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Anonymous 109577

My OCD is so bad I just paid $90 for a vet to tell me my dog is perfectly fine and extremely healthy for her age. I went in the car and cried cause I was so relieved.
How do you challenge or soothe yourself when you get obsessive thoughts?

Anonymous 109595

Surely there must be self-help books that teach you ways to cope if you can't/don't want to go to therapy?

Anonymous 109596

I do go to therapy
Your ocd thoughts don’t just magically go away

Anonymous 109598

not with that defeatist attitude

Anonymous 109602

dont ban me for silly reasons like this again OP

Anonymous 109619

Sure but shouldn't your therapist be teaching you coping strategies?

Anonymous 109675

Not at all
You can reduce them, With therapy and medication. But you’re still going to get them. Be more mindful of stupid shit you say.
Maybe don’t say stupid shit
She does and she says that what I did was completely fine. There’s no harm in making sure my dogs are okay for my own peace of mind. I also take medication for intrusive thoughts as well doesn’t mean they just poof disappear.

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