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Something you wish someone would say to you Anonymous 21124

Whats something you wish someone would tell you right now?


Anonymous 21125

>"yes, your complete sexual dysfunction and numbness of sexual organs is only temporary and your vagina should return to complete function once you finish the withdrawal stage of getting off your anti-depressant"

Anonymous 21127

Hey I just read your post on crystal.cafe and I liked it and gave it a upvote

Anonymous 21128

hey i just read your post on crystal.cafe and i liked it and gave it an upvote

great job, keep it up!

Anonymous 21129

"I know you've been lonely, but I love you and want to make sure you never feel like that again. You make me feel safe and complete."

"Fuck my ass until I bleed, mommy!"

Anonymous 21130


Anonymous 21131

cute! friendly! kind! and joyful!


Anonymous 21133

"Here are tens of millions of Pounds, you might want to sort it over to Euros before late March, but other than that gl hf."

Anonymous 21134


>It's all going to be ok. You don't have to worry any more.

Anonymous 21135

“Hey here’s the all the answers for that exam you have on Monday.”

Anonymous 21145

"Hey Anon, we really like you and we want you to start working for us late September/early October! Congrats, we'll send you the paperwork for you to sign!"


"I know we haven't actually met in real life, but I like you a lot and I want to see where this relationship could go. I'm so glad you're visiting in April."

kms ;_;

Anonymous 21146


"I know you've been lonely for a long time, but I'm here and I'm not going to leave your side. I want to hold your hand."

Anonymous 21147


>you're definitely sorta weird but it isn't a deal breaker or anything
>we are friends, y'know
>so just be yourself. i like that

Anonymous 21148

lets have some cheeseburgers and then fuck in the back of my car

Anonymous 21230


I love you for who you are

Anonymous 21234

No words, I just want a hug.

Anonymous 21235

would you prefer they ask/announce the hug prior, or surprise you with the hug?

Anonymous 21240

"I think you're fine just the way you are"

Anonymous 21261

You're so beautiful, please come live with me in my huge house and marry me. While I'm at work all day, take this credit card and go shopping or do whatever you want with it. Please make sure the maids are doing their job. And please take care of my 2 very cute dogs while I'm out. Also start packing because we're going to Dubai for vacation.

Anonymous 21276

"Let me take a deep breath and eat the sandwich
I didn't want to kiss you. Your thoughts are too naive.
Please remove the defense and restrictions on the wolf
I am a good boy drinking milk before going to bed.
You are a beautiful girl but I want to go home
You said that you and your parents are quarreling to stay at my house tonight.
Stay and live, anyway, my home is big enough.
I have to sleep on a big bed, where do you like to sleep?"

Anonymous 22178

you are beautiful just the way you are, let's cuddle now!

Anonymous 22179


"I thought you were really cute when I first saw you and wanted to get to know you better, and now that I did I know you're so much more than just cute.

I know you might be a bit damaged and sad sometimes but I want to support you through everything and I know you would do the same for me. You aren't broken to me, and I know you can love and be loved back. I know that because I love you.

I won't be like anyone else who you had trouble with, even if you don't believe me at first, I know you'll see that it's true. We can spend the rest of our lives together, we can hold hands and walk through the autumn leaves, walk through the snow, sit together under the sun in summer, and enjoy spring blossoming together. We're in this together now, and with me here you'll never feel alone again.

You make me genuinely happy and I love being around you."

nobody will ever tell me this

Anonymous 22181

>here's next weeks lottery numbers

Anonymous 22182

right in the feels

Anonymous 22191

I want this and not my kink but you do you anon
I actually teared up over this one.

God I want a bf/gf now

Anonymous 22195

I'm so jaded if anyone ever actually said something like this to me I would be 100% sure they were some kind of narcissistic psychopath just lovebombing me so they can inflict abuse later.

People who are genuinely like that aren't even real

Anonymous 22205

I want to be close with a friend like that. :_(

Anonymous 22400


Sounds awful Stacy to me sis

Anonymous 22448


tfw when no qt socially awkward yet supportive bf

>Hey anon, what's your number?– S-sorry… Was that weird? I-I don't wanna come off as weird!

>Here anon, need some help with that? … Woah, don't get defensive. I'm only here to help, honest!

>… Well, lately you've seemed pretty out of it, so I thought you mind need some help!– S-since we're coworkers, y'know?

>I'm just here to make sure you'll actually do it. … Don't give me that look, we both know you can be preeetty lazy, anon.

>H-huh?- Anon, don't you get what I mean? … Please don't make me say it… I-I-I like you! I like you a lot anon! Probably from the day I asked you for your number!

