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Who else lives like this? Anonymous 110389

This isn't my picture, but it's the way I live.

Anonymous 110390

Never that bad, but it was a mess nonetheless. Took me a few years but I got out and I live with more self-respect nowadays.

Anonymous 110397

that pic makes me nauseated

Anonymous 110690


I wish I could come clean for you, I love cleaning and sorting stuff (autist?) but I can’t manage to do it at my own place, only for friends

Anonymous 110713

Please, do. Do you live in kiwiland?

Anonymous 110905

this means new zealand right? Im too terminally online

Anonymous 110917


Anonymous 110937

Wow New zealand is a massive country. You can fit 100 New zealands in new zealand

Anonymous 110938

Checks out. Judging by this picture, NZ is about 3 times larger than Australia, and we know as common knowledge from the old Australian Curriculum (version 7) that Australia is about 29 times as large as NZ (28.68 times as big to be specific). Thus we see that if we can fit 29 NZs in 1 Aus., and 3 Aus.s in 1 NZ, then we can fit 29*3=87 NZs inside of itself. This is an impressive feat which few countries can claim!

Anonymous 110947

I live like this but it's not that bad yet.

Anonymous 110953

I'm in the process of removing a lot of stuff from the places I go. In fact, I'm taking out 10 full bags of stuff a week, in less than 3 months everything will be tidy and nice!

Anonymous 110976

I fucking hate people who live like this. It is disgusting and CHILD ABUSE. I had to grow up in a filthy house full of fucking neglect and this shit is just evidence of a twisted neglectful personality. Disgusting. You should be banned from stores and pay obscenely high property taxes if you live like this. Banned from apartments. Banned from everywhere. You should burn in hell for this it should be criminal you disgusting slobs.

Anonymous 110989

I managed to declutter a ton of my house and room starting a few months ago and it's been so much better since. I feel so lovely and freed by the reappearance of my floor

Anonymous 111020

I'm not the most organized person in the world and sometimes it gets really bad when the depression hits

Anonymous 111115

me live in akl i will come clean for you nona

Anonymous 111132

Does anyone have any cleaning tips? I tried some Marie Kondo stuff where I gathered up all the clothes I could to sort but there's just so MUCH. Gotta wash it before I donate which takes a lot of energy. What I really need to get a grip on is all the paper lying around.

Anonymous 111139

Little bits at a time and it'll eventually get done, even if it takes a year. It's good that you're getting your clothes together to donate them and that you want to wash them first. Most people aren't that considerate. My problem is I'm at the point where I don't want to get rid of any of my books even though I probably should.

Anonymous 111227

how do you even let things get that bad? it looks like an actual hazard just to walk through.

Anonymous 111232


Anonymous 111233

this is how my room feels. how do people keep their houses tidy??

Anonymous 111538

i do but i dont like bacteria and things that grow mold and clothes getting weird floor dirt on them otherwise it looks like this

Anonymous 111566

I fucking hate cleaning up my bathroom. When I'm rich I'm definitely paying someone to do it for me

Anonymous 111574

you are not normal clean your fucking room

Anonymous 111825


I’ve never been that bad (I’ll get a burst of energy to do things every month or so minimum) but one thing that helps me to keep it clean after an initial deep clean is getting a cleaning schedule (which will inevitably fall apart because life). It’s hard though, no matter how much normies say it isn’t.

Massive rant I don’t feel like deleting:
Another thing normies don’t get is how individual cleaning is. For example I can’t use picrel because I don’t have a dishwasher. Also I’ve noticed that even among “clean” normies is that they all have their own little fixations. I’ve met women who are daft about keeping their oven clean but have mouldy washing machines. I’ve met others that will have immaculate baseboards but won’t throw out wrappers they’ve shoved in drawers. Past basic hygiene it’s really just a dick measuring contest for people, don’t take cleaning social media too seriously

Anonymous 111836

First step is getting a mindset that prevents getting stuff in the first place.

What do you mean by donating? Do you mean ppl you know or some organization? If it is some organisation then forget about it and just dump your cloth. There is so much clothing around that everyone can get it, however, not everyone can get the brands they want but that's something different. What you can donate is warm jackets for homeless though if your area has cold periods. Right now our society is peak abundance and that's why it is easy to collect so much stuff not needed. So don't feel guilty when you dump perfectly fine things. Before you dump your clothing you can perhaps use some of it for cleaning

Anonymous 111840

That’s why I intend to live at home all day and do house chores while my moid slaves away at the office, so we don’t live in filth. Right now we’re both working and too tired to clean (we just do deep clean once a month which is nice the first two weeks but by the third week we live in mess — not as bad as OPs pic but we got dust, grime, etc. The bathrooms are the worst)

On the other hand we can both be dinks and hire a maid lol

I hate cleaning bathrooms when I have no energy (office, gym, revenge procrastination after work, getting up early and staying up late 5x a week..)

Anonymous 111841

I don't know how housewives can do it tbh. I'd rather slave away at the office than do house chores.

Anonymous 111842

Like bathrooms, hate kitchen

Not sure if weird, or just that bathrooms are smaller and having them clean when you use them just feels right

Anonymous 111845

My bedroom looks similar to this. I'm ashamed to say it. It's a small room too so it shouldn't be hard to keep it clean n tidy right? Except I own a lot of stuff that I don't know what to do with and I don't want to throw it all away…

Anonymous 111850


Anonymous 111854

It does NOT take effort to not live like tgey do in picrel. It is ridiculously easy to pick up things left out everyday once a day. Clean counters when they're gross.

I don't make my bed, I don't always have a sink without some dishes in it, god I don't even fold my clothes i put clean clothes in one basket and dirty in another. (unless they can easily wrinkle then I hang them in my closet). But I sure as hell put things away everyday. Vacuum the floor. Take out trash. Use dishwasher. It takes like 20 mins out of your fucking day. You don't need a detailed cleaning schedule or a plan you just tidy up when mess annoys you and your house doesn't become an abomination like that. My house is not super clean though. That is not the goal. COZYNESS and enjoying where you live is the goal. Cleaning feels like a return to cozyness. It is the feeling of cozyness itself. My home looks lived in. I have cat toys around the floor. OH NO. It takes very little effort.

Anonymous 111855

ew you're a grown adult get off your ass and clean after yourself

Anonymous 111857

Cleaning isn't really a 'chore'either unless you start forcing yourself into this elaborate list and schedule. Returning your house to coziness is calming and rewarding. It is like popping bubblewrap or using a zen sand rake.

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