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Wanting to die Anonymous 109723

I often want to kill myself after getting gaslighted by other women online like there's literally no hope, women who are different always get punished and can't ever express their minds freely

Anonymous 109725

Why do you let other people's opinion have so much power over you?

Anonymous 109728

I knew someone is gonna said that and it makes me feel even worse. I got my mental health ruined by these pieces of shit and people just reply with ignorant shit like this as if being misunderstood isn't something that causes a severe mental harm to people.

Anonymous 109754

If you're so concerned about your mental health, maybe you shouldn't hang around imageboards; coming back to the place where you keep getting your feelings hurt qualifies as self-harm.

Anonymous 109764

Retarded subhuman tyrant shut up incapable of discussions

Anonymous 109768

Getting my mental health ruined by bitches who can't even act human around their nigels cause they will break up with them. Getting my mental health ruined cause I am smart and can perceive patterns and come to reasonable conclusions about which I got gaslighted every single day of my life and made to feel crazy.

Anonymous 109769


>this thread

Anonymous 109788

Grow thicker skin jesus fuck

Anonymous 109812

You should ask yourself why you choose to complain about it on one of the less compassionate places in the world.

Anonymous 109814

Stop making excuses for the tyranny.

Anonymous 109826

I'm stating a fact, not excusing anything. Imageboards are not compassionate places, yet she chooses to complain about Nonas lacking compassion here. I don't think entertaining her neurosis is gonna help her; she needs to see reality.

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