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Anonymous 109677

>tried to kms with 10mg of Xanax
>tried to kms with 800mg of Benadryl
>tried to kms with an entire bottle of codeine syrup
>tried to kms with 5000mg of Robaxin

Am I immortal or just bad at dying. I’m not very tall or heavy, these all should be lethal doses and I didn’t get treatment for any of these. I just woke up the next day a bit drowsy, but fine. Not even any long lasting side effects cause my blood test and labs come back clean

Anonymous 109681

Don't try it ever again, if you do actually overdose you are gonna feel horrible pain.

Anonymous 109729

I tried again last night with 5500mg of robaxin and alcohol. I should not be alive right now but nothing works

Anonymous 109824

You are just gonna destroy your insides and live in more pain than you already are by continuously doing this, remember the consequences.

Anonymous 109828

Yes you're bad at dying. I don't want you to do it, but I'm just saying that guns, cars and rope exist and it's easy to do it with those, moids are successful at killing themselves because they use them. Using drugs is a bad idea if you don't know enough chemistry.
But you should try to vent in a thread instead.

Anonymous 109894

Girl I've tried far far worse combinations and nothing has killed me. I've had a straight up near death experience or two and am currently in the throes of a possible developing condition as consequences of my years of OD attempts and chronic self harm. I may even be dying slowly right now. It's not worth it.

Heed what >>109824 says. the only surefire way you're leaving this world is by firearm. The survival rate for pills and falls is way too high. You don't want to die badly enough that you'll have to live with the debilitating effects of it for the rest of your life

Anonymous 109897

>try to blow your brains off
>misangle the firearm by some nanodegree
>boom now you’re alive, the lower part of your face is a ruin and you’re probably blind from the shrapnel of the literal bones in your face incinerating in on themselves
>modern medicine will spare no expense to keep you alive
>in 6 months the doctors will reconstruct a semblance of a human face from the fat off your ass
>in 2 years if you’re lucky you’ll get a whole ass face transplant and still look like a monstrous inhuman puppet while people on the internet celebrate your life, the life you so desperately tried to end, as stunning and brave.

Suicide is cringe. Natural death is the way to go.

Anonymous 109898

You don’t actually want to die. Use that thing between your ears (if you still have it and if it didn’t already turn into mucus from all the chemicals you tried to OD on with) and get yourself into a psychiatric facility. Jesus fucking christ, help yourself to get help.

Anonymous 109908

What if I've already been in 6 different psych hospitals and 4 different rehabs for a total of 2.5 years in institutions? What if it got me clean but I still want to kill myself every day? What if I see a therapist once a week and it does not help even a little?

Anonymous 109909

You force yourself to stay alive every fucking day until that little part of your brain nagging you to kick the bucket gets smaller and smaller or it gets easier to ignore it for fuck’s fucking sake. Life is a bitch and with your luck you’ll die by natural causes.

tl,dr: have a kid and your neurosis will be transferred to another entity

Anonymous 109910

>have a kid and your neurosis will be transferred to another entity
This is what my mom did to me and it is largely why I am what I am. No thanks. Appreciate it anyway, though, but I'm going to shoot myself when I get my next paycheck. Have a good day, genuinely.

Anonymous 109912

Oh nona. You too. I genuinely hope you find something to live for even if it was just spite.

Anonymous 109924

>10mg of xanax
come one buddy thats just a regular dose.
Most of the substances you listed aren't even toxic

Anonymous 109931

Not saying to lull yourself or anything, but those are the most pathetic, melodramatic, teenager, cry-for-attention suicide attempts I’ve ever heard. No you’re not immortal or “bad at dying” you idiot. May as well drink 6 red bulls in a day and call that a suicide attempt too because that can be lethal for some people, too. Holy fuck. What an idiotic pussy.

Seriously get some help from a therapist or buy a gun or something you retard.

>10 mg of xanax and Benadryl and codeine didn’t kill me, am i immortal?

LOLOLOL. Funniest and most retarded thing I’ve read all day.

Anonymous 109935

>I'm going to shoot myself when I get my next paycheck
Please don't. You've made it through addiction you can get past this. I believe in you.

Anonymous 110106


NTA but I agree nona.

My body feels like death. I have self harm induced nerve filth and have been playing medication roulette as a result of the widespread damage all my attempts to either self medicate, harm, or kill myself have left. Because of the pain my body was put through am forced to appreciate living in a corrupted, sick vessel. But now it is such a thing that sparks life within my broken self.

Anonymous 110112

Reminds me of when I tried to kms with a shitty crusty craft blade like, the chinese small ones. There was a slip moment where I could properly think wow. this is ridiculous. Didn't even make a scratch before I doom bursted into tears but yeah the whole ordeal is still so funny to me LOL

Anonymous 110118

OP, these are some really piss poor suicide methods. Never ever try to ingest a substance to kill yourself, it will most likely not work, and it will be quite an agonizing death. Especially OTC shit because it's designed with the idea that the consumer is a complete retard in mind. Now, there are a couple of substances worth ingesting, but I'm not going to name them, and you must take another substance with them. But, you may want to look into some DBT worksheets online.

Anonymous 110232

I don't understand why people use less effective methods of suicide like overdose. You are more likely to give yourself brain damage or stay in pain for long.

Anonymous 110233

What do you recommend? :)

Anonymous 110382

My worst cuts were all accidents and my measly teeny baby cuts were all intended to be far worse. That is how it be

Anonymous 110411

i am a 20 and have completely failed at life and my parents are throwing me out so i am going to hang myself bye

Anonymous 110412

>Permanent solution to a temporary problem
I believe you are better than this nona. Please don't.

Anonymous 110414

>i am a 20 and have completely failed at life
In what way? 20 is still pretty young

Anonymous 110417

I've been wondering if some part of the neck muscles are still too thick for a kitchen knife to go through. It's been too long I've handled meat but I remember muscles can be so weird like they would just wiggle instead of being perforated.

Anonymous 110502

Do you have any friend you can stay with anon? Please you're only 20 wait until you're at least 25 to dictate your idea of failure

Anonymous 110533

its a misconception that you can overdose on otc benadryl like its heroin or something. It will cause liver damage and eventually liver failure, and that will take weeks of agonizing pain to kill you.

also you're gonna think about this in like 10 years and be very happy that it didn't work, all you have to do to get there is literally just wait.

Anonymous 110536

10mg xanax is a normal dose and it's very hard to OD on

once i drank a whole bottle of morphine and nothing

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