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self loathing Anonymous 109603

Does anyone have any advice on how to cope with self hatred? I can't even function anymore because every single second of every single day I'm thinking about how much I hate myself or fantasizing about being someone else. I'm really at the end of my rope.

Anonymous 109604

Invest into religion.

Anonymous 109605

terrible idea

zoloft and making friends helped me

Anonymous 109606

terrible idea, don't take amphetamine. Friends are good if you can make 'em. Why don't you become someone else if you want it so much?

Anonymous 109607

>become someone else
easier said than done

Anonymous 109609

Terrible idea if you're not ready to give up shitty worldly desires such as frying your brain with anime and porn.

Anonymous 109610

Self hatred is a manufactured psyop by the basement dwellers on imageboards so that you succumb to their demands more easily.

Grow beyond that, fight the odds. Row row fight the powah

Anonymous 109616

Self hatred is internalized hate. So at some point, someone prominent in your life didn't like you and/or wasn't very nice to you, and you internalized their false views and beliefs about you - and now you do their job for them, and see the same hatred in most relationships and interactions you have.
>how to cope?
1 - Work on your self image, your beliefs about yourself: what are they? (take a time to think about it and actually write them down).
2 - Compare them to reality (reflect on the past, observe the present, find examples, ask friends, family for their advice).
3 - Test these false beliefs and make them wrong (put yourself in situations).
If you believe: I'm mean with my friends. First you find examples of it in your life, find examples of the contrary. Which are the more numerous? Ask (proprer, decent, trustable) people around you what do they think. Then, actually be nice, take a note of it and realize the belief is wrong.
Do this for every shitty wrong belief you carry about yourself. It takes time but it's worth it.
Additional tools:
-therapy can be a good crutch and helps not giving up on this long work.
-A diary help you keep tract of events (because if you have false beliefs about yourself, you don't see reality right; the diary helps remaining anchored to reality, vent frustration etc.).
-A change of environment. Can be as simple as a new hobby with new people. It allows you to be you, without the baggage, and helps realizing how false are those beliefs that undermine yourself.
-Thinking about what you want to be/become. There's hope, there's desire for a better life, nurture it sketching it (in your diary etc.).

You won't realize you're a saint, but you will realize that you are human, with flaws, and not the evil insignificant monster you think deserve all that hate.

Anonymous 109646

Maybe it takes practice, but I do not attach myself to my thoughts. My mind has been much quieter in recent years.

Anonymous 109665

I used to hate myself too Nona.
Honestly, just one day you get sick of it and decide to do something about it, at least that was the case for me.
Know that you're probably not an irredeemable monster, and you know yourself best; work on what you're lacking in.

Anonymous 109680

I must stop thinking of myself as a person

Anonymous 109684

Or we gnc's could just stick all of you faggots in a gaschamber ?

I'm tired of breathing the same air as you femcel masochist filth. I used to try and try to be sympathetic and understanding but you go back to shitty men and abuse yourselves in perpetuity. Kicking your pathetic asses down the street eternally for performance feminity which makes you act sound and post like corpses anyway

Stop pretending like its is worth anything real, kicking yourself down the street with it every damn day of your life.

just get at the back of the line where you're so desperate to be anyways, I guess.

I have no sympathy anymore none whatsoever faggots

Anonymous 109688

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