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Anonymous 109755

Am I pick me or a bad person for this? I was in a band (I play guitar) with a friend since 2023, nothing ever happened between us and we were just friends, until something happened recently. He started having a girlfriend and I really didn't see a problem because we were simply seeing each other to talk for the project, but apparently it bothered her because she started to say false horrible things about me and saying them behind my back, then i see my friend had unfollowed me on Instagram and he was no longer responding to me for like 1 week. I spoke to him to find out what was happening but he only told me that his girlfriend didn't let him have female friends and he simply blocked me. I'm really angry about this because she acuses me false things with my other friends saying that i want to "steal her boyfriend". She blocked me also after that.
I am really angry because i do nothing wrong and i just wanted to create music.
I feel sad also because i know more cases like that.

Anonymous 109756

She looks like an asshole, he is an asshole for sure.
>I am really angry because i do nothing wrong
Life in unfair like that, people can stop talking to you with no reason or worse, no good reason (makes you think about ghosting - it is not a nice thing)

Anonymous 109759

What do you think about don't let ur partner have female friends? I see that in many couples this days and all the memes making by girls saying that they want to kill all his ex girlfriends just for jelaous. It's so fucking stupid,i am the only one who SEE this like the new pick me girl? Why you should harm a girl just because she has talked with your stupid ugly moid?

Anonymous 109762

I remember when i try to be friends with a girl and a few minutes after i talked to her,she post a story saying "i am scared of making new friends because all the girls wants to steal my boyfriend" and the funniest things is that her bf its a fucking crackhead with yellow teeth and bald lol.
Why this trend about being so territorial and mean with other girls?

Anonymous 109770

Consumerism pushes people to be emotional and to listen to their every whims (because the more desire the have, the more they'll consume impulsively). Eventually, that behaviour expands to relationships which are nowadays commodified like everything else.
It's not easy remaining sane in the midst of fools.

Anonymous 109831

If you had a boyfriend, would you be okay with him seeing another girl quite often by themselves? Wouldn't you want him to prioritize his relationship with you over a friend he made only a year ago?
Be honest

Anonymous 109838

We only met to create music and with other peopl,never alone. And what is the purpose of creating those false rumors? He simply can told me that he didn't want to see me anymore and that's it. Also, why would you ruin your partner's project just for selfish intentions? sounds very controlling

Anonymous 109861

You're not answering the question, how would you feel if you had a boyfriend and he would get defensive over meeting in private a girl strange to you? It's easy to see this from the party's pov who doesn't have a stronger boundary to him, put yourself in her place.

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