>I like you even with all your bad points! I can handle whatever you dish out, anon! Just give me a chance! … Please don't laugh/make that face, I was actually trying to sound serious.

Anonymous 22449

Sounds like an otome game character

Anonymous 22465

You could probably replace bf with gf and post that on 4channel

Anonymous 22672

I will unironically post on certain imageboards larping as a man with similar fantasies lmao

Anonymous 22716

i love you. i dont want you to thiink youre ever alone

Anonymous 22741

everything is going to be alright

Anonymous 22775

>I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Anonymous 22776

frien time.jpg

I just want to cuddle

Anonymous 22779

>"Take this rifle, today we bring down the regime!"

Anonymous 22805


>You're my hero!
>I'm really proud of you.
>I understand.
>Of course I meant it.

Anonymous 22810

>You're my hero!
Damn. You didn't have to hit below the belt you know.

Anonymous 22813

>I used to be a fucking loser like you but look where I'm now. You can do it too, anon.
Followed by a step-by-step guideline on how they got out of their loserdom.

Anonymous 22835

These may be too specific but..
>"I think you're really cool. I know things might not work out, but I'm willing to try."
>"It's been a while since we last spoke, but I just want you to know that I've been thinking about you everyday since we stopped talking."
>"I came back to tell you that you're still the one I think about everyday."

Anonymous 22845

"I miss you. I wanna be friends again."

Anonymous 23002


>you’re really cute
>you’re a lovely lady
>can I see your hand

Anonymous 23004


>You're one of the strongest people I know
>You'd make such a great mom! have actually been told this multiple times, die inside every time
>You're really good at this anon, can you explain how -circuits, car motors, insert one of my hobbies here- work?
>You're a fair, just, and highly respectable person
>When I'm having a difficult time in life, I am reminded of you/some conversation I had and I can stay strong
>You want to be in the Army/Be an Engineer/Tradesperson? That's so badass!
>Any man would be lucky to have you as his wife also been told this multiple times, RIP.jpg

Anonymous 23005

You wanna be a ground pounder? I got mad respect for that.

Anonymous 30622

“It’s okay not to like something the rest of the group does. Let’s talk about something you like so you don’t feel lonely and left out.”
“You don’t need to be defensive and serious all the time. Let’s have a fun, casual conversation.”

Anonymous 30625

This, a thousand times this.
>wow, even though you're half retarded you've come this far
>you'd make a great mom
>look honey, I bought us a dog!
>life gets better from here, trust me
>what's your favorite anime? Video game? Book? What cool new ideas do you have for a story? Oh my god what a great drawing.

Anonymous 30627

Hey, I know you're having a hard time lately, but just try to relax. Everything is going to be okay.


Hey, what's your name? You maybe want to hang out, walk around the city a while? I make pretty good company, I've got Yelp reviews to prove it.

Anonymous 30640

If just one half of that kind of, sort of, at least partially applies to you, you're an amazing person.

Anonymous 30646

"You're so funny! I love being around you!"

"Hey, I saw your creations, you're really talented! Why don't you come to our next game? We'd love to have someone like you around"

"I missed you, welcome home"

"I know you're going through hard times right now, and that's okay, we understand. Me and the rest of our friend group really love you and value you. We won't give up on you!"

insert here something a cute bottom girl trying to flirt would say

"I loved our date! When is the next one going to be?" (from the same cute bottom)

insert here what the cute bottom would say if I hadn't just kissed them

"Hey, you got the job. You don't need to come to the interview, it's already yours. Yeah. Because we like you that much"

"Holy shit! You just got 100k deposited into your account! What the fuck!? You're rich!!" i know its not actually even that much but at the place i am rn 100k might as well make me dirt rich

"I know you're not doing so good mentally. Here. your next appointment with a therapist is x/x/x. you don't need to pay for it. I'm sure they're the perfect fit for you. Also, while you're here, here are fully paid nutritionist and physical therapy appointments along with any physician appointments you might need!"

Anonymous 32150

"you are special and deserve more"

Anonymous 32151


''I really liked you and wished we would have gotten together''

Anonymous 32152


>I miss you

Anonymous 32153

>You won a $_______!!!!!

>I'm sorry, but you only have three months to live….

>I love you (they actually mean it and not just trying to use me)

>If you press this button you can go to any world or reality of your choosing. And you can live any life that you want.

>Crongrats you've been approved for your grant

Anonymous 32155


>tfw I have a socially awkward bf that has said most of these, or a variation, to me.

