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A Random Letter To The FBI Agent Watching Me/US Government Anonymous 109928

I stumbled across some old posts of my journal and found a funny entry (looking back on it) dedicated to the "FBI agent" that was watching me. Obviously it was mostly tongue-in-cheek but it was kind of interesting to read back on.

Here is a thread dedicated to random letters you want to say to your government. For venting purposes!

(Sorry if this isn't the right board for this sort of thing :P)

Anonymous 109975

Dear Government,

The state-mandated bf you assigned me is malfunctioning. He mistook his primary task of licking me like a kitten for playing shitty mobile games instead. Please fix this bug.

Also, can I get some of that oil money that you've been pocketing? Norway gives theirs to the citizens, could you please maybe also do that?

Thanks love

Anonymous 109985


Lay off the drugs <:)

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