 110136

My main downside is that the type of moids who do see me as harassable are the worst of the worst. It's a double edged sword. The fifth dimension spergery does not stop them all

Anonymous 110236

Me, too.
Though I have a weird power where even the freaks don't harass me, they pursue me earnestly in romance. This is awful in a different way.
Last one was a man who I didn't know was banned from half of the campus for sexually harassing women. He treated me so innocently it was fucking bizarro. (Never liked him and ran the fuck away after finding out)

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