It's pretty neat tbh. I might keep this one

Anonymous 32157

"It is not worth the bother of killing yourself, since you always kill yourself too late."

Anonymous 32165

>You have the job and can start tomorrow!

>I respect your decision to not to have children.

>It's okay to be average.

Anonymous 32201

>You are incredibly sexy and I really want to fuck you

Anonymous 32212

>Oh hey you look like you're suffering every waking second of your life, would you like me to take you out back and shoot you?

Anonymous 32413

"I'm at the airport in your town, and I'm staying untill your birthday, babygirl! Come pick me up!"

Anonymous 32417

>Hey anon, are you doing anything for new year's? I'm having some friends over for a little celebration, I thought you might like to join us!

Anonymous 32420

> Hey anon i am going to be alone on new years- Wh-what you are too? well we can hang out.. If you want.

Anonymous 32555

That I should just sleep now and stay home tomorrow.

Anonymous 32569

"Hey, how are you, we haven't talked in a while. Wanna get some coffee tomorrow?"

Anonymous 32582

Screen Shot 2018-0…

i think it ended kind of weird last time but i want you to know that it was because i missed you, and that it wasn't because that i was lonely and needed any sort of female accompaniment to fill the void after my breakup of a long relationship. i think we had a bad few years where we were pissed at each other but i've missed you and would like to be friends again. i remember the times when we used to be really close. we sure have grown up since then huh? do you want to come over? i'll text you if you got home safe after you leave this time."

Anonymous 32585

you're right. i guess what i was trying to imply was "i wanted you and not just anyone to fill the void"

Anonymous 32649

>I'm sorry for everything. I'm sorry for having yelled at you and said that stuff. I love you. I am sorry for fucking you up psychologically, gaslighted you about my sexuality and feelings for you, yet flirted and borderline sexually harassed you for so long while aware you were lonely and in a tough spot. I am sorry I was a coward who wasn't there for you. I will help you and be there for you from now on.

Anonymous 32688

thank you

Anonymous 32689

Sounds like that's on you, shitlord.

Anonymous 32700

>I'll be okay without you, I'm sorry for worrying you so much. I'm not going to hurt myself or you anymore.

Anonymous 32710

>I have 20 million I'm not using, do you want it?

Anonymous 32720

ok troon. Felt called out maybe?

Anonymous 32726

I'm a day late, but thank you.

Anonymous 32729

>I know, and I will.

Anonymous 32765

"Let's hang out"
"How are you feeling"
"I like you the way you are"
"I'll help you"
"Thank you"
"I love you"

Anonymous 32808

That's supremely wholesome, I'm glad you got to experience that.

Anonymous 67495

"I want to make art with you."

Anonymous 67519

i regret what i told you that night

Anonymous 67520

You're doing amazing and you're great the way you are.

Anonymous 67524


you're a filthy little whore and now I'm gonna fuck you like one, slut.

Anonymous 67525

“I know it’s so hard being apart but I’m no less in love with you than I was before, I still want you more than ever.”

Anonymous 67544


"Just stay in my arms where it's safe, cutie.

There you go, just take a deep breath and relax. You can fall asleep on my chest if you want to.

Such a good girl."

Dom girls are the best thing, period.

Anonymous 67549

"I'll start going to therapy so maybe you and kids can finally have a chance at a normal life and happiness."

Anonymous 67551


How to talk to men on dating sites.
(Hell, how do you even talk to them IRL)

I know dating sites are a huge meme but these past few months I figured "Fuck it" and try my luck anyway. After seeing how many dates from Tinder my 2/10 friend seems to get, I figured surely I must have some luck myself. I tried Tinder too and virtually no one messaged me, and anyone that I messaged never replied. However, I'm looking for a serious relationship, while my friend just looks for hookups so that could also be a reason why. Also, unlike her, I'm mostly just looking for guys in Japan and have no interest in meeting guys locally (For my own safety and because it's harder to find Japanese men where I am)
Now I'm trying JapanCupid and it seems to be mostly foreigners, but I'm getting tons of messages. But I don't know what to even reply or say that could start a conversation.

Anonymous 67563

"We can very easily be how we were last year even with the time apart. I'll help you become friends with them as well"

Anonymous 67565

person 1: "i'm sorry, i regret what i did to you, it wasn't your fault"

person 2: "why don't you come to my office so i can [redacted] your [redacted] while you [redacted]"

Anonymous 67590

>I've really missed you, do you want to be friends and spend time again like we used to?
>I know a lot of stuff is really hard for you, but I can see that you're trying your best and improving.
>I'm proud of you and how strong you've been.
>I'll always be here to support you as best as I can.
>You're special to me and nobody else can replace you.
>I'd really like to see you and do all those things that we used to talk about doing together.

