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Talk about relationships of all kinds, ask for advice, or just vent

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Anonymous 109730

i feel annoyed that lot of the posts here are about relationships or other normie bs. this website supposed to be for us yet these women who are normal come here and brush their relationships and norminess on our faces. pure suicidefuel. it's so fucking annoying i have hard time even controlling myself

Anonymous 109731

There is no normal anymore.

Anonymous 109733

what you mean

Anonymous 109734

I don't care about the relationship talk but perhaps adding a filter to this website wouldn't be so bad.

Anonymous 109737

I agree. Coming here hearing about dumbfuck women trashing themselves for men who will most likely treat them like garbage makes me want to throw up.

Anonymous 109746

I want to suggest adding a /relationships/ boards to this imageboard.

Anonymous 109882

I was told this was a femcel site and joined for the heck of it. Turns out the majority of women here talk about their boyfriends as if they're gods and hate lesbians. Which is so weird because growing up, I always believed liking girls while being a girl was one of the most feminine things to do. Relationship threads clog up the board so much and when it's not about their boyfriends it always about some guy in their life (crush, father, brother, etc.) it's always men this, men that. It's getting repetitive atp.

Anonymous 109888

What makes cc different is the fact that it’s one of the few internet spaces that fully embraces hatred of men. You can speak about other shared female experiences on any other site and even trash-talk men (to an extent), but cc is the only place where you can have a pick-me-less discussion on sexist experiences and unapologetically call out shitty male behaviors without being questioned. I can see why most of us come on here to let it out and complain about them because my god they’re fucking everywhere

Anonymous 109891

Touch grass

Anonymous 109999

You could get a bf too if you tried

Anonymous 110000

Having a bf/gf doesn't make you normal.
t. mentally ill goofball

Anonymous 110011

well it does if you consider normal as "in the norm", the average.

Anonymous 110012

Both you and the said bf can be hikkis / schizos / insane etc. How is this normal?

Anonymous 110032

This. I hate people who have relationships. It should be illegal to have sex. We need to make our own new normalfag-free imageboard with blackjack and hookers.
>Both you and the said bf can be hikkis / schizos / insane etc. How is this normal?
If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, then it implies that you are normal enough for a relationship.

Anonymous 110033

Do you consider serial killers who had girlfriends/boyfriends (that they killed) to be normal?

Anonymous 110034

Absolutely. Ted Bundy is a massive normalfaggot. Actually, I'd consider normalfaggotry to to be an attenuated form of the hypersocial traits of sociopathy.

Anonymous 110035

Define "normal" then. The conventional meaning is a lack of disorders, which sociopathy is an example of. According to that, a sociopath isn't normal. You seem to reject this definition though, so I'm curious to know what your version is.

Anonymous 110037

Alright, then. A normalfag, in my eyes, is someone who is not a KHHV and not connected to the social matrix. The social matrix consists of social norms, the hierarchy structure, and other things. Normalfags operate on group think as a result of their connection to the social matrix. They will agree with ideas regardless of whether they are objectively correct because of this connection. As a result of this, it is difficult for normalfags to go against ideas that go against the social grain. An example of this is why people trusted scientists during COVID - because of their perceived social position rather than evaluating their claims. This also goes for people who are perceived to have "higher" status in a social group. Generally, normalfags internalize societal standards and choose to judge people based on them, whether they are objectively correct or not. It's why people mock socially inept individuals who are harmless but worship Ted Bundy, and that's because Ted Bundy is fundamentally more relatable to them because he is charismatic. As a result of this connection to the hierarchy, they are constantly virtue signalling and using performative social behaviors to boost their own status. It is why people are overly politically correct. They deeply fear being different that they will intensely alter their own behavior to avoid being perceived as "cringe." They resort to social manipulation and games in order to participate in the hierarchy. However, their minds utilize defense mechanisms in order to draw the individual away from the fact that this is occurring.

Anonymous 110038

**connected to the social matrix
Their minds seek to use random justifications for arbitrary characteristics about themselves about themselves which may lower how themselves or others perceive them to be in the hierarchy. These self-delusion mechanisms allow individuals to lighten societal pressures on themselves. For instance, it has become increasingly common to seek out diagnoses for "mental illnesses" for behaviors that are odd but are otherwise normal. If they have a diagnosis, then they can offload their actions by saying, "Well, it was muh AyyDEE H DEE!" To backtrack on what I was saying, why do normalfags do this if they also hate mentally ill people? Well, they do hate actual mentally ill people, but they still seek out diagnoses because "mental illness," as they perceive it, is far lighter than what it actually is. Alternatively, they can justify having such ailments in themselves because they are somehow special for being normalfags. They get special normalfag privileges. Otherwise, this allows them to posture themselves as the victims while also having special snowflake benefits so they can posture themselves socially. This is happening because societal standards are becoming farther unattainable, and the pressures are increasing because we live in an over-populated hyper-competitive society. I will note, that having an actual mental illness or autism is no indicator that a person will not be a normalfag. I have observed plenty of autistic normalfags who are in relationships or are able to integrate themselves socially. What really makes a normalfag is being connected to the social matrix. A virgin can be a normalfag, provided they are connected to the social matrix. In essence, normalfaggotry is a mode of social operation.

Anonymous 110046

Fakecels, the lot of them
They come here to make fun of us, flaunting their fornicating, relationship having, intimacy experiencing ass

Anonymous 110047

alright moid

Anonymous 110049

i am not interested in moids or getting a bf.

it does.

Anonymous 110088

Well I'm an oldfag ascended femcel and need to vent about the impact the years of solitude and celibacy is having on how I do romance.
Very bad, for the record. Terrible. And I still haven't had sex somehow.

Anonymous 110115

True it's so humblebraggy and it makes me sad, I want a boyfriend..

Anonymous 110116


>/feels/ - Advice & Venting
>Talk about relationships of all kinds, ask for advice, or just vent
>relationships of all kinds
I used to feel alone and mad when I read those sex and bf threads but you just give in after a point and start to ignore them. Not like complaining is going to make them stop. They even talk about NSFW and sexual stuff in here and so I guess only /b/ has that rule to not to.

Anonymous 110117

I don't know why, but I laughed my ass off at the wording of the post. But, I'm totally with you there, girl.
Lonely, my ass. I swear, some of these chicks just come here just so that they have a way to make themselves ""unique"" and ""different,"" and ""not like all the other girls.""

Anonymous 110125

you should be banned for picrel

Anonymous 110190

What, why?

That's not a shark. It's a whale!

Anonymous 110200

Anonymous 111098

i cant help but cringe a bit when i see a nona talking about her moid. the way some people on here are so attached to men is strange considering we’re all aware of how theyre all freaks… maybe im just too far gone already but i could never imagine myself being that obsessed with a moid. im already at the point where id rather perish than have a relationship with one. theyre all the same anyway, so itd be a waste of time. le blackpilled

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