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PCOS has ruined my life Anonymous 110226

Been diagnosed since i was 16, and all it did was give me the worst fucking acne of my life, i grow hair on my face like a man and i never have motivation to do anything. everyone is talking about how lifestyle is the biggest factor or go on this or that medicine but im from a third world country with the most controlling mother who cannot wait to marry me off. how do i even cope with this?? will i ever look like those normal woman with nice legs skinny bodies and smooth skin or am i destined to grow thick beard hairs for life

Anonymous 110239

i can assure you, that there is a man who will find you attrative. men do not care about appearance nearly as much as you think they do. just shave your face, its not like he is going to know.
>t. cystic acne haver who has a bf

Anonymous 110245

I'm also a pcos haver, I've gotten sir'd at stores on days where I had an unshaved face and my hair up in a pony. To be honest, lifestyle factors can only take you so far. I've lost so much weight and my period has become regular (until now, more on that) and painless, however, I'm still growing facial hair.
I'm mildly gender nonconforming and have a bit of a female-machismo complex, so it doesn't bother me too much in relation to my identity and individuality.
However, I do get insecure when it comes to dating. I question if men will accept my chin scragglies. I shave before dates, so they won't know, but I wish this wasn't a thing I didn't have to account for. Yes I don't have to, but I don't want to limit my dating pool. Simply, not all men are attracted with hairier girls.
I recently got on spironolactone to address the hair and acne and I'm 3 months in and my period stopped. My acne hasn't. My hair growth is slowing down at least.
I think the only thing that I can ultimately do is acceptance. I'm considering electrolysis but I'm conflicted.
I have no real advice to offer, I'm sorry, but I hope one day you can feel more comfortable.
Sometimes I feel like my body force transitions me

Anonymous 110246

>third worlder with helicopter mom who wants to arrangedmarriagemaxx
It's over unless you're Sara Ali Khan.

Anonymous 110247

There is some over the counter medicine that helps with acne if you can't see a doctor, you can take it and hide it somewhere.

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