>Goodnight, I love you

Anonymous 67591

“You’re not a fuck-up”

Anonymous 67593

anon that hits too close to home

Anonymous 67595

"I'm proud of you"
I'm 29, and no one, absolutely no one in the world ever told me that. It's stupid, but it's just… soul crushing

Anonymous 67596


If you're the anon with the husband with the contamination phobia… I hope you hear this soon. If not, I still hope you hear it soon.

Anonymous 67599

>you were right

Anonymous 67602

Group hug to celebrate anons priceless and unseen accomplishments throughout her life journey. We could all learn something we didn't know from her, a skill, a thought, an action, even a new way of seeing the world. This anon is precious and we love her

Anonymous 67606

so true. i hope you see this anon

Anonymous 67611

absolutely and thoroughly based

for my part :
>would you like to join my gnostic cult ?

Anonymous 67613

>I miss you

Anonymous 67620

Just had a dream where I was asked "hey, have you been doing alright?"
Hoping the physical 3D world catches up soon so I can hear it here too.

Anonymous 67622

How have you been doing, nona?

Anonymous 67632

Just taking it day by day, trying to relax. It's nice of you to ask.
I'm actually hoping to hear it from the specific person from my dream. An old friend that I haven't talked to in a while, and it'd be really nice to be able to reconnect and know that they were thinking about me.

Anonymous 67637


"Sorry for seeming so disinterested lately but I really do love you nonita. You mean a lot to me and I care about you. I'm always gonna be here for you, don't worry about how much you cry."

Anonymous 68061

You're beautiful or any compliment really from a male. A genuine one.

Anonymous 68073

Idk if this counts but I always wanted a man to call me his sunshine or just sunshine. I could never muster up the courage to ask my bf to start calling me that. Plus pet names are best when they come naturally. Maybe one day he will find out.

Anonymous 68124


Let's runaway together

Anonymous 68367

‘You’re perfect to me and you match my ideals.’
I’ve had e-bfs before but none of them ever told me anything remotely close to this, they always made it clear they were settling for me and that I wasn’t their real type. Maybe I’m delusional for expecting it because I’m not perfect, but I’ve definitely found guys who I felt nothing towards at first then slowly over time grew to like them more and not until they became my ideal and seemed perfect to me. I just wish someone would feel like that towards me for once.

Anonymous 68382

“You’re my best friend and I wish we never separated and were together always. I wouldn’t replace you or trade you for anyone.”

Anonymous 68723

if somebody ever said this my only answer would be "ok, where's the script? This is a very weird thing to say"

Anonymous 96559

“Hey! Do you wanna hang out after class?”

Anonymous 96563

Let's eat at home and then snuggle until you fall asleep. I appreciate you. Btw congrats on all the stuff you pulled off at work today. You really thought on your feet and helped everyone out.<3

Anonymous 96615

“I love you because you’re you.”
“I’m here for you.”
“Let me take care of you.”
“I trust you.”
“You’re safe with me.”
“I’m so happy for you.”

Anonymous 96616

''I miss you''
''I love you''

Anonymous 96617

"Here's $30,000 go start a new life."

Anonymous 96634


"I will buy you food"

Anonymous 96637


"I like you"
"I think you are cute"
"Do you want to be my girlfriend"
"I think you are little weird but i like you the way you are"

Anonymous 96638

I literally said that to a girl and then she ghosted me. Fake and gay.

Anonymous 96646

Did you two already have a establish relationship?
That stuff just comes off as cheap manipulation and creepy when it's from a stranger. If its too early in the relationship it comes off more as infatuation and not love.

Anonymous 96659

“I love you”
“You’re cute when you’re nervous”
“I want to spend the rest of my life with you”
”Please… fuck me…”

Anonymous 96691

"It's not your fault"
"You have time, I still respect you even if you're struggling too much to function"
"I don't look down on your for being where you're at"
"I found you an affordable place to live that will be quiet and safe"
"Those fucked up people live in another state now, you won't have to worry about seeing them anymore."
"Here is your inheritance, you'll be set for life if you live modestly"

Anonymous 96765

hey anon, wanna hang out on this day at this time :)

Anonymous 96767

I wish somebody would give me some encouragement to improve my situation. I can't seem to motivate myself to even try, let alone make lasting changes.

Anonymous 96798

"You've done well"

Anonymous 96859

>All I wanna do is bite your neck and call you pretty

Anonymous 96933


"I hate you and I constantly have to lie to you that I love you and appreciative you out of pity for your miserable ass existence. Now that I have confirmed your fears you can cut all communications with me like you did with all your previous relationships/friendships. Have fun (^v^)/ "

Anonymous 96966

"I've been wanting to talk to you, too."

Anonymous 97003

I don’t know if you need to hear this , but it sounds like you’ve dodged a bullet with that girl, her reaction does not make you any less lovable. There’s a saying in Chinese that I love, “if you don’t get rid of old stuff, better ones will not arrive in your life” i wish you happiness and I’m sure that by closing that chapter in your life you’re another step closer to finding your person

Anonymous 97004

“I have always felt that way about you, and I love you for not acting on it in spite of knowing… you’re a good person and we will always be friends”

Anonymous 97020

That i am authentic and i am unique

Anonymous 97316

* "You are unbanned from free ham sandwich day"

Anonymous 97356


Anonymous 97362

It sucks. Despite I have another set of genitals and another cause of erogenous numbness, it really sucks.
I hope yours will get back, %%as well as mine%%.
Have you done a neurography, btw?(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 97950

"Despite your mistakes, everything will work out fine, no need to worry. Have Faith in God for He loves and takes care of us all."

Anonymous 97953


>At this point there's nothing we can do for you. You're on your own.

Anonymous 97956

lol. lmao, even.

Anonymous 98018

"You matter to me."

Anonymous 98146

Sorry for getting angry at you when I was stressed. Thank you for helping me whenever and however you can and baking me cookies.

Anonymous 98206

Kind of related but I was having a pretty bad day and just felt uncomfortable. My face is breaking out a little and I just was feeling insecure. Sometimes people don’t know how much being nice can effect someone’s day
So today
>The nice girl at the coffee shop said my hair was beautiful after I stuttered through my whole order
>was walking around target and another girl complimented my outfit
I love when I get compliments from other girls it feels so nice

Anonymous 98207

renge dance.gif

I wish i had someone that could give me the good mornings every time I wake up

Anonymous 98209

damn, i'd rather hear the opposite of this.

>I know it's hard, but you can do this. Let me tell you the experiences of me and others who struggled to break into this field. I fucked up way, way worse than you ever will, and I still got in. You don't have to spend your whole life at one job either. Switching jobs is actually a lot easier than it sounds! And you're much more safe and in control than you think. Just look me and my life. I've been through some hard times, such as (this) and (that), but overall, I'm happy. I promise, it's not that scary, and if you ever need any help, let me know.

Anonymous 98243

"do you want to play minecraft with me"

Anonymous 98244

>>You're one of the smartest and most beautiful and kindest people here. I only want to spend time with you. Also your GPA is not going to drop significantly after this semester.

Or something lol

Anonymous 98245

Hey, I know that it's difficult for you to socialize, but you're doing great. Look at how much better it is compared to a year ago.

Of course, people won't just open up to you. I know you're feeling anxious and alienated by this. you probably feel like your friends don't really trust you, that they think you're annoying or worse that they're just going to leave.

I just wanted to tell you that you're a good person and a good friend. I'll keep being your friend for as long as I can and I'm even going to try to open up, eventually.

Anonymous 98249



"Please date me"

Anonymous 98299

"Read some of your poems to me. I'd love to hear them."

Anonymous 98300

Post some of your poems here!

Anonymous 98302

I guess I could, I appreciate that. I wonder if there's a thread for it.

But I guess I long for that one person—who I've yet to meet—to ask me to do so in private…and really appreciate the craft. Maybe it's the wrong century to desire this.

Anonymous 98304

"wow youre really smart and talented" lol

Anonymous 99596

>"come sit on my lap"

After which a lot of cuddles

Anonymous 99598

"You smell nice!"
"I'll help you fix up your house."
"Wanna come to a Barbeque when the weathers nice?"
"Lets plan a day trip! Can I get your whatsapp?"

Anonymous 99618

"You're my soulmate and best friend. I love you."


Why cruel world!?

Anonymous 99620

"Let's put everything that happened behind us and get back together again"

But he'll never say that.

Anonymous 99707


> I love you for who you are
> Let's cuddle
> You're a really good cook, anon
> I wanna marry you, I want you to be the one and only in my life

Am I asking for too much

Anonymous 100036

What happened

Anonymous 100066

Hey, I'll be available this weekend finally. Where do you want to go for lunch?

Anonymous 100205

Don't be sad nona. Let's do something together. Is there anything you'd like to do? I'm here for you.

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